Dumbo The Flying Elephant

Right next to The Barnstormer is the star attraction of Storybook Circus, Dumbo The Flying Elephant. Early concepts for a Dumbo attraction always consisted of a classic spinner ride, where guests would hop aboard their own Dumbo vehicle and fly high in the sky. Originally this attraction was planted right next to Pinocchio’s village house in the center of Fantasyland. Right near the new castle wall that leads guests into Fantasyland forest now.

However, the line would get so backed up here that it was not uncommon for the wait times to be well over an hour. So Disney relocated Dumbo to Storybook Circus and it allowed Imagineers to elaborate further on the circus theme and get twice as many guests on the attraction at once.

dumbo ride magic kingdom

It is a beautiful corner of the Magic Kingdom that everyone must do at least once. Like the Barnstormer, this attraction features Fastpass plus but if the adults need a break and the kids are still pumped full of energy then make sure you do the standby line. This attraction doesn’t have a traditional line or queue, instead, there’s a waiting area that doubles as a playground for the little ones. You can let your kids run around and blow off steam while you sit in the air-conditioning and wait for your turn to ride.

This ride is pretty simple really, but I will say that if you’re going to make a stop here it is well worth doing so after the sun goes down because all the beautiful fountains and colors are breathtaking. You should take a few extra minutes to appreciate the finer details of the ride structure itself as well. Check out all the little storks carrying the baby animals and of course the cute murals at the base of the attraction. No trip to Disney World is complete without a ride on Dumbo, especially if you’re bringing a little one for the very first time.

Lightning Lane Available? Yes
Ride Height Requirements? None