Top Disney Springs Dining Picks for Foodies

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As you wade through the endless dining options at Disney Springs, each restaurant unfolds like a storybook, inviting you to savor its unique culinary narrative.

Among the chapters of this gastronomic fairytale, Morimoto Asia stands as a beacon for lovers of Asian cuisine, its menu a tapestry woven with flavors from China, Japan, and Korea. Within its sleek, contemporary walls, you’ll find an artful array of sushi that contends for the title of America’s finest, alongside a repertoire of dishes such as dim sum and Peking duck that pay homage to Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s expertise.

While the promise of exploring these savory delights might be enticing enough, consider the other characters in this epicurean adventure: the family-oriented T-Rex Café, the chic offerings of Wine Bar George, the heavenly confections of Gideon’s Bakehouse, and the laid-back atmosphere of The Polite Pig.

Each venue vies for your palate’s affection, but the question remains—who will emerge as the crown jewel of your Disney Springs dining experience?

Savory Delights at Morimoto Asia

At Morimoto Asia, Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s culinary prowess is evident in every dish. From the meticulously crafted sushi to the signature Morimoto Peking Duck, offering a sophisticated fusion of Asian flavors that demands a foodie’s attention.

Nestled in the heart of Disney Springs, this restaurant showcases the Iron Chef’s expertise. Blending Japanese, Chinese, and Korean culinary traditions into a seamless and elevated dining experience.

With each plate, you’re invited to explore the depths of Asian cuisine. The menu includes options that cater to both the adventurous palate and the desire for classic tastes. The A5 wagyu, sourced from Japan, presents an opportunity to savor one of the most sought-after beef experiences in the world. Meanwhile, the Saganaki on Fire adds a theatrical flourish to your meal, igniting the senses with both flavor and spectacle.

Morimoto Asia isn’t just a restaurant in Disney; it’s a destination for Disney Springs dining. Offering an omakase tasting menu that’s curated daily with rare ingredients flown in to ensure freshness and authenticity.

As you indulge in dishes like the highly acclaimed Morimoto Peking Duck or the diverse offerings at Morimoto Asia Street Food, you’re not just eating; you’re embarking on a culinary journey led by Chef Morimoto himself.

Family Fun at T-Rex Café

Step back in time at T-Rex Café, where you’ll find yourself dining among lifelike animatronic dinosaurs that promise a roaring good time for the whole family. This Disney Springs restaurant is not just about food; it’s a full-blown dining experience that caters to the sense of adventure in both adults and children. Analyzing the T-Rex Café, it’s evident that the establishment prioritizes family fun while offering a variety of dishes.

The ‘extinction events’ during your meal are a spectacle, with comets crashing and dinosaurs coming to life. It’s an interactive setting that keeps the young ones entertained and adults in awe. While the ambiance is a key aspect of the T-Rex Café, the culinary offerings are also noteworthy. Let’s break down some of the must-try items and features of the T-Rex Café:

Mes-o-BonesA hearty dish that satisfies those with a big appetite.
Triassic TrioA sampler that gives you a taste of the best on the menu.
Chocolate ExtinctionA dessert that’s as rich in flavor as it is in presentation.
Themed Dining RoomsEach room provides a unique backdrop for your meal.
Family-Friendly AtmosphereDesigned to delight diners of all ages.

Ending your prehistoric journey with a Chocolate Extinction, complete with ice cream, or perhaps a tangy Key Lime Pie, ensures a sweet finale. Whether it’s the savory Mes-o-Bones or a warming cup of Hot Chocolate, your experience at T-Rex Café is designed to be memorable.

Chic Eats at Wine Bar George

Immerse yourself in the sophistication of Wine Bar George, where a selection of over 140 wines pairs seamlessly with a menu crafted for communal dining and the spark of Saganaki set ablaze at your table. Helmed by Master Sommelier George Miliotes, this chic establishment exemplifies fine dining at Disney Springs.

The menu features an extensive selection designed to complement the vast array of wines available, ensuring a harmonious dining experience. Here’s what you can anticipate during your visit:

  1. Small Plates: Perfect for sharing, these dishes, like the Saganaki on Fire, ignite the senses and encourage a shared culinary adventure.
  2. Family-Style Entrees: For those preferring a more substantial meal, the large plates are as impressive as they’re flavorful.
  3. Wine Education: Enhance your visit with a wine tasting experience led by knowledgeable staff.
  4. Espresso Martinis: Not just for wine aficionados, these expertly crafted cocktails provide a delightful alternative.

While Morimoto Asia also offers a variety of Asian-inspired dishes, Wine Bar George brings a different dimension to Disney Springs dining, with the Basket at Wine Bar George offering a curated selection of bites for those on the go.

Whether you’re a seasoned wine lover or new to wine culture, Wine Bar George offers a cultivated taste of elegance.


Sweet Sensations at Gideon’s Bakehouse

While Wine Bar George invites guests to explore the world of fine wines and upscale bites, Gideon’s Bakehouse offers an entirely different indulgence with its famously decadent half-pound cookies and towering slices of cake. At Disney Springs, this bakery is a dream come true for those who revel in sweet sensations.

The classic chocolate chip cookie is a must-have, but the array of flavors doesn’t end there. Whether you’re a fan of rich peanut butter, creamy cookies and cream, or the ultimate chocolate cake, Gideon’s Bakehouse is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings.

Analyzing the offerings further, Gideon’s Bakehouse innovates with its coffee cake cookie—a unique twist available during the day, with a dark coffee cake version presented at night. The bakery’s commitment to community shines through with their monthly special flavor, supporting charity with a portion of the proceeds.

For an ideal pairing, the highly recommended cold brew coffee—served without ice—complements the sweet treats without diluting the experience. Be mindful of the potential wait times; the bakery’s spooky vibe and popularity often result in long lines. Yet, for those devoted to gourmet desserts, the wait at Gideon’s Bakehouse is a worthwhile investment in culinary delight.

Casual Bites at The Polite Pig

For those craving a more relaxed dining experience, The Polite Pig serves up authentic Florida-inspired barbecue, where the fusion of wood-fired smoke and expert grilling techniques takes center stage. At this Disney Springs hub for casual bites, you’ll find a menu that elegantly showcases the art of barbecue. When you order your food at this quick service, counter service establishment, you’re in for a treat with dishes that are as inviting as they’re flavorful.

Here’s what to expect:

  1. A standout sandwich is the Southern Pig, featuring succulent pulled pork generously slathered in a house-made barbecue sauce, offering a tangy and sweet experience with each bite.
  2. The oversized hop salt pretzel presents itself as a hearty companion to your main course or as a satisfying snack, perfect for those moments when you crave something savory and shareable.
  3. Grilled street corn, a side that’s not to be overlooked, provides a smoky and buttery counterpoint to the rich flavors of the main dishes.
  4. The Polite Pig’s Bourbon Bar boasts an extensive drink menu, including over 50 kinds of bourbon, spirited cocktails, and their exclusive Swine Family beers, ideal for sipping while you enjoy the live entertainment.

With indoor and outdoor seating, this eatery offers an inviting atmosphere for foodies to indulge in the best of Southern hospitality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Reservations at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin 2023?

To secure a spot at Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’, use the My Disney Experience App for reservations, especially for brunch specials like the acclaimed Fried Chicken, Southern classics, and mixology crafts using local ingredients.

Do Dining Cards Work at Disney Springs?

Yes, your dining card works at Disney Springs, offering payment options, meal discounts, and special offers to optimize your gastronomic savings through reward programs, enhancing your culinary experience with budget dining and exclusive access.

Is Parking Free at Disney Springs?

Yes, parking at Disney Springs is free, with various garages and lot locations available. Evening availability is ample, but peak times can be busy. No time limits apply, and valet service offers extra convenience.

Is Disney Springs the Same as Downtown Disney?

Yes, Disney Springs is the same location as Downtown Disney, but it’s undergone a significant transformation, including a name change and expansion of leisure and entertainment options, enhancing the visitor experience at the rebranded complex.


After exploring the culinary landscape of Disney Springs, it’s clear you’re spoiled for choice.

Morimoto Asia stands out with its sophisticated Asian fusion, while T-Rex Café offers a prehistoric-themed feast for the whole family.

Wine Bar George serves stylish plates with a master sommelier’s touch, and Gideon’s Bakehouse tempts with its decadent cookies.

For a laid-back meal, The Polite Pig’s barbecue satisfies any palate.

Each venue promises a distinct dining adventure to enhance your Disney experience.


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