New Leave A Legacy Tile Walls At Epcot

New Leave A Legacy Tile Walls At Epcot News 1

If you are like us we were wondering what would happen to all of the cool Leave a Legacy pictures on the original monoliths that were taken down when the construction started at Epcot. It was speculated that they were simply gone. Recently Disney unveiled the NEW Leave a legacy tile wall!

The massive wall containing 173 tiles is located just outside of the gates so that you don’t have to have a park ticket to see them. All of the photos have been organized on these tiles with numbered rows and columns so they are easy to find. On one of the tiles, there is a QR code to scan with your phone so that you can look up your photo and find its location. From the looks of it, it appears that there is room for the wall to expand, whether that be with more of the original photos or to add new ones in the future.

New Leave A Legacy Tile Walls At Epcot News 2

Source: Disney


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