How Do The Stormtroopers Talk At Disney?

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One of the things that our family loves when we go to Disney World is seeing what new sayings the Stormtroopers will be using. Which brings up a topic that we have discussed as a family several times. How do stormtroopers at Disney World speak? I mean they have so many fun phrases. ** Caution Spoilers Ahead **

So, we did a little research and made a few phone calls and I think that we have gotten the answer that you are looking for.

Based on what we have seen over the years, the stormtroopers trigger prerecorded phrases with their fingers, by using hand motions and or a combination of hand motions and trigger pulls on the blaster they carry around with them. 

The biggest reason that we have surmised this is because of the fact that the Stormtroopers use the same phrases over and over, every time we go to Disney World. However, those phrases may change from one trip to the next.

What Technology Is Used?

Well, what we know for sure after doing some digging is that Disney filed a patent for a voice triggering control system back in 2013. This allows theme park characters to use their hands, and eyes, even in combination with other items (such as a blaster) to talk to people around the park. This gives them the option for so many different sayings to use on the unsuspecting theme park-goer and actually makes sense with the timing. So we have surmised that this is the only logical explanation. If you watch the stormtroopers at length you can see how this works. Check out the video below for a full idea of what I’m talking about.

What Do Storm Troopers Say At Disney?

Stormtroopers literally have hundreds of different things that they can say. Some of the funnier ones that we’ve caught on to are things like:

“If there’s one Jedi left, it’s not you.”
“Move Along”
They ask you for identification and when you show them some actual identification they say “you expect me to believe that’s you?”

The funny lines go on and on and on. If you go to YouTube and do a search for “Disney Stormtroopers” you’ll find tons of videos of comical interactions with them.

How To Get Arrested By Stormtroopers at Disney?

Well, we aren’t sure that there is a surefire way to get yourself arrested by the First Order. But from what we have seen they typically will choose people who identify themselves as a rebel or children who are wearing Star Wars costumes. As we’ve mentioned before don’t try getting into the park or wearing a costume around the park if you are over the age of 13.

One little tip is that if they ask you to identify yourself and you say something like “I’m a rebel” or “I’m the rebel spy you’ve been looking for” then you might have a fair chance to get arrested.

See this video below to watch someone actually getting arrested by Stormtroopers.

The other thing that COULD happen is if you have a little one who is wearing a Kylo Ren costume like the little guy in the following video then as you’ll see, you can be detained by Kylo himself.

Do Other Talking Disney Characters Work The Same Way?

Of course, there are other talking characters at Disney Theme Parks and we’ve often wondered how they worked as well. For example, we are pretty sure that Kylo Ren and Darth Vader both work off the same technology as the Stormtroopers do, although we do not have confirmation that the patent that we mentioned earlier would lead us to believe that it’s one and the same.

One of our biggest debates was how talking Mickey worked. From what we’ve seen this is the craziest and most surreal character experience there has ever been at any Disney park. While talking Mickey can’t be found in the parks anymore, we are also pretty sure that he didn’t work exactly like the Stormtroopers. So while there are a lot of theories, no one is really sure how talking Mickey worked for sure. Just look at all the ad-libbing in the video below. It’s just absolutely incredible.

Storm Troopers At Disney Springs

When Disney Springs reopened after being closed due to Covid-19 we found that there were two new stormtroopers hanging out in the walkway above Uno De 50. One of them was surprisingly a female voice, which we have never heard before. There are some really interesting interactions between the two of them and the crowd passing by. Disney seems to be attempting to use them as social distancing aids, which you can see in the video below.


The stormtroopers usually travel in groups of two. This gives them a chance to play off each other and they have some pretty funny sayings which, as I mentioned before, do change from time to time. So, in conclusion, whether you love them or hate them the stormtroopers will be around for the foreseeable future and definitely add a fun and interactive feature to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.


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