Best Places to View the Magic Kingdom Fireworks From Disney World

Best places to view the Magic KIngdom Fireworks

Where are some of the best places to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks? Well, that depends on your families needs. Is it important for your family to see the projections on the front of Cinderella’s Castle? Are you traveling with someone with sensory issues or even a service dog that may be started by the loud noises? Will you watching from inside Magic Kingdom or outside the theme park? Do large crowds bother you or someone in your group? Being local to Disney and having experienced the fireworks many times in many different situations I am more than happy to share my experiences in what worked best for myself and my family and friends.

view magic kingdom fireworks

If there is one thing Disney is known for its the elaborate fireworks show they put on. Complete with projections on the castle and a musical soundtrack that has you wiping the occasional tear or two away Disney knows how to get to our hearts. If you ever mention Disney’s Magic Kingdom fireworks to anyone you will notice how they smile when they talk about it. I’m getting goosebumps now even thinking of it! You know I don’t really even care much about fireworks, Disney fireworks though, that’s another story!

magic kingdom fireworks

As part of Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary they have created a special show called Enchantment in honor of ” The World’s Most Magical Celebration“. This new show debuted October 1st 2021. Everyone has their favorite shows, for me its Wishes, however no one can say that Disney doesn’t impress with this new show. The new Disney Enchantment Fireworks are being presented by Pandora and feature everyone ones favorite classic characters, as well as incorporates some of the new comers like Raya, Joe Gardner from Soul, and Moana.

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I refer to the word “projections” a lot and if you haven’t been to Disney World in a while you may not be sure what I am referring to so I will explain. Disney uses a mapping projection technology to literally project, much like a film projector in a movie theater, images and bring them life directly on the castle and also the building on Main Street. It certainly adds to the show to be able to see your favorite characters coming to life alongside the fireworks and music. Some of the effects are truly magical!

Best Place to see the Magic Kingdom Fireworks from if you haven’t seen them before

The Hub / Near and Around the Partners Statue

If you haven’t yet seen the Magic Kingdom Fireworks new Enchantment show, you wont want to miss any details. The best place is always going to be traditionally in front of Cinderella’s Castle so you can get a full view of all the projections taking place. Front and center in and around the Partner’s Statue of Walt and Mickey is going to give you the best view of the castle.

The Train Station on Main Street

Best Places to View the Magic Kingdom Fireworks From Disney World Magic Kingdom 1

You can also get a great view from a bit further back at the entrance to Main Street. The train Station which is located just after you enter the park has a elevated view that is in direct line with Cinderella’s Castle and is at times slightly less crowded. You will want to grab your spot here early as the secret is out and it does get congested as well. The other advantage to this is you are closer to the exit of the park and can get a leg up on exiting before everyone makes their way down Main Street to exit. This is also good for those that have a fear of being stuck in crowds but need to see the full show.

The side streets of Main Street

The areas lining Main Street also offer a good view but it will be harder to get a direct view of the projections. The new Enchantment show does extend some of its projections out onto Main Street as well so that does add to the fun.

Best Place to view the Magic Kingdom Fireworks from inside the park if you hate crowds

If you just hate the idea of being sandwiched up against other people and or have a bit of claustrophobia there are other areas within the park where the crowds are less dense.

If you want or need to see the projections and hate crowds

The Train Station On Main Street

The Train Station as mentioned above. You can also find a lamp post or trash can or other object to stand near to create some space between you and another person. It does help in creating some personal space and in helpful in staking out your ground early!

Best Places to View the Magic Kingdom Fireworks From Disney World Magic Kingdom 2

Enchantment Fireworks Treats & Seats Party

Another great but pricey option is to book a fireworks dessert party. You wont have a up close front and center castle view, but you will a lot less of a crowd to contend with. Oh and they have chocolate covered strawberries. Need I say more?

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If you hate crowds and don’t need to see the castle projections


Best Places to View the Magic Kingdom Fireworks From Disney World Magic Kingdom 3

There are so many great places to get a great view of the Magic Kingdom fireworks without feeling like a sardine sandwich. You can grab a table over at Lunching Pad and enjoy a pretty decent view while enjoying a Mickey Pretzel. If you are on the bridge leading to Tomorrowland You just might see a pixie by the name of Tinkerbell fly by overhead. She will fly down from Cinderella’s Castle just before the show starts and land on the top of Tomorrowland Terrace. Make sure you are on the lookout. It happens so fast and you don’t want to miss this!

Best Places to View the Magic Kingdom Fireworks From Disney World Magic Kingdom 4

Pinocchio’s Village Hause

The area behind the castle is usually less crowded as well. There are even some benches near Pinocchio’s Village Hause that are a great place to sit and rest after a long day. These spots go fast so stake your claim early!

Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland

Best Places to View the Magic Kingdom Fireworks From Disney World Magic Kingdom 5

Over by Gaston’s Tavern in Fantasyland you can enjoy a cold Lefou’s Brew and you get a great view of the fireworks that go off in the back behind Beasts Castle. Yes! Fireworks don’t only go off above the castle making this a great location to enjoy the fireworks from a different perspective.

Frontierland Bridge

Best Places to View the Magic Kingdom Fireworks From Disney World Magic Kingdom 6

Frontierland bridge has some great views. Bonus that you can hop on Thunder Mountain real quick without any lines and just in time before the parks close! You will notice much less crowding back here the view is still spectacular!

Best place to see the Magic Kingdom Fireworks if you have sensory issues , are bothered loud noises , or are traveling with a service animal.

If the loud booming noises of the fireworks might be upsetting to you or anyone in your group consider these options.

If you haven’t seen the projections and need to be in front of the castle I would consider trying out some noise canceling headphone before your trip. It might work just well enough that you don’t have to sacrifice the view due to the noise. They come on all sizes and can be found for even the smallest of your crew. This can be handy on rides that may be to loud as well.

Contemporary Resorts Fireworks Dessert party at the California Grill

Best Places to View the Magic Kingdom Fireworks From Disney World Magic Kingdom 7

If headphones themselves trigger a sensory issue distance from the fireworks will be your best bet. Consider a dessert party not at Magic Kingdom but at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. There will still be noise but it will be muffled a bit more than being in the park directly. The caveat is that its on the pricey side which may get expensive if traveling with a large family. This Celebration at the Top 50th Flavors and Fireworks is held inside the California Grill atop Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Click the link below to learn more about this offering.

Contemporary’s 4th Floor outdoor balcony

The Contemporary Resort also has a 4th floor viewing balcony that offers stunning views and piped in music. There is no charge for this and you do not have to be a resort guest to enjoy this amenity. Exit through the gift shop area and you will se a door on your left hand side that leads to the outdoor viewing area. A great place to get pictures too!

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Other options include viewing the fireworks from a distance. There will still be noises. In fact I live a few miles away and I can still hear them every night. However those noise canceling headphones will more effective from a distance and in the event you cant use the headphones the sound will certainly a bit more muted.

Select Disney Resorts

Best Places to View the Magic Kingdom Fireworks From Disney World Magic Kingdom 8

Select Disney Resorts offer up a good view with out the same level of noise you can expect inside the parks. Disney’s Polynesian, Grand Floridian, Contemporary Resort, and even the shores of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground can be a great for sensitive ears. In fact I highly recommend the Fort Wilderness Campground as the best way to view the fireworks with the most minimal noise as its a bit further than the other deluxe resorts.

Read on for more info on those resorts below.

Best place to see the Magic Kingdom Fireworks if you don’t have a park reservation for Magic Kingdom

Disney’s Polynesian Resort Beach

Just along the shores of Seven Seas Lagoon sits Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Its the perfect place to view the Magic Kingdom Fireworks without being inside the actual parks. The music is even actually piped in via a speaker so guests can still feel part of the magic while enjoying from a much more relaxed location. This and the Contemporary are my two favorite places to view the fireworks outside the parks.

Disney’s Grand Floridian

Best Places to View the Magic Kingdom Fireworks From Disney World Magic Kingdom 9

Just around the bend from the Polynesian is the famous Grand Floridian Resort. Now while my favorite viewing place is along the walkway to the Grand from the Polynesian the Grand offers some great places to sit and even eat dinner while you watch the show. Just outside Gasparilla’s Island Grill , a quick service restaurant at the Grand Floridian you will find a cute little outdoor seating area. Time it right and grab a table and order your dinner just before others get the same idea. Its generally not crowded and makes for a fun night.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

As mentioned above between the ” 50th Flavor and Fireworks” fireworks party held of the top floor in Disney’s California Grill and the 4th floor viewing balcony this location is prime for guets without a Magic Kingdom Reservation.

Contemporary’s / Bay Lake Tower’s Skyway Bridge

Best Places to View the Magic Kingdom Fireworks From Disney World Magic Kingdom 10

The other location that has phenomenal views is on the Skyway Bridge that connects the Contemporary Resort to the Bay Lake Tower DVC building next door. When passing by the gift shop keep going to your right and you will see a door leading to the outside that will connect you to the bridge. Bonus is that you can also turn around at view the Electrical Water Parade that happens in the waters of Bay Lake just on the opposite side.


Best Places to View the Magic Kingdom Fireworks From Disney World Magic Kingdom 11

All guests whether staying at any Disney Resort or a local wanting to visit are welcome to visit any Disney Resort whether its to dine, shop, walk around, etc. . The one thing you need to know is Disney does not like non resort guests parking at some of their deluxe resorts or resorts during especially busy times. This being the case for several reasons like guest abuse of avoiding parking fees at the theme parks, and also to make sure resort paying guests will have enough parking.

Best Places to View the Magic Kingdom Fireworks From Disney World Magic Kingdom 12

There are many ways around this. You can park at the theme parks or other allowable locations and take Disney transportation to the resort via monorail, bus, or boat. If you are parked at Magic Kingdom you can even walk over to the Polynesian. Once your in its easy to use internal transportation to hop around. Walking is possible between the Polynesian and Grand Floridian but if you want to get to the Contemporary you will need to board the boat or monorail.

I never get tired of watching the Magic Kingdom Fireworks. As a local I have watched it over the years from the park, resorts, parking lots, boats, and yes even my local Target parking lot when putting my groceries in the car. It never gets old. I hope you find your special spot to enjoy the fireworks with your family and make many special memories doing so for years to come.


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