Swiss Family Treehouse

Swiss Family Treehouse 1

What is Swiss Family Treehouse?

Inspired by the classic film, Swiss Family Robinson, this climbing attraction takes you on a walking tour of the treehouse liked depicted in the movie. You can explore the open-air living quarters and take in beautiful views from the platforms as you climb to the top.

Where is Swiss Family Treehouse Located?

The Swiss Family Treehouse is located in Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom. You can find the entrance to the Treehouse across from the Skipper Canteen and Sunshine Terrace. This is the first attraction as you enter Adventureland from the Hub area in front of the castle.

Swiss Family Treehouse 2

What Is The Queue for Swiss Family Treehouse Like?

The main queue is rather short as there isn’t usually much of a wait to enter the Treehouse because it is a walking tour of the Treehouse

How Long Does It Take To Walk Swiss Family Treehouse?

You can go at your own pace and take as little or as long as you want to explore the treehouse. To go all the way up and back down moving at a constant pace it would probably take you around 10 minutes with only short stops to look around.

How High Up Does Swiss Family Treehouse Go?

The highest platform of the treehouse that you walk up to is 6 stories tall. From the top summit, you can get amazing views of Adventureland and the castle. You can also peer down into the Jungle Cruise from some of the platforms.

Swiss Family Treehouse 3

Is Swiss Family Treehouse Wheelchair and ECV Accessible?

No, unfortunately, you will have to get out of any ECV or Wheelchair in order to explore the Treehouse because there are 116 stairs to reach the top of the treehouse.

Are There Any Health and Safety Advisories?

Because you are climbing so many stairs, visitors need to be in good enough health to climb all the way up and come back down. If you have mobility issues or possibly even breathing issues this may not be the right attraction for you to explore.

Swiss Family Treehouse 4

What are the Height Restrictions for Swiss Family Treehouse?

There are not any height restrictions for this attraction. I would suggest however that little ones be able to climb up and down stairs easily so that parents do not have to carry them up or down. Strollers are not accessible as there are mostly stairs to explore this attraction.

Does Weather Have Any Effect On the Swiss Family Treehouse Operation?

The Treehouse is all open air and is exposed to the elements. On rainy days they may close the treehouse due to the stairs becoming slippery. When there is lightning in the area they will close it as well to keep guests safe.