Why Choose Disney Springs for Family Fun?

family fun at disney springs

You might think that Disney Springs is just another shopping center, but it’s actually brimming with engaging activities that appeal to all ages, making it an ideal spot for family fun.

As you wander through this vibrant district, you’ll discover a world where imaginative dining, unique shops, and live entertainment converge to create unforgettable memories.

Whether you’re watching the joy in your children’s eyes as they explore interactive attractions or savoring a gourmet meal by a world-renowned chef, Disney Springs offers a harmonious blend of experiences that cater to every family member’s taste.

And just when you think you’ve seen it all, you’ll stumble upon seasonal events that transform the ordinary into something truly magical.

Stick around, and you’ll uncover the secrets to making the most out of your visit to this enchanting corner of Orlando.

Diverse Dining Experiences

At Disney Springs, your palate embarks on an adventure as varied as the entertainment, with dining options ranging from the prehistoric escapades at T-Rex Café to the lively Irish merriment of Raglan Road.

Imagine the delight on your kids’ faces as they dine amidst life-size animatronic dinosaurs at T-Rex Cafe, a dining experience that rivals the thrills of the nearby Rainforest Cafe. The atmosphere buzzes with the excitement of a prehistoric jungle, making it a meal they’ll never forget.

Just a hop away, Raglan Road offers a taste of Ireland with hearty table service and a side of joyous live music and Irish dancing. You’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a true Irish pub, with the best of Emerald Isle’s hospitality on full display. Between the jigs and reels, savor every bite of their authentic Irish specialties.

And when you’re looking for a casual yet flavorful bite, Chicken Guy stands ready with mouth-watering chicken tenders and skewers perfect for family dining on the go. After a day of exploring Disney Springs and hunting for treasures at the World of Disney store, these dining experiences ensure that the adventure never has to pause.

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Unique Shopping Adventures

Discover the joy of creating your very own LEGO minifigure or designing custom M&M candies, adding a personal touch to your Disney Springs shopping spree. At the LEGO store, let your imagination take the helm as you choose from an array of torsos, hairstyles, and quirky accessories to assemble a character that’s uniquely yours. Whether you’re a dedicated collector or seeking a playful gift, this toy store offers an immersive experience unlike any other.

Just steps away, the M&M Store beckons with its vibrant colors and the sweet promise of personalized treats. Here, you can put your own face on the beloved chocolate candies, crafting a delicious memento that’s as unique as your memories at Disney Springs.

And the shopping adventures don’t stop there. Sprinkle your day with Disney magic at the World of Disney, the ultimate destination for exclusive Disney merchandise. Hunt for treasures at Once Upon a Toy, delve into the galaxy at Star Wars Trading, or cuddle up with a custom plush from Build-A-Bear. Each store in the Disney Springs Marketplace is a doorway to wonder, offering you and your family an unforgettable retail journey.

Entertaining Live Performances

Step into a world where the rhythm of live music sets the pace for an array of spectacular performances that transform Disney Springs into a vibrant stage for family entertainment. You’ll find yourself tapping your toes and swaying to the beats as you encounter:

  1. High-Energy Dance Party Featuring: Let loose with your family as you join a dance party that pulsates with energy. Watch or participate as dancers lead a party featuring dazzling jump-rope acts and acrobatic displays that will leave you breathless.
  2. Katie KD Queen: Show off your best moves and play games with Katie KD Queen, a charismatic performer who knows how to engage crowds of all ages. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of her electrifying show—or simply watch the excitement unfold.
  3. Vibrant Afropop Band: Immerse yourself in the sounds of a vibrant Afropop band, filling the air with infectious melodies that invite you to dance along to rhythmic beats. It’s a musical journey that’s sure to captivate your senses.
  4. Drum Circle: Create Music: Join a drum circle where you can create music with others or dance along, adding your own rhythm to the collective energy of Disney Springs.

At Disney Springs, the entertaining live performances aren’t just shows; they’re experiences that bring families together in joy and celebration.

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Interactive Attractions for Kids

Whether you’re seeking a dash of magic or a burst of creativity, Disney Springs offers a treasure trove of interactive attractions that will delight children and spark their imaginations. Kids have always found joy in playful adventures, and Disney Springs enriches this tradition with its array of theme park attractions designed with the little ones in mind.

At the Bippidi Boppidi Boutique, watch your child’s face light up as they’re transformed into a regal knight or a dazzling princess. The Marketplace Train Express is perfect for the youngsters, offering a delightful tot-sized train loop that lets them chug along in pure glee. Got a LEGO enthusiast? The LEGO Store is where they can create personalized LEGO minifigures, turning a pile of bricks into a masterpiece.

For the aspiring chefs, Terralina Crafted Italian’s cooking classes are a must. Kids can get their hands dirty and dance along to the rhythm of culinary arts while learning to make their favorite Italian dishes like pizza or ravioli. And let’s not forget the Kids Club, where they can show off their best moves and play games at this lively spot, complete with dance parties and drum circles featuring a medley of musical instruments.

Seasonal Events and Celebrations

Throughout the year, Disney Springs transforms with seasonal events and celebrations that invite you and your family to immerse yourselves in the festive spirit, from the hauntingly festive Halloween decorations to the winter wonderland of Christmas. Nestled in Lake Buena Vista, this lively part of Walt Disney World becomes a hub of excitement and entertainment, perfect for creating those cherished family memories.

Here’s what you can look forward to at Disney Springs:

  1. Halloween: As autumn’s chill sets in, Disney Springs decks out in spooky décor. You’ll find entertainment that’s a scream for both kids and adults, with pumpkin hunts and ghoulishly delightful treats.
  2. Christmas: The holiday season at Disney Springs is nothing short of magical. Twinkling lights, Christmas trees, and live music fill the air, along with the chance to meet Santa Claus himself.
  3. Upcoming Three Kings Day: Celebrate this special tradition with your family as Disney Springs honors the festive occasion. Enjoy cultural entertainment and try the Roscon de Reyes, a traditional Spanish holiday pastry.
  4. Seasonal Festivities: Throughout the year, various celebrations transform Disney Springs. Whether it’s the springtime bloom or summer’s sizzle, there’s always a reason to join the fun with family-friendly activities and themed entertainment.

Kids at Disney Springs will be captivated by the seasonal events, ensuring every visit is a new adventure in celebration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is so Special About Disney Springs?

You’ll find Disney Springs a Shopping Extravaganza with Unique Boutiques, a Gastronomy Haven for Themed Dining, and Free Entry. Enjoy Nighttime Entertainment, Waterfront Views, Live Performances, Interactive Activities, and Signature Events for unforgettable experiences.

Why Disney Springs Instead of Downtown Disney?

You’ll prefer Disney Springs over Downtown Disney for its enhanced ambiance, diverse shopping, and dining options. Enjoy varied entertainment, location perks, better parking, lively nightlife, family inclusivity, and the bonus of free entry.

Is Disney Springs Worth a Visit?

Absolutely, Disney Springs is worth your visit! You’ll love the Disney appeal, diverse shopping options, and dining variety. Enjoy the entertainment, free entry, easy parking, lively nightlife, and family-friendly atmosphere, all offering unique experiences.

What Are the Attractions at Disney Springs?

You’ll find a Shopping Extravaganza, diverse Dining Options, LEGO Imagination centers, Splitsville Bowling, AMC Movies, Cirque Shows, Live Entertainment, Themed Restaurants, Virtual Reality adventures, and relaxing Boat Rides at Disney Springs.


So, why choose Disney Springs for your family adventure? It’s simple! You’ve got everything from sky-high balloon rides to aquatic car journeys.

Transform little ones at a magical boutique, and indulge in sweet treats galore. Catch a live show, shop ’til you drop, and celebrate the seasons in style.

At Disney Springs, your family memories are waiting to be made, with every corner offering a new surprise. It’s the ultimate family playground!


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