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Disney Springs Kids activities
Kids Approved Activities at Disney Springs Disney Springs 1

When planning a Disney World vacation most people think of Disney Springs as shops first, then dining. If there is anything else we all know its that most kids hate shopping. They get restless, they want everything, their bored, and ” Can we go back to the pool now?” is likely to be heard at least 7 times in the span of 15 minutes.

Who can blame them? Kids want to exert their energy and need to stay busy and entertained. What may surprise you is all the fun activities in Disney Springs that will keep the kiddos happy and busy. Just say “Let mom look for the perfect Disney Dooney and Bourke and I will take you to the Lego store” and the next think you know you have perfect angels on your hands! The kids may even pretend to like each other.

Here are some great ideas to keep your kids entertained at Disney Springs.

T-Rex Cafe / Build-A-Dino

Kids Approved Activities at Disney Springs Disney Springs 2

Located inside T-Rex Café is Build-A-Dino . Build-A-Dino is owned and operated by Build-A-Bear so you will probably be pretty familiar with how the store works. Your child can choose a their favorite dino plush to stuff, dress, and accessorize . There is also a Dino-Store next store that offers all kinds of souvenirs, clothing, toys and more.

When you are tired out from from creating your prehistoric plush pals you can head into T-Rex Cafe and grab some Dino-Mite dishes. The meals are will appeal to even the finickiest kid. Corn dogs, mac and cheese, dino nuggets and more will keep the grouchasaurus at bay. The dining areas are themed out with animatronic dinosaurs and sound effects that bring this pre-historic world to life.

20 minutes or so a comet will go off and trigger some interaction from the dinos. It can get loud so if your little one is not big on loud noises ask to be seated somewhere quieter.

Check out T-Rex Cafe’s menu here.


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Fun and food can be had here. At Splitsville you can enjoy some really delicious food while enjoying a little family competitiveness. Winner gets the last Mickey Mickey Rice Crispy treat. Here you can book a bowling lane with a table and dine while you play. Fun upbeat music and character themed bowling balls add to the fun. In all our visits here we have always had a good time and a good meal. Splitsville is 2 floors and has a bar on the top floor as well. Shoe rentals are available. The menu here is extensive as are the drinks selections.

You can check out their menu here.


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The Lego store at Disney Springs is so much more fun than any regular store. The excitement starts before you get in the doors. All around the outside of the Lego building you will spot some of your favorite Disney characters in real life size Lego form. You may get lucky and even spot the very illusive and mysterious Lego Nessie peaking out of the water at you. Here you can find everything Lego from large sets to housewares, keychains, and mini Lego figures sold by themselves. One of my kids favorite things to do was create and customize their own Lego figure. Here you can create from head to tow and even accessorize your very own Lego character.


Kids Approved Activities at Disney Springs Disney Springs 5

Kids will love all the crazy candy and sweet options at Goofy’s Candy Co. . From a mix and match candy wall , Goofy’s Glacier Frozen Slushy Mix , Custom Cotton Candy choices, and more,half the fun is checking it all out. Variety packed into a small space Goofy’s Candy Co. is now accepting Mobile Orders as well.


Children of all ages love to ride on this Venetian Carousel. Located near The Christmas Shop and Earl of Sandwich this Carousel runs from 1pm -1O pm . Choose from horses that jump or rock or ride inside the more stationary carriage. Rides are $3.00 per person

All aboard! This charming train will put a smile on your little ones face. Rides are about 3 minutes long and $3.00 per child.


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Who could resist getting getting a bear hug from this guy? The Coca Cola bear resides on the 2nd floor of the Coca Cola building .Kids can also check out a display that tells them all about polar bears and their habitat. The store also has all sorts of Coca Cola themed merchandise from clothing to housewares. Teens will love trying all the different sodas up on the 2nd floor outdoor deck.


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Kids and teens will love cruising in style in a Vintage Amphicar. This vintage beauty is no ordinary car. Its actually an amphibious vehicle that can cruise on land and water. You get a 20 minute tour of Lake Buena Vista in style. Rides are $125.00 per car. Cars fit 3-4 people.


Kids Approved Activities at Disney Springs Disney Springs 10

For the more adventurous ones, Characters in Flight is a 400ft sky high hot air balloon ride with 360 degree views that allow you to experience views of Disney in ways you never imagines. On a clear day you can see up to 10 miles all around you. This 8 minute experience is $25.00 for adults 12 and older and $20.00 for ages 3 to 9.

The best thing of all is most of the things mentioned above are things you can enjoy together as a family. By planning ahead its possible to include activities that will keep the whole family happy. I always liked to plan Disney Springs for the end of my stay because I can always pick up anything I might have forgotten at The World of Disney Store and its more relaxed pace lets everyone slow down a bit before making the not so magical trek home.

There is so much more to Disney Springs than just finding that perfect Pluto Plush. With shopping, dining, and activities I hope you and your family create many happy memories there!


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