Astro Orbiter

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What Is Astro Orbiter?

The Astro Orbiter is a spinning flying ride that will take you to new heights in Tomorrowland. Once in flight, you will have amazing views of Tomorrowland as well as around the Magic Kingdom area.

Where is Astro Orbiter Located?

Astro Orbiter is located on top of the people mover in Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom.

What Is The Queue for Astro Orbiter Like?

There is a simple queue on the ground below the people mover and Astro Orbiter. It will guide you to an elevator to take out up two floors to your spacecraft.

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Is Astro Orbiter Fast?

Astro Orbiter is considered a slow ride, it is not any faster than Dumbo or the Magic Carpets

Is Astro Orbiter Scary?

The only thing that might be scary is if you have a fear of heights. Because this ride is located on top of another building, once you lift your rocket to the highest level you get great views and are higher off of the actual ground than Dumbo or Magic Carpets.

How Long Does It Take To Ride Astro Orbiter ?

The actual flight time of Astro Orbiter is around 1 minute 30 seconds.

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Credit: Disney

How High Up Does Astro Orbiter Go?

from the platform where you get on it is no higher than Magic Carpets or Dumbo. It can feel higher however because it is located on top of a building. At its max flying height, you are approximately 36 feet off the platform where you board.

Is Astro Orbiter Wheelchair and ECV Accessible?

The queue is EVC and wheelchair accessible, however, you will need to transfer to the ride vehicle in order to fly your rocket.

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What are the Height Restrictions for Astro Orbiter?

There are not any height restrictions on Astro Orbiter so the whole family can enjoy this ride together.

Does Weather Have Any Effect On the Astro Orbiter Operation?

Astro Orbiter will close if it is raining or thunder is in the area.