Top 5 Treats At Goofy’s Candy Co

Top 5 Treats At Goofy's Candy Co Disney Springs 1

While you are in Disney springs there is a fun candy store that you should definitely check out. You can find a wide variety of candy. There is something for the whole family to enjoy looking around to find their favorites. Here I will talk about some of my families favorite things to get when we visit Goofy’s Candy Co.

1. Gummy Characters

If you like gummy candy then you have to check out the selection at Goofy’s Candy Co of all of their gummy characters. They have traditional gummies in the fruit flavors that everyone loves in a wide assortment of characters from Disney. The licorice is in both Woody’s Rope as well as Mickey heads. They even have black licorice for guests who like that. If you are like my daughter and love sour candy you will find many bags of sour gummy characters to choose from. The bags usually are just over $6 but often times we have found that they are on sale with either a discount or even buy one get one free.

Top 5 Treats At Goofy's Candy Co Disney Springs 2

2. Chocolate Dipped Coconut Patties

On our last trip to Goofy’s candy co, my husband wanted to look around a bit more than he usually does and he found these Chocolate Dipped Coconut patties that are in the shape of a Mickey head. When we got home and he opened the package he was surprised to find that they were much larger than other coconut patties that he had found at other stores around home. He has a big sweet tooth so these were a perfect treat for him to enjoy at home.

Top 5 Treats At Goofy's Candy Co Disney Springs 3

3. Assorted Loose Candy

I know that you can find loose assorted candy at just about any candy store so you may think why is this so special? Well, yes, they do have all of the typical candy that you would normally find but there is also a lot of loose candy that I have not seen before. Everyone has heard of Runts candy with the fruit-shaped pieces. Did you know that you can get just all yellow bananas? Did you also know that you can get bananas in a multi-colored mix? That mix is called “Crazy Bananas” My daughter enjoyed grabbing a bag and being able to create her perfect mixture of hard candy, chocolate-covered candy as well as m&m’s and jelly beans all in one bag. She called it her perfect treat mix.

Top 5 Treats At Goofy's Candy Co Disney Springs 4

4. Hot Chocolate Mix Pack

My daughter is the self-professed queen of hot cocoa. She knows the good from the bad and she loves the Disney hot chocolate powder mix that we found at Goofys Candy Co. The most recent pack that she got was themed around Christmas. It had 3 small tins flavored as Candy Cane, Cinnamon, Double Chocolate. She said that the candy cane and double chocolate were her favorites. Out of them all the only one that she didn’t enjoy was the cinnamon one. Honestly, it wasn’t as good as I thought either. Cinnamon doesn’t really go with hot chocolate like we thought it might.

Top 5 Treats At Goofy's Candy Co Disney Springs 5

5. Goodies At The Treat Counter

If you are looking for something sweet but candy isn’t your thing then you should check out their treat counter. You can find Cupcakes, cookies, rice crispy pops, covered apples, and seasonal goodies. My daughter always loves to see what new marshmallow and rice crispy treat they have available. We have found some fantastic cookies and little cakes here to try in the last few years.

Top 5 Treats At Goofy's Candy Co Disney Springs 6


There are a lot of places that you can get candy but we feel that Goofys Candy Co has the best selection. If you love sweets then this is definitely a stop that you need to make on your next visit to Disney Springs.


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