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The Test Track is a test driving simulator ride at Epcot, located in Walt Disney World within Orlando, Florida. It currently operates at the park’s dedication to all things futuristic. The attraction simulates an “S” test track for automobiles where guests can test their car-driving abilities.

Where Is Test Track?

If you haven’t been to Epcot, Test Track is located in Future World, just after Mission: SPACE and on the right.

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Test Track History

The test track was originally known as the “Design Center” and served as both a test track for vehicles and an exhibit showcasing GM’s latest design.

From 1982 to 1984, the test track at Epcot had guests behind-the-wheel of GM test vehicles with multiple road surfaces, banked curves, hills and turns so every driver can test different aspects of their driving skills.

For test track’s 21st birthday on October 1, 2003, more than one million test miles were clocked by test vehicles at the track.

Test Track was closed in September 2005 for refurbishment and reopened on December 6, 2005, with test vehicle appearances by the Chevrolet Corvette Z06, Buick Rendezvous, Saturn Sky roadster, Ford 150 SVT Raptor pickup truck, Dodge Viper SRT/10 coupe and Ford Focus.

It was later updated to test electric vehicles.

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What Is The Test Track Queue Like?

The queue starts with a winding hallway, leading into an opening test track grid. Then guests enter the ride vehicle test room where they get to test out their test vehicles on the test track.

What Is The Test Track Ride Like?

Passengers test drive their test vehicles on the test track in a 6-person car. The test track has a vehicle speed of 65 mph and simulates up to 40 degrees side angle while going around turns. A test track driver’s wheel, brake pedal and gearshift lever move along with rider input. Test Track includes a tire tread simulation feature that simulates the test track’s road surface, and a test track incline simulation feature.

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Is Test Track Wheelchair and ECV Compatible?

The test track is wheelchair and ECV friendly, however, test vehicles are not available for guests to test drive on the test track. Only test vehicle simulations can be found in the test room at the end of the ride. Wheelchairs and ECVs will need to transfer into one of two rows closest to the windows or sit in row 3.

What Are The Height Requirements?

Guests must be at least 40″ tall to ride Test Track.

Does Weather Affect Test Track?

Yes, unfortunately when inclimate weather hits, Test Track temporarily closes due to the outdoor nature of the ride.

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Photo Credit: Disney

How Scary Is Test Track?

Test Track is relatively tame, however, the ride vehicles do hit speeds of 65 MPH on the outdoor open track. The indoor portion of the ride also swerves a fair amount. But I would not say it’s “scary”.

Will Test Track Make You Sick?

Generally speaking, no, Test Track won’t make you sick. But it can definitely move you side to side quite a bit, so I wouldn’t go on this one right after you eat if you want to be sure.