Can Adults Order From the Children’s Menu at Disney World? Know the Rules

Can Adults Order From the Children's Menu at Disney World? Know the Rules Dining 1

The Disney World Theme Parks and Resorts are well known for offering amazing food to guests of all ages. But let’s face it, many of the meals on the adult menu are expensive. So, you may want to cut some costs from the food budget. Or maybe you just find the meals on the kids’ menu tastier. But can adults order from the children’s menu at Disney World?

If any adults are interested in children’s menu items, they are more than welcome in many eateries at Disney World. The kids’ items may have small portions, but they are nutritious and delicious. 

In this article, I will explain whether adults are free to order from the children’s menu at Disney World. Although the kids’ meals are specially made for children, adults have many reasons to enjoy them as well.

Can Adults Order From the Children's Menu at Disney World? Know the Rules Dining 2

Can Adults Order From The Children’s Menu?

The kids’ menu is designed for children aged 3 to 9. However, adults can order from the children’s menu at most eateries, especially quick service locations. However, the rule of the kids’ menu for 9 years of age or under is enforced at table service locations. So, you have to ask the servers if the restaurants allow adults to order kids’ meals.

Here is how you can order from the children’s menu in Disney World:

Disney’s Quick Service Dining 

Whether you are looking for a great deal on a meal for the whole family or you just need to grab a quick snack or lunch in Disney World, you will find counter service or quick service dining all over the theme parks.

If you are not too hungry and want lighter bites, you should definitely check the kids’ menu. Besides, adults who are light eaters can easily fill their stomachs with some meals from the kids’ menu.

Children’s meal options range from chicken nuggets and burgers to sandwiches and hot dogs. You can also enjoy pizza, spaghetti, and tacos. The adult’s menu has common items but in large portions. So, the taste will not be a concern for adults. Adults may not find the beverages on the kids’ menu that appealing. However, you can still find a drink that matches your taste.

If you are health-conscious, you can check out the Disney Check meals. These foods are prepared for children following healthy food guidelines. It means these items have balanced nutrition, and on top of that, they are delicious!

The Disney Check meals contain three or more nutritious items like vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. The foods have limited sugar and trans fats, making them a perfect meal for health-conscious adults.

No one will frown on you when you order food from the kids’ menu from the quick dining services. When you order food from counter service, you pick up your food seat on an available table. No staff will be there to see what you are eating. So, you do not have to feel guilty while eating from the kids’ menu.

If you pay for the kids’ meal through the Disney Dining Plan, it will cost you 1 Quick Credit Service Dining Credit. Members of the Disney Dining Plan can get a good discount. If you are paying with cash, you have to pay the price listed on the kids’ menu.

Can Adults Order From the Children's Menu at Disney World? Know the Rules Dining 3

Table Service Restaurants 

Can you eat from the children’s menu when it comes to table service restaurants like Character Dining and Signature Restaurants? The answer is “yes and no.” Some table service restaurants, like the Be Our Guest Restaurant at Magic Kingdom Park, are strict about their kids’ menu policy. Guests over 9 years old must eat off the adult menu.

Your 10-year-old child will also have to choose from the adult’s menu. Many restaurants are happy to allow 10-year-olds to eat from their kids’ menu. But you have to pay the adult charge rate for the food.

Some table service restaurants also allow adults to order from the kids’ menu if they have similar options on the adult’s menu. So, you can have some freedom to choose from the kids’ menu, even in table service restaurants. However, the rule does not bend when you eat at buffets or family-style restaurants.

Luckily, there are many light food options for adults in the adult menu sections. Each table service restaurant has a member on hand to assist guests with any questions they may have. You can ask them to guide you to light and tasty food options. Moreover, they will adjust the food items to your liking. Again, you have to pay adult fares for the food you are going to eat.

Can Adults Order From the Children's Menu at Disney World? Know the Rules Dining 4

Why Do Adults Like To Order From Children’s Menu?

Let’s find out why adults like to order from the children’s menu despite having a whole menu dedicated to them!

To Save Money

Having a trip to Disney World is expensive. So, many people try to save money by minimizing food costs. They buy kid meals because the amount might be small, but the food is tasty and notorious. Besides, the food on the children’s menu costs less than adult meals.

For example, Disney’s Check Meal Turkey Sandwich costs $5.99. Along with the sandwich, you get carrot sticks, applesauce, small low-fat milk, or a bottle of water.

You can also get a small pizza meal from the kids’ menu. It comes with French fries and a beverage. The meal costs only $6.99. The size of the pizza is half the size of the pizza on the adult menu, which costs $10.99. But the adult menu pizza does not come with French fries, so you have to pay extra for that. As you can see, many meals on the kids’ menu are cost-effective.

Small Portion Of Food

Some adult meals are so large that many people struggle to finish the meal. You probably do not want to waste food. Or, you want to have a light snack and plan to have a full lunch later. Kids’ meals have the perfect amount to be a good snack for adults. You can finish it in one go. So, you do not have to worry about wasting food and money.

Great For Diet

You might be on a diet plan. The large-sized adult meals contain a good number of calories. But you are on vacation, and you want to taste some of the amazing cuisines from Disney World. Hence, you can choose the meals from the children’s menu. It has some popular food items in smaller portions for kids. These meals also contain fewer calories than adult meals.

Apart from these reasons, many adults love the taste of kids’ meals. The items are less spicy and low in sodium. Besides, kids’ meals look fun. They often have items shaped like Disney characters. Like children, adults are also fans of these characters.

Can Adults Order From the Children's Menu at Disney World? Know the Rules Dining 5

Some Disney Restaurants Adults Can Have Children’s Meal

Here are some popular eateries where you will definitely get great kids’ meals suitable for adults. Most of these places are Quick Service Dining. 

  • Hollywood Studies 
  • La Cantina Epcot 
  • Sunshine Seasons
  • Pop Century Resort 
  • Blue Bayou
  • Port Orleans Resort 
  • Satu’li Canteen
  • Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café


To sum it all up, can adults order from the children’s menu at Disney World? Yes, you can eat from the kids’ menu at Disney World. However, the option is not available in all restaurants.

You can easily grab a kids’ meal from quick service dining, but it is not the same for table service restaurants. You can always ask a cast member for options available from the kids’ menu for adults.


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