Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Guide

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort Guide 1

Disney’s Coronado Springs puts you in Disney, but with a Spanish flair. Here’s everything you need to know before booking at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. Coronado Springs was completely reimagined in the last few years. The original rooms have been refurbished, there is a great choice of dining locations, and here we have Destino Tower, which is a real game-changer in Disney hotels if you ask me.

Today I am going to give you an overview of the entire resort as well as who I think is best suited for it. I must say that the design details in this are exquisite. The Grand Destino Tower has a stunning design aesthetic. A fantastic mix of clean contemporary lines and grand Spanish accents. From the mosaic tiles found in the columns to tile work throughout other areas, my favorite is that deep red stained glass wall at the back of the Barcelona lounge.

There are two quick-service restaurants, a grab-and-go counter, five bars and lounges, and two table service restaurants at this resort. Currently, this resort only offers bus connections to the parks. In terms of rec creation, there’s a lot to do. In addition to the main pool, there are three other quiet pools, two gym locations, and a spa. The resort packs more than the rest and feels like a deluxe resort. 

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It may look like just another well-designed business hotel to those of you who believe otherwise. But you can see Disney connections everywhere, and I love that this is celebrating something different. This resort is perfect for fans of either the Mexico or Morocco pavilions at Epcot.

As one of Disney’s moderate resorts in the Animal Kingdom area, Coronado Springs Resort opened on August 1st, 1997. The resort is actually the youngest of all the moderates, having been built several years after Caribbean Beach and Port Orleans. In its original form, this resort was designed to reflect the natural and cultural beauty of the American Southwest and Central America, with nods to both Arizona and Mexico.

It elaborates further on the theming and is inspired by Spanish surrealist art. On July 9th 2019 officially opened the new 16 story tower. With the addition of nearly 600 new rooms, the resort now has about 2,300 rooms, one of the largest on Disney property.

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Map and Directions

Let’s now take a look at the layout of Coronado Springs that way you have a better understanding of where the different room options are located across the resort. unlike the Deluxe Resorts and the Value Resorts, the moderate hotels tend to be sprawled over a huge piece of land and the decisions you make will really change your overall experience.

As I said, this is a huge resort and in some ways too big, let me explain how all of this works. As a first step, Grand Destino now serves as the main lobby. Regardless of what room you have, you’ll check in here at the start of your stay if you choose not to do online check-in. On one side of the tower is the bus for the theme parks. On the other side is the magical Express. The airline check-in counter is also outside the main entrance. 

Disney has stated that the original check-in area, also known as El Centro, will be kept for large convention groups checking in. This could reduce crowding and separate large business groups from typical tourists. At El Centro, you’ll find the resort’s main quick-service restaurant, Megiddo, as well as its grab-and-go counter, Cafe Rix. El Centro also offers dining options like Rix sports bar and Maya grill.

In the center of the lake is the new Three Bridges Bar and Grill, and a few steps away is the Dig Site, where the resort’s main pool is located. Apparently, this will be renamed in the future. In addition to the main tower, there are three themed sections of buildings when it comes to the guest rooms, there are two casitas next to each other, and this is where you’ll find the original gym and spa. You have lost Ranchos at the very back of the resort. There are also cabanas and each of these sets of buildings has its own quiet pool.

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Now let’s talk about my favorite part of any Disney resort, the rooms! Disney has introduced several firsts with the Grand Destino Tower. In addition to the stunning views, the tower rooms are the first moderate hotel to offer club-level rooms, something previously only available at deluxe hotels.

The tower rooms inside Grand Destino are beautiful and you can choose between a room with two queen beds or a king bed. Both have the option of a lake view or a standard view of Hollywood studios located behind the lake. The standard rooms measure 375 square feet and are slightly larger than the rooms in the original buildings which measure about 316 square feet.

If you exclude the cabins at Fort Wilderness, which are considered moderate choices, these are the largest moderate rooms on the property now. The beds here are quite high off the ground, and the mattress is very firm if that’s your thing. However, the high bed makes it easy to store suitcases underneath it. 

In addition to the closet, there is a good-sized safe in which you can easily store a laptop. Personally, I love the bathroom! There’s a wonderful double sink with a beautiful Spanish backsplash, a huge mirror with excellent lighting, and a separate room for the toilet. In addition, the original rooms have also been completely renovated.

Now that the design aesthetics tie into the new tower rooms, Coronado Springs has the feel of two different resorts all in one. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway at Disney, the tower room is one of the best options. If you have a spouse like me that wants something more elevated without breaking the bank, then the tower is perfect for you, and the Spanish theming sets the mood perfectly.

Club Level Rooms

The Coronado Springs Resort now offers Club level rooms inside the Grand Destino Tower. If guests wish to book Club Level rooms, they have several options. Standard tower rooms are available at Club Level, but they only come with standard views.

There are also 50 suites with a king-size bed in the main bedroom and a queen-sized sleeper sofa in the living room, adjacent to the kitchenette. Of course, the main bathroom has a shower, and the half bathroom is just a toilet. The Suites can only accommodate four guests. In addition to the suites, there are two presidential suites that can accommodate up to eight people. This can be quite pricey, but if you want a grand and luxurious room with a view for the whole family, this is for you.

The club lounge at Grand Destino is called Chronos, and it overlooks Hollywood Studios. Throughout the day, small plates of food are available in the lounge. It’s not a meal replacement, but it’s a good place to grab a light bite between meals or just to hold you over.

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Standard Tower Rooms

One of the interesting things about club level at Grand Destino is that it comes with a standard tower room. In comparison to that deluxe suite with club level, this club level room at Grand Destino can be about $200 cheaper a night. It’s a big price jump and they both sleep four people.

Yes, the suite includes a separate bedroom for the parents and an extra half bath. I would rather do the tower room with access to the club level than the suite. This will be the cheapest way to get a Disney club-level room. That’s something to think about.

Coronado Springs has one small drawback: there are no rooms at this resort with two queen beds with a fifth sleeper bed. You can now find it at select moderates and the Deluxe rooms. If you’re a family of six, there are plenty of options, but again, there are some caveats that you should be aware of. 


Coronado Springs offered other suites before Grand Destino opened, including junior suites, one-bedroom suites, and executive suites. They can all accommodate a minimum of six guests, however, there are two things to keep in mind. These units do not have Club level access, and they are scattered throughout the three original buildings. 

This resort is huge and you’ll be very close to El Centro by booking the casitas one-bedroom suite. If you’re looking for that fifth sleeper bed for a kid then Coronado is not for you. For a single room that fits five people in this moderate range, you can choose between Caribbean Beach and Port Orleans Riverside. The French Quarter is similar to Coronado in that almost all of the rooms sleep only four people.

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Coronado Springs offers a variety of dining options and recreational activities. As far as Recreation goes you are going to find elements here that you won’t find at any other moderate. There is an activity board giving you a times schedule so that you can make sure to take part in the fun!

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We’ll begin with the main pool area, the Dig Site, which is themed to look like archaeologists have discovered a hidden temple under the trees. This is one of my favorite themed pools on Disney property. 

The pool does not have zero entry, but there is a decent slide here. Those of you with very young children may find this disappointing. Accessibility chairs are available that will make it easier for those in wheelchairs to transfer into the pool.

This area also has a small playground right next to the temple, as well as a building that houses the Iguana Arcade. Beach volleyball is also available at Dig Site, which is lit up at night right next to the Laguna bar. This is a very good pool area for both adults and older kids. Another awesome feature of this pool area is the mug wash station so that you can clean out your resort refillable mug!

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Alternatively, each of the building complexes also has small quiet pools. In my opinion, it was a mistake not to have a pool on the backside of the new tower. In those rooms, the cabanas have the closest quiet pool, which I think the adults will really enjoy.

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Walking / Running Trail

Another unique aspect of this Resort is the nature trail where you can see all the cactus and succulents planted all over the property. You can pick up a map in the lobby of Both Great Destination and El Centro for free. I also highly recommend a short side trip to Los Ranchos, which is a very pretty area.

Health & Fitness Center

There are also two gyms at Coronado Springs for those who like to keep up with their workout regime. You can find this located right next to the Casitas area quiet pool. You’ll also find a small spa here if you’re looking to unwind with a massage. 


There are ten food and beverage locations at Coronado Springs, more than any other moderate hotel. In addition to two quick-service restaurants, there is a grab-and-go counter, a pool bar, four other lounges, and a table service restaurant. Coronado Springs provides room service, a first among moderate resorts.

This is not your basic pizza delivery from the Values. Nope, here you can order off of a very big room service menu from breakfast at 7:00 a.m. all the way up to 11 PM. On the dining plan, room service counts as two table-service meal credits, so I don’t think it’s a great idea. It might be a nice way to start the day for couples enjoying a romantic weekend.

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort Guide 10

Quick Service Restaurants 

Next, let’s talk about quick-service restaurants. There are two quick-service restaurants at this resort. El Mercado is in the original main building and was once called Pepper Market. Disney completely redesigned this area to maintain the modern theme. Coronado Springs’ main counter service restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Here’s a little tip, since there are so many rooms and this is the only major quick service, it can get pretty busy during peak times, so try to avoid them. By the poolside, I noticed that the Siestas Cantina is open at 9 a.m. and sells breakfast sandwiches. So if you are in a hurry and you don’t want to walk to that main building this can be a little hidden secret for breakfast.

Another great option on the move is Cafe Rix. This is the resort’s main grab-and-go counter, located right next to the Panchitos gift shop. They offer not only sweets but also savory and healthier snacks.

My favorite thing about this hotel is its amazing selection of lounges. Whether you’re looking for a quick coffee in the morning, a light bite in between adventures, or something substantial in the evening, you’ll find something to suit your needs.

Starting with the Barcelona lounge which has a red stained glass wall and is open from 6:30 a.m. all the way to midnight. Before the bar staff comes in at 11:00 in the morning, we can find to-go boxes of food. A fruit platter or a meat and cheese box are examples of snack credits. A couple of pastries are also available in the morning, ranging from $3.99 to $5.99, and again qualify as snacks. The variety is not great, but it is your only option if you do not wish to walk to El Centro. 

You can get coffee here in the morning using your refillable cup. In the evening, this place transforms into a stunning cocktail lounge and a full bar where you can enjoy some of Grand Destino’s gin cocktails. The wine list here is also pretty good. 

A superior lounge when it comes to food is the new Three Bridges Bar and Grill at the center of Lago Dorado. The place to go if you want a lounge that can serve a full meal. Three bridges open at 4:30 PM and don’t take reservations, it’s first-come, first-serve. Small plates and full entrees are available.

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort Guide 11

Table-service restaurants

Finally, we reach the table-service restaurants. Three restaurants are available at this hotel: the Maya Grill in El Centro, Rix Sports bar and grill and Toledo, a Spanish tapas bar located at the top of the tower.

You can try traditional Spanish cuisine here if you have never done so before, and the dining room here is one of the most beautiful on Disney property.

Maya Grill is another table service restaurant at Coronado Springs. Again, it is located at El Centro next to the quick-service restaurant. While this restaurant was pretty darn good, I do think that paying Disney prices at a Mexican restaurant feels a bit like a shame since you can find great authentic Mexican food at a much better price in many parts of the US. Maya grill provided excellent service, was pleasant and quiet and was easy to walk to unless there was a big convention. 

Disney's Coronado Springs Resort Guide 12


This place has a wide range of accommodations that make it feel like a deluxe hotel. From a standard room with two queen beds to a Presidential Suite. However, I believe staying in the new tower rooms is best for couples or groups of young adults. Those who want something a little more elevated. You may not like staying in the tower if you’re that classic group of four Disney aficionados, because it means you have to walk a little bit further to refill your souvenir cup or go to a quick service area.

For you, I would recommend staying in the original buildings, but definitely in the preferred rooms and in the Casitas. If you are a family of five looking to book just one room, Coronado is not the best choice. Conversely, those looking to experience club level without going into the deluxe range should consider the standard room with access to club level in the tower.

Maybe you could go to the lounge instead of walking to it central for breakfast. You can contact our friends over at the Vacationeer if you have any questions about this resort. They will be happy to assist you with booking your trip and setting you up with the right accommodations. 

I know that planning a trip can be a lot. If you want more help planning your next trip I 100% recommend using The Vacationeer as a travel agent. They go above and beyond for the clients and they are the only ones that I can say that I would trust to plan my families travel.