Frozen Ever After

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Frozen Ever After is a newly added attraction at Walt Disney World’s Epcot. It is located in the Norway Pavilion of the World Showcase, replacing Maelstrom which closed on October 5th, 2014. In this attraction, guests board their boat and begin their journey through Arendelle (the fictional Nordic kingdom that Elsa rules over in Frozen ).

What Is The Ride Queue Like For Frozen Ever After?

The ride has a significantly large dedicated queue. The line was expected to be long, and it did not disappoint. At one point you can see Oaken peeking through his Sauna Window and saying “Yoohoo” to the audience, which keeps everyone entertained.

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What Is It Like To Ride Frozen Ever After?

The ride itself is very similar to Maelstrom, but with a few noticeable differences. The first thing guests will notice is the shortened ride time and new music used in place of the old Norse music and narration.

While not much has changed to the actual layout of the track, many enhancements have been made to it such as: snow effects, lighting and special effects all over Arendelle (the kingdom you travel through), Frozen characters sprinkled throughout the attraction, etc.

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Is Frozen Ever After Wheelchair and ECV Friendly?

Yes, both Wheelchairs and ECV’s are welcome! But you should be prepared that you’ll need to transfer out of either of them and step down into the boat to be able to ride this ride.

Is Frozen Ever After Scary?

There are definitely some jostling and twists and turns, as well as the addition of the snow effects and lighting to Arendelle, but there is nothing too scary. This ride will be appropriate for both children and adults alike.

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How Big Are The Drops On Frozen Ever After?

There is one drop, which is 28′ tall.

Does The Frozen Ever After Ride Go Backwards?

Yes, the ride goes backwards for one short period, but it isn’t too bad.

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Does The Ride Have A Minimum Height Requirement?

There is no minimum height requirement to ride this attraction, though children under 48″ must be accompanied by an adult (17+).

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What Type of Vehicle Is Used On Frozen Ever After?

The vehicle that is used on this ride is a boat that holds 12 people at a time.

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