Living With The Land

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Disney’s Living with the Land is a boat ride in Epcot that takes guests through some greenhouses, showcases their research and development on sustainable practices, and shows how some of these methods are implemented around the park.

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Where Is Living with the Land Located?

One of the best ways to find Living with the Land is to simply follow signs for The Land pavilion. This is a very easy landmark to remember, as it houses some pretty interesting attractions and shows including Soarin’ Around the World, Living with the Land, Circle of Life, Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival, and more.

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What Can You See on Living with the Land?

The boat ride lasts about 13 minutes from start to finish and includes narration from Mike Brassell. Along with this voice-over narration throughout your trip around Living with the Land you also see a number of different futuristic farming techniques that come together in a beautiful mosaic so all eyes can learn how these methods work together towards a sustainable future.

What Is The Living With The Land Ride Vehicle Like?

The Living with the Land ride vehicle holds about 40 people and is a slow-moving boat that has open sides for you to take in all of the surroundings. There are no seat belts or harnesses, making this a pretty relaxed ride through Living with the Land.

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What Is The History Of Living With The Land?

Back in the 1970s Disney World, which was just getting started at this point, had plans for an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT) that would look into the future and see what new technologies were on the cusp. Living with the Land came about as part of this push for technology so there is some historical significance to Living with the Land since it ties directly back to EPCOT even if its original placement during the opening day doesn’t match up anymore.

Is Living With The Land Worth It?

Living with the Land might not be worth your time if you are short on time or looking forward to other attractions at Epcot.

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What is the Behind the Seeds Tour?

Living with the Land offers a behind-the-scenes tour that will give alternative views of Living with the Land but from different standpoints. You won’t be able to get on Living with the Land itself during this tour, but you will get up close and personal with some greenhouses and see how Living with the Land is maintained. This can make for a pretty interesting experience if Living with the Land is something that interests you since it may provide new insight into what Living with the Land has to offer.

Is Living With The Land Wheelchair and ECV Accessible?

Living with the Land is wheelchair and ECV accessible. You would need to bring your own wheelchair or ECV (or rent them) to Living with the Land in order to take advantage of this accessibility.

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What Are The Height Requirements For Living With The Land?

There is no height requirement for Living with the Land.

How Long Does Living With The Land Take?

The Living with the Land boat ride through Living with the Land takes about 13 minutes from start to finish.

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Is The Food In Living With The Land Real?

Produce is grown on the pavilion and can be used in restaurants on Disney World property. So you may receive produce that has been grown on the pavilion, making it even more delicious and special. 

Who Sponsors Living With The Land?

Living with the Land is sponsored by Chiquita. Living with the Land was an idea constructed during Disney’s EPCOT push and fits right in with this forward-thinking, technology-centered theme of Living with the land.