Spaceship Earth Overhaul and Mary Poppins Attraction Delayed

Spaceship Earth Overhaul and Mary Poppins Attraction Delayed News 1

Last Updated on February 3, 2021 by Heather

When Epcot reopened yesterday on July 15th we saw the removal of the Mary Poppins and Spaceship Earth segments from the Epcot experience. With that came confirmation from Disney that the two attractions would be delayed. Disney said “as with most businesses during this period we are further evaluating long-term project plans. The decision was made to postpone development of the Mary Poppins inspired attraction and spaceship earth at this time”

We kind of saw this coming when we previously figured out that the spaceship earth refurbishment was postponed and the delay or cancellation of Cherry Tree Lane was heavily rumored. Also, Disney announced a change in the plans for world celebration, one of the segment’s taking over Future World. Disney said that they are moving forward with it but some changes will be conducted, however, we don’t know what these changes entail.

It seems like the festival center as Disney fans have named it will not be built. That’s because we’ve been hearing rumors that would be excluded from the plans for a while. Disney removed the model of it that they had in the Epcot experience as well. This may possibly mean that the festival center is just altogether canceled, which is heartbreaking news for sure.

The delays and cancellations are not only the result of the current virus pandemic it’s also due to the Splash Mountain retheme. It’s rumored that Disney has decided to put the money they have left allocated for the parks into several modifications that will be coming soon to the Disney parks, most major of which is Slash Mountain.

This is all very unfortunate news, but at least the Spaceship Earth refurb and Cherry Tree Lane are still coming, just later than expected. Who knows, Disney could cancel them in the future, but we still have hope for the projects.

Source: Inside The Magic


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