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I cant wait to tell you about what I consider to be Disney’s 5 best themed bars. These are not your average bars. These are the places you go and really feel the story come to life. In fact Disney Imaginers have woven so much detail and storytelling into these locations that really do feel transported when you step inside. These themed bars are fun and immersive. The cast is entertaining, the menu is themed, the décor is magical. If there is one thing Disney can do better than anyone else its theming its parks, resorts, and restaurants and bars. Check out my 5 favorite Disney themed bars below!

1. AbracadaBar – Magicians Themed Bar

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AbracadaBar, Yes its spelled right. The name is a play on words and this bar is what I call a hidden secret. Its not as well known as some others on property but you could say its pretty magical.

This bar located at Disney’s Boardwalk and was the former hangout for some famous magicians. They would gather here after their shows to show off their tricks and conjure up new drinks. Then one night the magicians vanished into thin air never to be seen or heard from again.

Now after 70 years the lounge has re-appeared, but the magicians disappearance still remains a mystery. Some say they are still there. Perhaps trapped somewhere, perhaps trying to communicate something. One thing is for sure you can still sense a mysterious magical energy coming from this secret magicians lounge. From its interesting artifacts to its rich ornate décor you will feel like you stepped into a very mysterious place.

You can still make contact with some of its former patrons by ordering up special drinks. Be sure to make friends with the bartender and ask questions. You never know what will materialize.

2. Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto – Tiki Themed Bar

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Founded by the Jungle Cruise’s “Head Salesman” Trader Sam, Sam decided that since he was so great with creating his head shrinking potions that he would dabble in a little mixology as well and open up a outpost. There he could showcase all his artifacts from his travels and maybe sell a potion or two.

Now you should know that sometimes crazy things happen when you partake of certain potions. Volcanos erupt, a massive squid comes to life, and you just might notice yourself shrinking if your sitting at the bar! There is so much more but I don’t want to spoil it for you. This place is not short on action. Its lively, fun, the cast is very interactive and the drinks and food are amazing! They even have a Dole Whipped themed beverage for you Dole Whip lovers. Certain drinks will set off certain events so be sure to look around so you don’t miss anything.

This bar is located at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Its very popular and seating is very limited but you can ask for a buzzer and ask to be seated at the outdoor bar out back and they will call you when space opens up.

3.Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar – Explorers Themed Bar

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You might have seen Jock Lindsey who just so happens to be Indiana Jones friend in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Jock is Indy’s seaplane pilot and a life long adventurer himself. One day when flying over Florida while searching for the Fountain of Youth he fell in love with the place and decided to hang up his wings and settle down. He decided to open a bar in Disney Springs as a place where fellow adventurers could come for a cold drink and to plan their next expedition. Jock showcases all his memorabilia from his adventures all over the place and there are even a few actual artifacts from the Indiana Jones movies.

Jock has outdoor seating as well. You can dine in his boat which is attached to the bar and its even named after his beloved pet snake Reggie. There is a vintage divers bell you can sit inside. I git lucky enough to grab a seat there before and I love the coziness of it. Vintage airplane propellers make up the ceiling fans and the 1940 vintage feel makes you feel as if Indiana Jones is about to walk in the door any minute.

There is so much to find but I will give you a couple things to look for. When you enter go to the back left corner and look up for something shiny. You just spotted the Golden Idol! To the left of that area if you look closely you may see Indy’s satchel hanging nearby. Over in the bar area you may notice some scary looking dolls. Those are Voodoo dolls of Indiana Jones, Willie, and Short Round from the Temple of Doom Movie.

There is more hidden but half the fun is finding it yourself. If you need some help ask the friendly staff.

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The drinks and food here are themed and souvenir glasses are available. If you snag a seat on Reggie you will get a great view of the bands playing in the evenings and be able to watch the Amphicars launching from the Boathouse next-door.

4. Enchanted Rose – Beauty & the Beast Themed Bar

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This elegant fairytale lounge is inspired by a “Tale as old as time”, the love story of Belle and her Beast. You can see nods to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast film throughout but in more subtle elegant ways. For instance the chandelier over the bar is inspired by Belles gown. One of the seating areas is designed like a library and you may just find Cogsworth and Lumiere tucked away somewhere. The plush velvet chairs , candles, and fireplace certainly give off a lot of ambience. The place just feels elegant and sophisticated just like the Grand Floridian where this bar and lounge is located.

While some of the previous mentions are a bit loud and action filled, the Enchanted Rose is a more serene and elegant experience. This is reflected in the menu and drinks as well. With items on the menu like Artisanal Cheese Selections, Truffle Fries, and house made flatbreads. You will find a nice selections of wine here as well.

There are so many great seating areas here that I really cant tell you my favorite. Inside you will get to take in and enjoy the baroque designs and French décor all around you. There is also have the option to sit out on the patio which evokes Beasts garden terrace. The sound of the boats passing by and if you time it right the beautiful sunset make this a simply dreamy place to sit and sip wine.

There is even some additional seating just outside The Enchanted Rose overlooking the main floor below. If your visiting during the holidays this is a nice place to take in all the Christmas decorations and get a birds eye view (and scent) of the ginger bread house.

5. The Edison – 1920’s Electric Company Themed Bar

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The Edison is themed after a 1920’s power plant. This restaurant and bar is located in Disney Springs. Live entertainment with everything from live music, aerial performers, cabaret, and even contortionists performing here in the evenings.

There are seven different themed areas here. The Tesla Lounge, Radio Room, Waterfront Patio, The Lab, Patent Office, Ember Parlor. and the Telegraph Lounge. Each area offers a slightly different type of seating and view.

This place has a very industrial, vintage, steampunk sort of feel. The leather seating, old lighting fixtures, brick walls, and metal work transport you to a era long ago.

While this place can get a bit loud if there are live performers its not inactive like Trader Sam’s. It is a fun lively place you can go to dance and grab a drink with friends in a seriously cool atmosphere. The Edison is family friendly during the day but after 10 PM its 21 years old and up only.

The food here is a slight bit more upscale and the prices reflect that. The drinks are based on some classics and have names like “The Time Turner”.

Ill let you on a little secret. If you head down to the restrooms downstairs you will see a door to your left. That door will lead you through a short tunnel that will take you out into Enzo’s Hideaway Restaurant. Enzo’s is a speakeasy themed bar and Italian restaurant.

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Even if you are not a drinker I recommend you check out some of these cool themed bars. All of the locations above offer non-alcoholic beverages and great food! If you get over to the Polynesian Grog Grotto just remember don’t make any deals with Trader Sam. He always comes out a-head!

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