Disney’s Animal Kingdom Restaurants: Complete Guide

Disney's Animal Kingdom Restaurants: Complete Guide 1

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one of the most underrated theme parks for its food. It has a rich history and amazing attractions, but it also features some really interesting dining options! In this article, we will explore the Disney’s Animal Kingdom Restaurants including quick service, table service, snacks, and drinks.

Table Service

Rainforest Café

With a menu of delicious American fare, the Rainforest Café is sure to please. Guests can enjoy everything from appetizers and soups to salads, sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, pasta, and more. The restaurant includes two indoor seating areas as well as an outside patio area with views of Discovery River and Expedition Everest.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Restaurants: Complete Guide 2


Tiffins is an upscale restaurant located in a beautiful, open-air pavilion. The menu includes grilled meats and seafood; vegetarian dishes such as a lentil soup with roasted vegetables or sautéed spinach with chickpeas and garlic naan bread.

The restaurant features a signature dish of slow-braised beef short rib, served with an onion soubise and carrot puree. The desserts are just as amazing as the entrées; diners can indulge in chocolate cake or lemon tartlets for dessert.

Yak & Yeti Restaurant

The Yak & Yeti Restaurant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a table-service restaurant that offers “Asian-inspired cuisine.” When you visit the Walt Disney World Resort, make sure to stop by this restaurant for an experience unlike any other. The food options are vast and will satisfy all types of cravings.

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Tusker House

The fan favorite restaurant features African inspired family style menu that everyone will enjoy. Inside of the Hambre Marketplace you will find the Tusker House restaurant where you can dine with your favorite Disney characters Donald, Mickey and Goofy!

Quick Service

Disney's Animal Kingdom Restaurants: Complete Guide 4

Creature Comforts

Creature Comforts is a great place to go for breakfast before heading out on the Kilimanjaro Safaris. The food is nothing special but it does have some healthy options like steel-cut oats, fresh fruit, and oatmeal with raisins or walnuts. You can also get all of your favorite treats and beverages from Starbucks.

Harambe Market

Harambe Market is based on African cuisine with many influences from India as well as other regions around Africa that have been influenced by Indian culture. The quick-service menu features dishes like samosas, injera bread bowls filled with beef stew or lentils, and rice pilafs in sesame sauce along with an array of freshly squeezed juices made to order such as tamarind ginger juice or green coconut water mixed with honey & cinnamon.


Pizzafari is the best place for pizza in Animal Kingdom. Located centrally, it’s a great spot to get fresh and healthy wood-fired pizzas at lunch or dinner. Some favorites include The Carnivore, with pepperoni; The Veggie Lover, topped with tomatoes, olives & artichokes; and Pepper Jack Cheeseburger Pizza. This dining location also offers salads made to order and more.

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Flame Tree Barbecue

Flame Tree Barbecue is located in the Discovery Island section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The restaurant offers a casual outdoor dining experience and serves American cuisine with Caribbean influences, including ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, salads served on fresh fruit, grilled chicken wraps, and jerk chicken salad bowls. They also offer more traditional sides like coleslaw and cornbread muffins as well as some international dishes such as Jamaican patties (pastries filled with ground beef).

The menu at Flame Tree changes seasonally to accommodate for seasonal produce available throughout Florida but there are always a few staples that stay year-round, including their signature BBQ sauce made from scratch daily. Guests can order off of either the barbecue options or the vegetarian barbecue option – both of which are equally delicious.

The Flame Tree Barbecue Restaurant is one of the best quick-service restaurants in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park and our family’s favorite place to grab lunch. It offers a great outdoor dining experience that also comes with beautiful views for guests who wish to dine there!


Restaurantosaurus is located near DINOSAUR in Dino Land, this quick service eatery features burgers, salads and other kid favorites like macaroni & cheese or chicken nuggets.

There are a few dining rooms inside the building with tables for those who want to eat their meal indoors but there are also outdoor picnic table seating areas on both sides of the house – perfect for families eating together!

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Satu’li Canteen

Satu’li Canteen is a quick-service restaurant in Animal Kingdom’s Pandora that serves up a variety of delicious and wholesome foods. Some dishes include Cheeseburger Bao Buns and Chili-Garlic Shrimp bowls. There are vegan options too! Their Chili Spiced Crispy Fried Tofu Bowl is amazing.

Yak & Yeti Local Foods Café

Yak & Yeti Local Foods Café is located in the Asia section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. They offer a wide variety of Asian dishes, and their kids’ menu provides healthy options for children. The restaurant has an indoor dining area as well as outdoor seating with views to Expedition Everest.

Yak & Yeti Quality Beverages

Yak & Yeti Quality Beverages offers a variety of nonalcoholic beverages including lemonade, iced tea, juice, and water. The restaurant also has specialty coffees like decaf espresso or cappuccino served with sweetened whipped cream for an indulgent treat – perfect to share!

Bars and Lounges

Dawa Bar

The Dawa Bar is one of the most relaxing and peaceful seating areas in all of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This area offers views of both Asia Safari, a flamingo habitat, and Expedition Everest which towers over everything else at this park.

If you are looking for an uninterrupted view (without too many people), this may be your best option as it is not well known or heavily trafficked by guests. The drink menu does have some unique offerings that will make you feel like you can truly escape from your everyday life to enjoy an exotic adventure with friends!

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Nomad Lounge

Nomad Lounge is located in the Africa section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It offers a variety of African-inspired cuisine and soft drinks, including beer and wine. The restaurant has both indoor seating as well as outdoor tables overlooking the animal exhibits at Rafiki’s Planet Watch. You can also enjoy live music while you dine.

Thirsty River Bar and Trek Snacks

Thirsty River Bar offers a few deep-fried and alcoholic beverages for those looking to indulge. The bartender will fry up anything that can be dunked in beer batter – from cheese sticks (the most popular choice) to Oreos, bananas, or even chocolate-dipped strawberries!

Warung Outpost

Warung Outpost is a small counter-service restaurant selling Malaysian-style foods. Served in traditional banana leaves, guests can choose from items like chicken satay and beef rendang. The interior of the building has been decorated with artworks depicting many different aspects of Malaysian life including famous landmarks such as Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Towers or street food carts that are commonplace throughout Malaysia’s cities.

Snack Stops

Anandapur Ice Cream Truck

The Anandapur Ice Cream Truck is one of the only places in Animal Kingdom to find real ice cream! You can usually find this truck near Festival of The Lion King. They have a variety of flavors, so you’re sure to find something your family will love. If you want even more than just an ice cream sundae, they offer shakes and floats as well!

Caravan Road

Caravan road serves up snacks like pretzels and nachos. This snack stop features many vegetarian options when it’s actually open.

Eight Spoon Cafe

The Eight Spoon Cafe is a quick service spot located in the Animal Kingdom’s Africa section. The restaurant features “street food” inspired by African flavors and cuisine, with dishes like chicken shawarma wraps or beef sambusas.


Located in Dinoland USA, this popcorn cart features popcorn in both boxes and souvenir buckets.

Dino-Bite Snacks

Located in Dinoland directly across from Restaurantosaurus. Dino-Bite snacks offers ice cream, cookies, churros and cold beverages.

Dino Diner

Dino Diner offers cotton candy, roasted nuts, and Frozen Bacardi Raspberry Rum Lemonade for those old enough to enjoy it.


You can stop by Drinkwallah for a cold drink when the sun is scorching in Animal Kingdom’s Asia!

You can also purchase small snacks such as glazed pecans and almonds here, along with frozen drinks (such as Frozen Coca-Cola).

You should spare a few minutes to appreciate Drinkwallah’s attention to detail, as well as the unique waterside seating area in the “Lower Garden.”

The Feeding Ground

Disney World is home to plenty of popcorn stands, but The Feeding Ground also offers some unique cocktails.

This location is just past It’s Tough to Be a Bug (the attraction housed in Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life) where you can grab some popcorn, fill up your souvenir popcorn bucket and perhaps get a cold drink while you walk through Discovery Island.

Frozen Treat Carts

Discover Island, DinoLand, Asia, and Africa are some of the lands where you will find these carts.

Even if you aren’t planning on picking up a frozen novelty treat such as a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar, you might just find the artwork on the carts so intricate and pretty that you keep your eyes open for them.

Harambe Fruit Market

The Harambe Fruit Market is a quick-service location in Africa at the Animal Kingdom theme park. You’ll find it tucked away from the center of the village, so you may want to look for some signage before heading to this spot. The menu features fresh fruit, juices and cold drinks such as apple juice or iced tea with mixed berry flavors.

Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea kiosks

My favorite, the Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea kiosk is located right near the entrance of the park, PERFECT!


The humble cart that you will find on Animal Kingdom’s Africa’s Discovery Island sells popcorn, glazed nuts, and refillable popcorn buckets, including specialty souvenir versions.

Mr. Kamal’s

In the mood for a casual lunch or dinner? Stop by Mr. Kamal’s, which features hummus, seasoned fries, and chicken dumplings

Isle of Java

Visit the Isle of Java kiosk on Discovery Island just before entering the Asia region of the park for a coffee before taking on the Yeti. You’ll find coffee, cold beverages, breakfast pastries, and more on the menu.

Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery

There’s a coffee shop and bakery in Animal Kingdom’s famous Kilimanjaro Safaris that serves up delightful baked goods and a place to rest your safari hat after a long day.

There is coffee and pastries as well as some heartier fare at breakfast, including sausage, eggs, and cheese biscuits and quiche. 

Throughout the day, curry dishes are available for full meals, in addition to the plentiful snacks available here.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Restaurants: Complete Guide 8

Pongu Pongu

Pongu Pongu means “Party Party” in the language of Na’vi! Pongu Pongu is a place where Disney’s Animal Kingdom guests can get beverages and snacks while visiting Pandora – The World of AVATAR.

The Pandora-exclusive Night Blossom slushy drink is a fan favorite.

Royal Anandapur Tea Company

Animal Kingdom’s Asia is home to the Royal Anandapur Tea Company, a hidden gem of a Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea kiosk. It’s actually one of Disney World’s best-themed Joffrey’s locations. 

This particular location serves all of Joffrey’s specialty espresso beverages with an emphasis on tea, offering several kinds of tea that are native to different parts of the world.

This Disney’s Animal Kingdom kiosk also features an exclusive item: Frozen Chai.

Tamu Tamu Refreshments

You might walk by Tamu Tamu in Animal Kingdom’s Africa on your way to Kilmanjaro Safaris and not notice it when it’s right there. But it’s a great place to stop for a cold drink and some good meals.

There is a wide selection of desserts on the menu, and it is the only place in Animal Kingdom where you can find Dole Whip – with or without rum – or as a specialty float. It is hidden in plain sight at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Terra Treats

In Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you’ll see Terra Treats along the Discovery Island Trail going towards Africa.

The kiosk is usually open during busy days, and since the menu changes from time to time, it can be difficult to know what to expect just from a glance. Recent menu items included snack-sized slices of pizza.

The Smiling Crocodile

A small snack stand, the Smiling Crocodile, is located on Discovery Island at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

This stand has a changing menu that makes The Smiling Crocodile a great stop to check out if you’re around when they are open.

The Gardens Kiosk was previously located in this location.


Trilo-Bites is still known as the place where you can get those giant turkey legs in Animal Kingdom, but these days the menu includes flavored cold treats.

Ice Cream Floats, Waffle Cones, and Milkshakes are almost guaranteed to be on the menu here. But don’t forget to watch out for the Buffalo Chicken Chips too!

Zuri’s Sweets Shop

In Disney’s Animal Kingdom, guests can visit Zuri’s Sweet Shop and indulge in classic Disney confections!

There are some popular Disney sweets in the bakery cases, but many have been given a Disney-themed makeover. Many of the items are inspired by the park’s wildlife!

Besides the usual assortment of tasty treats, you’ll find some unique selections like Zuri’s Dark Chocolate Mickey infused with Chili Pepper, Haystacks (tasty stacks of potato sticks and peanut butter), and more.

In addition to pre-packaged goods, they offer merchandise there as well.

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