7 Things To Do With Your Magic Bands After Your WDW Visit

7 Things To Do With Your Magic Bands After Your WDW Visit Tips 1

If you’ve ever visited Disney World, chances are that you’ve been given a magic band to wear for the rest of the trip. These cute and vibrant magic wristbands are not only there for the looks. But what happens when you’re done with the trip and are on your way back home? Do you throw these out or make some use of them?

Contrary to popular belief, there are many great uses for your magic bands; the best of which is the fact that you can use them on your next trip to Disney World (Just make sure to deactivate it after your first trip).They perform various functions that come in handy whenever you’re looking for a Photopass, a resort room key, and even a Park ticket.

Even though Disney World isn’t giving out the complementary ones anymore, you can still purchase them at a discounted rate and use them as you have in the past.

7 Things To Do With Your Magic Bands After Your WDW Visit Tips 2
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What Are Magic Bands For?

Walt Disney World’s magic bands are a fashion statement besides their apparent use around the park. What makes them magical is their RFID chip which enables it to perform such various functions around the Disney World.

Before we go into details, it’s important to know what RFID stands for. RFID means Radio-Frequency Identification. This wonderful technology helps the wearer to trace data, sync info throughout the park, and even transmit your data. It’s an all-in-one application that gets you through the trip in one piece.

Magic bands have truly changed the whole Disney World experience and guaranteed an amazing vacation.

7 Uses of Magic Bands After Your Disney World Trip

The Disney Magic bands are pretty cool and great pieces of technology. But what use do you have for it after your trip. Well, here are some ways you can use these Magic Bands: 

Getting Access to Photos Taken at Disney World

Now, we need to get rid of any misconceptions related to this. Your magic band is not a storage device. It can by no means store any photographs that you’ve taken during your trip. But they can be linked back to your My Disney Experience Account.

This can only be done with the help of PhotoPass Photographers who will need to scan your magic band. Afterward, you’ll be able to get access to it online!


What’s left of a Magic Band once you take away its magic after the trip? You’re left with a beautiful and vibrant wristband. So why not use it for its initial purpose which is a band for your hands?

A lot of people link to coordinate their magic band with their outfits. Once you have started a collection this can be very easy to do.

7 Things To Do With Your Magic Bands After Your WDW Visit Tips 3

They Make Great Souvenirs

Let’s say you have a cousin or a distant relative or maybe even a close friend who’s planning a trip to Disney World. This is a great gift that they can use on their next visit.

It can also be great for someone who collects Disney –Branded items. A Magic Band might not be of much use to the user after the trip, but it might just come in handy to someone who’s been collecting these so-called items for a while now. So why not just give it away as a present?

Save it for Your Next Trip

This one is the most realistic and useful out of all the other options in my opinion. An RFID chip and all its functionality could last up to 2 years in a Magic Band, sometimes longer. That means that if you’re planning to take another trip, you could simply use the same one.

Disney Infinity Video Game System

Aside from the typical uses inside Disney World, in the past you have also been able to link your Magic band with the Disney Infinity Video Game System once you’re done with the trip.

This integration would allow you to unlock a lot of things inside the game. This was kind of like a gift from Disney to Infinity players.

Decorations Around the House

One of my favoite things to do with old magic bands is use them in fn ways to decorate around the house. There are alot of ways that yuo can display them once you are done with them. I like to get a shadow box and put the magic bands that were used for that trip along with a favorite photo or two. This is a great option if you are not planning on using them again.

If you are planning on using them again I have seen people do things like connect them all together in a chain or get a bracelet holder and display them on a shelf. These are two ways that you can easily grab the one that you want to use again without having to undo a shadow box.

7 Things To Do With Your Magic Bands After Your WDW Visit Tips 4

How to Discard A Magic Band?

If you don’t want anything to do with the Magic bands after the trip and don’t plan on visiting Disney World again then you can just throw them away. Make sure you remove them from your Disney account before throwing them in the recycle bin so that if somehow someone else gets their hands on them they don’t have access to your account.

Another thing you can do is handing it over at the front desk on your next trip. They will make sure the band is recycled properly. 


Besides the Magic band’s use inside the park, there are many other ways for us to make use of them. Some of the methods might seem a bit too weird and even over the top, but they’ll remind you of the journey and even give you a laugh once and a while. It’s always better than throwing it away right?


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