Mad Tea Party

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This 1.5-minute twirling teacup ride is inspired by the Very Merry Unbirthday scene in Disney’s animated Alice in Wonderland movie. Disney World’s Mad Tea Party ride has some differences from the similar Disneyland attraction in that it is modeled after.

The Disney World version is under a covered pavilion with hanging lanterns. With a base that rotates clockwise and counterclockwise the effect is dizzying for some, fun for others. The Mad Tea Party is one of Disney World’s original attractions.

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You can find the Mad Tea Party located in Fantasyland between the Tomorrowland Speedway and Cheshire Café.

How Fast Does The Mad Tea Party Go?

18 teacups placed on moving platforms can be spun in any direction by grabbing ahold of the metal wheel placed in the center of the teacup. If enough people are all grabbing the wheel in the same direction the result will be a very fast spinning teacup.

If grabbed and spun in reverse the teacup will slow down a bit before regaining speed. If you have younger children or anyone with you who desires a slower spin just sit back and relax and enjoy a slower spin without the intense dizzying after effects.

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Is The Mad Tea Party Safe For Kids With Sensory Issues?

The Mad Tea Party Tea Cups do not contain flashing lights. Music is played but not at loud volumes. There are no texture or temperature extremes. No scents are released.

Some individuals with sensory issues find the spinning motion distressing, while others will find it comforting. As long as spinning motions are well tolerated this ride gets a green light for anyone with a sensory issue.

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How To Not Get Nauseous While On Mad Tea Party

If you find you get nauseous while spinning on the Mad Tea Party Tea Cups simply fixate your eyes on a stationary item. You can try looking down at something in the teacup like someone’s shoes or the person’s shirt in front of you. Keeping your eyes focused on an item that is not moving will help alleviate some of the sick feeling that comes with the fast spinning motion.

Also, stop spinning your wheel and or grab a hold of the wheel to slow the spin down. You may want to ride this ride before eating as well.

Tip: Use caution when exiting the Tea Cups. Be sure to take the hand of small children who may be dizzy and watch your step when exiting.

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Does Mad Tea Party Have Lightning Lane?

Lightning Lane is available for the Mad Tea Party attraction. You should know however that this ride generally does not have a long line and boards fairly quickly.

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How Tall Do You Need To Be To Ride The Mad Tea Party?

This ride has no height requirement and is great for kids of all ages.


Guests will have to transfer out of their wheelchair / EVC to board this ride.

Guests per ride

You will find that 2 to 3 adults can fit comfortably in each teacup. You can fit two adults and two children comfortably. Cast members will generally direct you to the number of teacups needed to accommodate your party comfortably.

Fear Factor

Everything about this ride is family-friendly. The colors, the friendly Dormouse peaking out of the teacup, and the familiarity with the ride-theming will make this ride fun and enjoyable for younger children. The ride is outside which is also a comfort for younger ones scared of dark rides.

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Don’t Miss A Moment

Don’t forget to look for the Dormouse peeking out of the giant teapot in the center of the platform!