Can I Pool Hop at Disney World Resorts?

Can I Pool Hop at Disney World Resorts? Disney World Resorts 1

Nothing is more relaxing than lounging by the pool or playing in the water when you’re on vacation at the Disney World Resorts. The pools at the center of each property are some of the most significant perks of staying onsite. One of the most frequently asked questions is: can I pool hop at Disney World resorts?

Unfortunately, no, you can’t pool hop at Disney resorts. If you’re staying at one resort, you can’t use the pool of another as it goes against the policies of Disney World Resorts. As Disney wants to ensure that the external visitors don’t overcrowd the pools, they follow the rules strictly. But there are some exceptions to these policies.

Can I Pool Hop at Disney World Resorts? Disney World Resorts 2

Who Can Use the Pools at Disney World Resorts?

Before knowing who can use the pools at Disney World Resorts, you’ll want to learn a bit more about the hotels. There are several Disney resorts you can choose from, but they divide mainly into four categories. One of these categories is the swimming pool, so you know that it can be a difference-maker for the family guests who plan to stay over.

You’ll find a themed pool at every value resort. At the Moderate, Deluxe and Villa resorts, there are hot tubs and slides. Every pool offers towels for guests to use so that you don’t need to bring them from your room.

Disney abides by their strict policy that the pool facilities and amenities are only exclusively available for their hotels’ guests to enjoy as much as they can at their chosen hotel while on vacation.

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Exceptions For The “No Pool Hopping” Policy

As I said, there are a few exceptions to the “No Pool Hopping” rule at the Disney World Resorts. Here is what we have found.

  • Visitors of All-Star Resorts

If you’re staying at the All-Star Sports, All-Star Music, and All-Star Movies, you can easily hop between pools at any other All-Stars Disney World Resorts.

  • Port Orleans Resorts

You can also use the pool of Port Orleans French Quarter if you’re staying at the Port Orleans Riverside.

However, when it’s peak season, Walt Disney World has the right to limit pool access so that only guests staying at that particular hotel can use the pools.

For example, in really busy seasons (usually when it’s the Summer Holiday season), you may not get access to the All-Star Music pool if you’re staying at the All-Star Movies hotel.

Besides the exceptions I’ve outlined here, there might be a few other exceptions to the “No Pool Hopping” policy.

  • Refurbishment

If your hotel’s swimming pool undergoes any refurbishment, Disney might restrict access to your hotel’s pool and arrange facilities at any other resort.

Disney Vacation Club members are exceptions to the “No Pool Hopping” policy, but with some restrictions.

I recommend finding out in advance or asking the front desk about the availability of this feature. You also have to show some identification of being a member to have this privilege. If a resort can’t accommodate you or your guests at the pool, they reserve the right to ask you to leave.

Despite being an exception to the policy, you can’t pool hop to particular locations even if you’re a member of the Disney Vacation Club. Like Stomalong bay, Art of Animation resort pools… etc. The best thing you can do is ask a qualified staff at the front desk.

  • Reservation of a Cabana

Walt Disney World Resort guests can book a cabana at four locations: The Contemporary, The Grand Floridian, the Beach Club, and the Yacht Club. But for the latter two, you’ll have to stay at the Beach Club or the Yacht Club to book a cabana.

The facilities may differ slightly from one resort to another as they have limited rentals. So, I recommend making reservations ahead of time.

The pool hopping rules are stricter in some resorts than at others. For example, at Stormalong Bay, the swimming pool policies are strict. But at other alternatives, it may be a hit or miss.

Can I Pool Hop at Disney World Resorts? Disney World Resorts 4

How Will Disney Cast Members Figure It out if You Sneak into Another Pool?

Most of the time there will be a lock on the gate at the entrance of the pools that you have to scan your MagicBand.

Your MagicBand will only unlock the gate for the pool that you are staying at. Cast members also have the right to ask you if you are a resort guest. So, in my opinion, it is better to just enjoy the pool at the resort that you are staying at rather than trying to sneak into a pool that you will inevitably be asked to leave.


The rules are strict, but they are there to ensure your safety and enjoyment. So before choosing a resort, make sure you know most about the amenities and privileges you or your family want.

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