Disney Springs Bowling: A Fun Family Activity

Disney Springs Bowling: A Fun Family Activity Disney Springs 1

Is it really achievable to discover an activity at Disney Springs that offers the perfect mix of thrills for children and tranquility for adults?

Perhaps you’ve caught wind of Splitsville Luxury Lanes, a place where families are known to come together over strikes and spares. Visualize yourself smoothly rolling the ball down the gleaming lanes, the gratifying sound of tumbling pins filling the air, as you partake in a congenial family competition.

Yet, the allure isn’t solely in the bowling; it’s also the anticipation of a savory meal to enjoy post-game that could capture your curiosity. Think of the blend of entertainment and gastronomy, all in one location — but before you slip on those trendy bowling shoes, there’s more to learn about this inviting establishment situated in the pulsing center of Disney’s enchanting realm.

Rolling Into Fun

Everyone can roll into excitement at Splitsville Luxury Lanes, where the clatter of pins and the cheer of players create an electrifying atmosphere for family enjoyment. Located in the vibrant Disney Springs, this retro-glam bowling sanctuary provides an opportunity to ignite laughter and friendly rivalry with your loved ones. Secure your lane with ease by calling or booking online, and step into a world where bowling is just the start of your amusement.

At Splitsville, you’re not merely engaging in a game; you’re enveloping yourself in a hub of entertainment. The Splitsville Dining Room entices you to indulge in diverse culinary delights like fresh sushi and succulent burgers, transforming a regular game into a tantalizing experience. Picture scoring a strike followed by toasting with a slice of pizza or a signature cocktail, all amidst the energetic ambiance of the lanes.

The excitement continues as live music often provides the backdrop to your strikes and spares, ensuring that each turn resonates with rhythm and vitality. With Disney Springs right outside, you’re invited to discover a multitude of shopping and attractions before or after your bowling experience. So, put on those bowling shoes and immerse yourself in the lively essence of family entertainment at Splitsville Luxury Lanes.

Family-Friendly Features

While you revel in the fun at Splitsville Luxury Lanes, it’s the family-friendly features that truly elevate this bowling experience for visitors of all ages. Picture the delight on the kids’ faces as they roll a strike with lightweight bowling balls, specially sized for their little hands. And no need to fret over gutter balls—bumpers are on hand to level the playing field!

Splitsville offers more than just bowling; it’s a complete experience where you can enjoy a sophisticated twist on the nostalgic heyday of Bowling. As you play, soak up the unique combination of old-school charm and contemporary flair that defines this venue. With live entertainment to set the atmosphere, it’s not merely a game—it’s a celebration.

And when it’s time to eat, the Splitsville Dining Room is ready to welcome you. Take a look at what’s in store:

Kid-Friendly BowlingLight balls and bumpers for easy-playJoy and Relief
Upscale Dining OptionsDiverse menu with sushi, pizza, burgers to please any palateAnticipation
Central LocationSituated in Disney Springs, amidst all the enchantmentConvenience
Live EntertainmentActs and shows to sustain the lively atmosphereExhilaration

Delicious Eats On-Site

As you celebrate each strike and spare, you’ll discover that Splitsville’s Dining Room is poised to offer a tantalizing variety of dishes that range from fresh sushi to robust burgers, crafted to appease any appetite. This goes beyond the standard bowling alley offerings; Splitsville Luxury Lanes enhances the traditional bowling dining experience with a touch of elegance.

Envision yourself enjoying succulent crab Rangoon or indulging in the sumptuous taste of filet sliders as you soak in the dynamic ambiance.

With scrumptious plates in hand, picture yourself enjoying premium drinks and cocktails from the animated bars, which serve as the perfect accompaniment to your meal. The varied menu at Splitsville ensures that everyone in your party finds something to enjoy, whether it’s the zesty freshness of expertly rolled sushi or the gratifying crunch of a perfectly seared burger.

Remember to book separate dining reservations to fully engage with the gastronomic pleasures of the Splitsville Dining Room. As you partake in your meal, the music and liveliness of Disney Springs’ premier entertainment district surround you, intensifying the feeling of luxury.

This experience transcends a typical meal; it’s a celebration for the senses that takes your bowling experience to an elevated plane.

Disney Springs Kids activities
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Planning Your Visit

Having enjoyed the varied food offerings at Splitsville Dining Room, it’s important to arrange your bowling experience with equal care. Located in the center of Disney Springs, Splitsville Luxury Lanes combines the fun of bowling with exceptional dining amidst the lively scene of Walt Disney World Resort.

To guarantee your place on the lanes, you have the option to book online or call (407) 938-7467. If you’re not yet 18, you’ll need consent from a parent or guardian to make the call. Keep in mind that bowling and dining reservations are handled separately, giving you the flexibility to customize your visit according to what your group prefers.

As you engage with the vibrant and contemporary atmosphere of Splitsville, you’ll not only have access to top-notch bowling facilities but also the opportunity to enjoy live music and a variety of other entertainment offerings at Disney Springs. This fusion of activities promises an enjoyable experience that goes beyond the excitement of knocking down pins.

Bowling Party Packages

Take your bowling enjoyment to the next level at Splitsville Luxury Lanes with a variety of customizable party packages designed to ensure your event is a hit.

Bowling at this contemporary venue with a touch of retro-glam charm is a step above your grandfather’s bowling alley. Here, it’s about more than just rolling a ball down a lane; it’s about experiencing an elevated twist on a timeless activity.

Whether you’re organizing a birthday celebration, a corporate event, or simply gathering with friends, these packages provide all you need to have a ball, whether by day or night.

  • Customizable Packages: Personalize your celebration with options that accommodate your group’s size and tastes.
  • Dedicated Party Host: A personal host will manage all the particulars, allowing you to immerse yourself in the enjoyment.
  • Gourmet Food & Drink: Savor a broad array of culinary delights and beverages to satisfy everyone’s palate.
  • Exclusive Lane Reservation: Reserve your own lanes in advance with a phone call, guaranteeing zero wait time.

As soon as you enter Splitsville Luxury Lanes, you’re welcomed into a contemporary version of the archetypal bowling experience. With these party packages, each roll is a festivity and every strike sparks thrill.

Don’t hesitate—reserve your lanes now and get ready for an unforgettable time!

Disney Springs Bowling: A Fun Family Activity Disney Springs 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Splitsville Allow Kids?

Certainly, Splitsville is accommodating to children! The venue offers menus suited for young guests, attractive bowling package deals, and various birthday celebration choices. Additionally, shoe rental is straightforward, and safety amenities such as bumpers ensure a great time for the whole family.

Is Disney Springs Good for Kids?

Absolutely, Disney Springs is ideal for children with its family-friendly restaurants, playful fountains, and Lego Imagination Center. You’ll enjoy the themed shops, amphicar tours, and encountering Disney characters among the outdoor entertainment, toy stores, and candy cauldrons.

Does Disney Springs Offer Bowling?

Yes, Splitsville at Disney Springs provides several bowling opportunities, featuring a range of lanes and diverse bowling experiences. They host themed evenings, offer shoe rentals, utilize sophisticated scoring technology, and organize bowling leagues for team gatherings—ensuring an enjoyable time for all who participate.

How to Reserve Bowling at Splitsville Disney Springs?

To book a bowling lane at Splitsville, you can look up lane availability on their website or make a phone call to the establishment. Those planning events can take advantage of group party packages, and making reservations online can streamline the process. Be sure to ask about current wait times, prices, and any available promotions.


Conclude your excursion to Disney Springs by scoring a strike at Splitsville Luxury Lanes! This experience is more than just bowling; it’s about forging lasting memories with family and friends.

With lanes perfect for kids and a menu designed to appeal to all palates, you’re set for an enjoyable time. Remember to explore their party packages for your upcoming events.

So put on those bowling shoes and embrace the fun at this cherished family destination!


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