Park Hopping is BACK at Walt Disney World!

Park Hopping is BACK at Walt Disney World! News 1

Last Updated on March 27, 2021 by Heather

Park Hopping has returned at Disney World! Starting on January 1, 2021 guests can now visit more then 1 park in 1 day. This is fantastic news for Disney lovers like myself. We recently went to Disney and really did miss being able to hop around to another park when we were done with the current park we were in.

Park Hopping is BACK at Walt Disney World! News 2

Here’s what you will need to know before you start park hopping.

First and most importantly, you will need park hopper tickets or an annual pass. You will still need to make a park reservation for your first park of the day. You will need to enter then park and scan you magic band or ticket to snow that you were at the first park. Currently at 2pm the park hopping will become available. That time may change in the future once Disney sees how things go. All of this is as always subject to park availability. There is transportation available at each of the theme parks to all of the other parks. At 2pm you don’t need to make another reservation for the next park just go to the park you want to hop to and enter. Now here’s some advice. I would use Disney transportation because there is a cast member waiting at the busses that will scan your ticket and make sure that there is availability at the park you want to hop to. I’m not sure how it would work if you drive your own car. Nothing would be worse then showing up to a park and being told you cant enter because they are full. Hopefully in the near future Disney will add a feature to the my Disney Experience app that you could check before leaving your first park. This feature will also be great if you want to park hop more then once.

By Disney opening up park hopping this will make planning a Disney trip a lot easier. If you are booking park reservations for your trip and there is a park, like Hollywood Studios, that you either can’t get a reservation for at all during busy times or not on the day that you want, you can book another park and then at 2pm hopefully hop to the park that you really wanted to go to. For us there is always a park that we deem a “half day park” and now it’s fantastic that we can hop to another park instead of going back to the resort or Disney Springs to finish our day. This will also add a lot more value to the park tickets again knowing that you care not stuck going to one park per day.


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