Cabin’s at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Review

Cabin's at Disney's Fort Wilderness Review 1

The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort are located inside Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground, right in the Magic Kingdom resort area. It’s nestled on the southeast corner of Bay Lake, just over 1 mile from the train station on Main Street USA. That means you can actually catch a boat from the north end of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and sail directly to the front gates of Disney world’s premier park in just a couple of minutes.

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Getting Around

As far as transportation to other locations, the buses will be how you get around Disney world during your stay if you don’t have your own car. The bus loop is located near the main entrance of Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort in what is called the outpost depot. From here it’s a 13-minute journey to Epcot, 16 minutes to Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom, and just about 12 minutes to Disney Springs.

How Much Does it Cost To Stay?

Pricing the Cabin’s at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort is technically both a value and moderate resort. The pop-up tent and RV sites are certainly the cheapest ways to stay on property. The wilderness cabins are officially classified as moderate accommodation. So like Coronado Springs and the Caribbean Beach Resort, you’ll pay a $20 parking fee per night if you bring your own car.

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While you may be able to do your own cooking inside your cabin Disney’s Fort Wilderness comes with some fun dining options as well. There are three quick service options ranging from a snack stand by the main pool to a quick-service takeout window near the settlement. You have a complete bar at Crockett’s tavern and two table service options at pioneer hall.

Both of these are not open at the time of me writing this, but I will discuss where you can currently pick up some good grub a little later. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort really is the place to stay if you’re looking for that nostalgic traditional family time in the great outdoors.

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Fort Wilderness Cabins

If your travel party is larger than a group of four then I know that booking a comfortable room at Disney can be a little tricky. In some cases, you’re forced into those higher-end deluxe properties to book a room with enough beds for everyone. In most cases, The Cabin’s at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort is the most affordable option if you’re a family of five who likes to do your own cooking.

The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort are at a modest size of 504 square feet and Disney technically states that these cabins can sleep up to six people. Now for comparison, another affordable option for larger groups is Art of Animation where the family suites can also sleep up to six but they’re a little larger at 565 square feet.

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Sleeping Arrangements

A group of five fit fantastically here, two parents and three kids are just the right size for one of these cabins. The best way to fit everyone might be different for your family, but there is one queen bed
in the main bedroom right next to a set of twin bunk beds. Meanwhile, in the living room, there’s a double-size sleeper sofa that is adjacent to the dining table and shares the space with the kitchen. I guess if you really wanted to pack them all in you can request to add a crib in here as well, but that might be a touch overcrowded.

The Bathrooms

There’s also a modest-sized bathroom with your typical shower tub combo. In comparison to other moderate resorts like port orleans, this one has only one sink in the bathroom. But there’s a good amount of counter space to store all of your toiletries.

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The Kitchen and Dining

The Kitchens in the Fort Wilderness Cabins are incredible. There is a full-size refrigerator, microwave, two-ring stovetop, and all the dishes and utensils you would need to prepare meals yourself. Technically there’s no oven but there is a convection microwave which means you can use this to warm up leftovers. You can also use this to bake or roast dishes like a traditional oven it’s just smaller in size. There is also a barbeque outside the cabin, making this a true value stay!

The family suites at Art of Animation might be slightly larger but you don’t get the stove top or the convection microwave. If you book a one or two-bedroom villa at a DVC property you’ll get a lot more space in the cabin but that’s a much bigger price point.

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If you’re a wheelchair user or need a cabin with specific accessibility features there are accessible cabins that are just as unique and comfortable. For example, wheelchair users will find that select cabins have lowered countertops in the kitchen and handrails in the bathroom. There’s also a ramp to the porch and front door as opposed to the steps. If you need a room with specific accessibility features you can see the full range of options here.

Once you go to that page, just click on the room rates tab and then click the change button next to where you would input your travel dates. From there you can then select accessible rooms to see the full range of options. It’s probably best to speak with our preferred travel agent, The Vacationeer directly when you’re ready to book but the website is a good place to start when exploring your options.

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Cabin Location

One of the major aspects of The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort that you must keep in mind while booking a cabin is the location. The resort itself is huge, in fact, it’s the largest one on Disney World property at over 750 acres. That’s five times the size of the Magic Kingdom.

The good news is that all of the cabins are tightly located on the southernmost end of the resort, not too far from the main entrance. If you want to be extra close to the quiet pool located in this area then make sure you request a cabin in the moccasin trail or cedar circle. It’s a short stroll to both the pool and the bus stop from these two locations.

You must remember that you cannot drive and park your car at all of the locations across this resort.
Guests bringing their own vehicle to fort wilderness can only park near the main entrance of the resort when they’re checking into or their specific cabin or RV site. You cannot park a full-size car in the meadows or the settlement area where most of the dining and recreation is located.

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Get a Golf Cart

Some guests will even book or even bring their own golf cart to get around. You can drive your cart from your cabin to the marina so you can park and catch a boat to the Magic Kingdom. If you decide to not get a golf cart you will have to use the resort’s internal bus system to get around and this does add extra travel time. For example, you’ll have to take a bus from your cabin to the outpost depot to then switch buses to one of the parks. So plan accordingly, time is very important on a Disney vacation so don’t waste it.


The final and perhaps most unique aspect at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort is recreation. A trip to Disney sometimes requires a lot of pre-planning and going at lightning speed once you’re there. But if you have visited a few times and you’re really craving a more relaxed experience at Disney World then this resort is perfect because you can really slow down and get in touch with the great outdoors again. If you allow yourself at least one or maybe even two full resort days here you can enjoy a tremendous range of activities at Fort Wilderness.

The Pools

First of all, just like all of the other resorts, there are pools and arcades for guests to enjoy. The resort’s main pool is located right in the middle of the campgrounds at the meadows. It’s a modest-sized pool with a 67-foot slide, splash pad for little ones, and hot tub for adults. The only other pool at this resort is located next to the cabins on cedar circle just like I mentioned earlier.

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Other Activities

The meadows, in general, are going to be a good hot spot for recreation, shopping, and food. This is where you’ll find the meadows trading post if you want to pick up some supplies. Next to the pool, you’ll find a tennis court, beach volleyball, playground, and the bike barn where you can rent anything from kayaks and canoes to bicycles. If you’re renting a golf cart you can drive from your cabin to the meadows and park your vehicle here.

On the north end of the resort is the settlement where you’ll find even more activities and dining options. The marina here is great for those of you who love recreation on the water. While renting small watercraft is currently not available, those wanting to go on a private fishing trip can
indeed book a two-hour or four-hour fishing excursion right now.

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Circle D Ranch

If you love horses, make sure you visit to the Circle D Ranch, it’s a lot of fun. To be clear there are actually two ranches at the campgrounds. One of them is at the outpost at the front of the resort and there’s a second one near the settlement on the north end. The ranch near the resort entrance offers 45-minute trail rides on horseback. These are priced at $55 per person and reservations are highly recommended. You can call 407-WDW-PLAY to book your excursion now.

However, the new and improved ranch on the north end is really where you want to go. This ranch offers a small exhibit on horses at Disney Parks within the stables free for everyone to enjoy. This is also where Disney tends to do the headless horseman event during Halloween. It’s a great up-close look at these beautiful animals. Little ones can enjoy a pony ride at this ranch and no reservations are required. Pony rides are provided on a walk-in basis only and cost $8 per child.

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Once you’ve had a very busy day of outdoor fun head on over to the settlement to enjoy a drink or some food. Davy Crockett’s tavern is normally open from 4pm to 10 pm and it’s an excellent place for a drink. But for those of you looking for a good old-fashioned American meal please note that Trails End restaurant is currently not open but P&J’s Southern Takeout is.

This normally serves as a takeout window to Trail’s End, but since the buffet table service restaurant is closed those ordering from P&J’s can pick up their food and sit inside the restaurant’s dining room to enjoy their meal or outside on the porch as well.

If you’re booking a stay make sure you look into the two major entertainment offerings at the resort. First, there’s the Chippendale sing-along which serves as the resort’s movies under the star activity. But this one has a few extras, while other hotels have a simple screen on the lawn to watch the movies. The Fort Wildnerness version features a meet and greet with the two chipmunks as well as open campfires to make some s’mores.

Inside pioneer hall is the famous Hoopdie Doo Musical Review. This is one of the longest-running dinner shows in America and a Disney World staple.


That pretty much covers all of The Cabin’s at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, which in my humble opinion is one of the best options if you’re a family of five traveling to Disney World. Especially if you like to do your own cooking rather than enjoying the table service restaurants and enjoy some outdoor activities.

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