Which Resorts Have Access To The Disney Skyliner?

Which Resorts Have Access To The Disney Skyliner?

Imagine you’re stepping onto a flying carpet, soaring through the skies of Walt Disney World Resort—except in this contemporary narrative, the carpet is swapped for the modern gondolas of the Disney Skyliner.

You’ve probably heard of this high-flying transportation system, which provides not only a panoramic view of the resort’s vast landscape but also privileged access for guests at specific resorts.

You may be curious about which delightful retreats offer a pass to this aerial ride. Presently, four resorts provide the gateway to this realm above: Disney’s Riviera Resort, Caribbean Beach Resort, Art of Animation Resort, and Pop Century Resort.

Each presents its distinct allure and amenities, yet they all boast the convenience of the Skyliner’s stations right on their premises.

Let’s explore what distinguishes each resort and how the Skyliner enhances their guest experience, revolutionizing the way you navigate the magical world of Disney.

Disney Skyliner Overview

Gliding above Walt Disney World, the Disney Skyliner whisks you between Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and select resorts, offering a panoramic view of the enchantment from above with unparalleled ease and style. Your journey isn’t merely a ride; it’s an aerial voyage that connects you directly to the core of the magic.

As you sail along the Skyliner route, you’re wrapped in the Disney atmosphere, transitioning smoothly from the lively atmosphere of the parks to the serene embrace of your Disney Skyliner resort.

Picture yourself departing from the EPCOT International Gateway station, just steps away from the World Showcase, and traveling towards the colorful Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, the system’s hub. At this central point, you have the option to board any of the three Skyliner routes, like strands of a grand tapestry stretching across the Walt Disney World resort.

With over 300 gondolas and 6 miles of cable, the Skyliner transportation system is more than just an inventive way to move around; it’s a demonstration of Disney’s commitment to innovation. As you smoothly move from your Disney resort hotels to the entrances of EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you’re presented with sweeping views and a constant sense of amazement, all from the comfort of your gondola, suspended high above the ground in a world of fantasy and excitement.

Caribbean Beach Resort Access

As a guest at the Caribbean Beach Resort, you’ll be at the center of Disney’s Skyliner transportation network, with effortless connections to the enchantment of EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios just a short ride away. This tropical paradise serves as more than just a delightful place to reside while visiting Disney World; it’s the primary hub for the Skyliner system. The station here acts as the central point, connecting you to all the Skyliner routes with exceptional efficiency that’s characteristic of Disney.

Board an aerial gondola and float above the resort with a sense of liberation as you head to your destination. The Skyliner Access from Caribbean Beach Resort is unparalleled, offering you a direct gondola ride to Hollywood Studios in a swift 4-5 minute journey. It’s not solely about the convenience; it’s about beginning your day with captivating aerial views that enhance the Disney experience.

Moreover, the journey to Pop Century and Art of Animation is a quick 5-minute excursion. With these transportation offerings, your adventure commences the instant you board the gondola. The Caribbean Beach Resort provides more than just accommodations—it delivers a portal to the marvels of Disney, all via the Skyliner.

caribbean beach skyliner

Riviera Resort Connectivity

Step off the gondola at Disney’s Riviera Resort, the first stop en route to EPCOT from the Caribbean Beach hub, and immerse yourself in the sophistication and allure that reflects Europe’s Riviera, coupled with the swift Skyliner access to the parks. As a guest at this Disney Vacation Club jewel, you’re ideally located to take advantage of numerous amenities and the most direct route to EPCOT’s International Gateway.

Here’s what you need to know about the Riviera Resort’s connectivity:

  1. Direct Skyliner Route: Board the Skyliner gondola at the Riviera station and quickly arrive at EPCOT’s International Gateway, or head over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios with just a short transfer at the Caribbean Beach hub.
  2. Luxurious Accommodations: Experience spacious condo-style homes, featuring full kitchens and individual bedrooms—perfect for a cozy haven following a day at the parks.
  3. Efficient Travel Times: An expeditious 8-10 minute ride takes you from Riviera to Hollywood Studios, and you’re only a gondola trip away from Extended Evening Hours at EPCOT.
  4. Exclusive Amenities: Savor the resort’s distinct features, including the renowned Topolino’s Terrace, picturesque outdoor games, and gelato carts.

As the newest Disney resort, Riviera Resort offers you a fusion of luxury and convenience, establishing it as a prime spot for those who value both relaxation and excitement.

Art of Animation and Pop Century

While the Riviera Resort provides a luxurious experience with its direct Skyliner access, the Art of Animation and Pop Century resorts offer a charming and cost-effective alternative, each boasting their own Skyliner stations for easy transportation to Disney’s prime attractions. Situated around the picturesque Hourglass Lake, these two value resorts showcase Disney’s dedication to creative theming and easy access.

At Art of Animation, guests are immersed in a fairy tale setting, surrounded by vivid portrayals of iconic Disney characters. This resort is renowned for having the top food court among the value resorts, ensuring that dining is as captivating as the enchanting environment.

Pop Century, on the other hand, takes you through a fun-filled exploration of American pop culture history, complete with whimsical pools that beckon you for a refreshing swim.

Taking the Skyliner from either resort is a breeze, transporting you directly to the International Gateway at EPCOT or the entrance of Hollywood Studios. Thanks to the Early Theme Park Entry benefit, you’ll get a head start on the fun every day.

Resorts like Art of Animation and Pop Century combine cost-efficiency with the joy of effortless park access, ensuring every aspect of your visit is both convenient and unforgettable.

Travel Tips and Benefits

Embarking on your Walt Disney World adventure, you’ll discover that the Disney Skyliner not only streamlines your transit but also enhances your experience with exceptional views and rapid access to the enchantment. As you float above the parks and resorts, consider these travel tips and benefits that the Skyliner provides:

  1. Less Time in Transit: The Disney Skyliner swiftly carries you to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT, allowing for more time to be spent on enjoyment.
  2. Scenic Commutes: Ascend with a panoramic perspective of the resort’s vistas—a welcome variation from the limited views of a bus or car.
  3. Stay at Connected Resorts: Choose Disney’s Pop Century Resort or Disney’s Art of Animation Resort for straight Skyliner paths to your preferred spots.
  4. Ease of Access: With stations at Disney’s Riviera Resort and Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, you’ll appreciate the ease of boarding and alighting at your convenience.

The advantages of lodging at a Skyliner-connected resort are numerous. You avoid the more crowded transportation centers and also receive a smooth, uninterrupted ride throughout the park operating hours. Furthermore, with the capacity to accommodate up to 10 guests per gondola, including those needing wheelchair access, every member of your group can partake in the trip together.

Enhance your Disney vacation with these astute travel tips and the superior comfort of the Disney Skyliner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Disney Skyliner Only for Resort Guests?

You don’t need to be staying at a resort to take advantage of the Skyliner, as it’s open to all visitors. It serves as a public transportation method, enhancing your visit with quick transit and delightful rides in the evening.

Is Staying at a Disney Resort With Skyliner Worth It?

You’ll benefit from time savings and the convenience of the Skyliner at a Disney resort. Consider the cost analysis alongside transportation options, take pleasure in the scenic views, and value the evening access, thematic harmony with the resort, available amenities, and potential package deals. Also, take into account the weather conditions.

Can You Ride Disney Skyliner Without Staying at a Resort?

You can use the Disney Skyliner for its practicality and picturesque vistas without needing to stay at a resort—no exclusive pass needed. Appreciate this distinctive mode of transport, which improves access to the parks, with fluctuating hours of operation and wait times.

What Are the Routes for Disney Skyliner?

You’ll discover that the Disney Skyliner is efficient, offering routes to major stations. Even though operations can be affected by the weather, the service hours are extensive. Each gondola can accommodate up to 10 guests, ensuring panoramic views and strict safety measures.


You’ve soared high with the Disney Skyliner, linking you effortlessly to the magic. Caribbean Beach whispers tales of tropical ease, Riviera Resort indulges your luxury cravings, and Art of Animation and Pop Century spark your playful spirit.

Embrace this breezy commute, where views enchant and travel time diminishes. It’s not just a ride; it’s your skybound gateway to wonder, weaving a seamless thread of adventure through your enchanting Disney story.


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