Best Bars At Disney Springs (Our Top 12)

Best Bars At Disney Springs (Our Top 12) Disney Springs 1

Cocktails, beers, spirits, liqueurs… it doesn’t matter what your preference of tipple is, there is little better than a great drink in a great environment. You might just find yourself in the best mood of your life if I have anything to do with it!

Whether you’ve come to Walt Disney World to entertain your young children or simply with a group of friends, we know how important it is to get some adult wind downtime and how better to do that than to take a trip to one of the fantastic bars Disney Springs has to offer? After all, combining our favorite Disney characters with alcohol is surely a recipe for success?

Here is a list of the best bars at Disney Springs in no particular order.

  • Dockside Margaritas
  • Stargazers Bar
  • Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel Bar
  • Raglan Road Irish Pub
  • Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar
  • The Boathouse
  • The Edison
  • Outdoor Bar Carts
  • The Lava Lounge
  • Wine Bar George
  • City Works Eatery and Pour House
  • House of Blues
Dockside Margaritas Bar Disney Springs

1. Dockside Margaritas

The key is in the title with this one; margaritas, margaritas, and guess what? More margaritas. A fan-favorite cocktail, this quirky bar offers seven fantastic flavored variations of this classic cocktail. For the budding pirates amongst us, this is a haven, somewhere you can experience Jimmy Buffett’s tipple of choice in several exciting ways.

Just walk in, and get started on that menu and you’ll soon find yourself in margarita heaven. For me? The Strawberry Margarita; a blend of Herradura Reposado Tequila, fresh lime juice, and strawberry puree is an absolute crowd-pleaser, nice and sweet with a perfect little kick

Of course, the bar does offer limited alternative selections for those that are not margarita lovers such as wines, ales, and lagers but if you’re hitting the bar for anything other than a margarita then really, this isn’t the place for you because their alternative options are not their selling point and you would find far superior offerings elsewhere.

Stargazers Bar Disney Springs

2. Stargazers Bar

(Temporarily Closed)

Everyone has heard of Planet Hollywood; the notably novel establishment that is infamous for serving food in a Hollywood-inspired, theatric experience, with restaurants all over the world.

Of course, the reputation of this restaurant has been at various points marred over the years by reviews citing the theatre defeats the quality of the food. But whether the restaurant is a case of style over substance or not, there is one thing that is not in doubt; the drinks.

When it comes to themed drinks, Stargazers Bar offers some of the finest in Disney Springs with an extensive and exciting space-themed cocktail menu. With plenty of options, the bar loves its rum and SKYY branded alcohol’s and its cocktails benefit not only from novel names such as The Moonwalk, Planetary Punch, The Space Monkey, and Halley’s Comet but from their theatrical offerings. If you’re looking for an original experience, this is absolutely the kind of bar that’s worth paying a visit to.

Enzo's Bar Disney Springs

3. Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel Bar

When it comes to playing on American history, there is something incredibly interesting about Enzo’s Hideaway Tunnel Bar. Reflective of a theme of prohibition and yet providing its guests with an exciting cocktail menu is something of a juxtaposition but one, nonetheless, that is well worth a visit.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to live in a time where your only taste of alcohol was in the hidden depths of American society, then that’s exactly what you’ll get here.

A visit to this bar is very much to appreciate the concept more so than it is to appreciate their drinks offerings which do not necessarily stand out from the crowd.

But, what the bar does offer is a unique experience where you’re drinking near a series of rum-runner tunnels, providing you with an experience that would have reflected the illicit alcohol-fuelled birthday parties of 21-year-old’s in the 1920s, looking to celebrate. If you’re after a little bit of naughtiness, this is an experience worth having.

Disney Springs Raglan Road

4. Raglan Road Irish Pub

Even to this day, Irish pubs are crowd-favorites. The long-standing reputation the Irish have with great quality alcohol is played upon magnificently at Raglan Road Irish Pub where you can enjoy a good tipple in a traditionally Irish environment.

While a classic Bailey’s whiskey comes highly recommended, there is an incredibly diverse drinks menu on offer here with something to satisfy everyone.

The high-energy atmosphere is boosted by nightly live bands, providing a raucous drinking experience not dissimilar to the one the Irish pride themselves on.

The best part? You don’t have to rely on a Guinness or Whiskey to enjoy this experience. If it’s a cocktail you’re after, it’s a cocktail you shall receive.

The Hangar Bar Disney Springs

5. Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar

Slipping into our top five is Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar, a send-up to everyone’s favorite archaeological hero, Indiana Jones. Of course, a concept as niche as this plays perfectly into the hands of skeptics but for me, this is an excellent way to enjoy good drinks and Jones’ adventurous nature in one beautiful environment.

Ideally located, the bar offers sensational waterside views that are especially pretty at night. A themed adventurer bar offering great drinks and a hilarious play on the very things that make Indiana Jones memorable to us. What more could you want?

Featuring quirky plays on words, the menu of ‘jocktails’ offers up a plethora of interesting drinks such as Donovan’s Dilemma, Shorty’s Shanghai and Bitter Bartender. The bar offers an experience from start to finish, from a quirky setting to a whole heap of fun ordering and drinking.

The Boathouse Restaurant at Disney Springs

6. The Boathouse

A beautiful restaurant that I’ve already previously given a glowing report, I am happy to say this review extends to the bar, also. One of my personal favorites at Disney, the bar boasts the same stunning views but also provides you with the option to order your drinks outside on the pier for a far more al-fresco experience.

Offering a fantastic selection of beautiful drinks, there is something incredibly tranquil about enjoying them on the water while watching guests go by on Disney’s transport boats or even the exciting amphicars. The very picture of relaxation.

7. The Edison

Adding to my list is The Edison which is just as much an education as it is a fine-drinking experience. From the moment it first opened its doors, it became the go-to destination, encompassing a very contemporary reflection of Steampunk with a feeling of innovation and excitement. It is the very definition of a people pleaser.

Offering a seasonal drinks menu, the cocktails are an absolute work-of-art at The Edison with sensational and exciting offerings that both engage the guest and satisfy their thirst. With fantastic offerings such as the Airship Pirate, the Time Turner, the Samantha Sterling, and the Electric Mule, you’ll find yourself spoiled for choice.

The Edison Bar at Disney Springs

But don’t forget, just as quickly as drinks find themselves on the menu, they can also find themselves coming off the menu as the bar fights to keep their menu competitive and relevant.

Sticking perfectly to their theme in every way possible, their drinks embody everything that makes you smile about a fine cocktail, with fantastic flavors, sensational theatre, and quite simply, the ability to leave you with a smile on your face.

They’re some of the most expensive on offer at Disney Springs but it is easy to see why and the drinks are worth every dollar. If you’re visiting Disney Springs, this is an absolute must, a once-in-a-lifetime experience for so many, and one that I cannot emphasize is worth doing enough.

Best Bars At Disney Springs (Our Top 12) Disney Springs 2

8. Outdoor Bar Carts

If you are looking to grab a quick drink and just want to grab and go then you should check out the Outdoor bar carts that are located around Disney Springs. While it is not a full bar they do have a decent selection of cocktails and a few beers to choose from.

9. The Lava Lounge

If you are looking for a quiet place to grab a drink and relax with a beautiful view then you have to check out the Lava Lounge which is attached to the Rainforest Café. From this quiet little lounge, you can have spectacular views of the water, the amphicars driving around in the lake, and the Aerophile balloon launching.

Best Bars At Disney Springs (Our Top 12) Disney Springs 3

10. Wine Bar George

If you are a wine lover like myself then you have to check out Wine Bar George. They are known for their great food but their wine list is the best in Disney Springs. They have 8 wines on tap, a wide selection of bottles that you can order from around the world, and a great selection of cocktails to choose from. The drink that made me a believer was when I tried the Frozcato for the first time. It is a frozen mixture of Moscato, Vodka, and Pineapple Dole Whip. I fell in love with the first sip!

11. City Works Eatery and Pour House

If you are looking for the ultimate sports bar then look no further. City Works has a great selection of cocktails, wine, and beer. Just about any game you want to watch will be on a screen near you and the atmosphere is really fantastic.

Best Bars At Disney Springs (Our Top 12) Disney Springs 4

12. House of Blues

If you are looking for a nice place to grand and drink and listen to some music then this is the place for you. The House of Blues has a fantastic beer, wine, and drink menu. The southern charm will welcome you and make for a great night!


There are a ton of great bars in Disney Springs that we didn’t even touch on here in this article.

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