Are There Any Senior Discounts At Disney Theme Parks?

senior discounts at disney world

Disney theme parks can be quite expensive. A normal single-day ticket to Disney can cost you up to $150. And it’s a lot, especially if you are a senior living on a pension. In that case, you may ask, are there any senior discounts at disney theme parks? Keep reading to find out.

Walt Disney World doesn’t really provide any special discounts for senior citizens. You can only avail the regular saving deals that they are likely to offer regularly. But there are many individual websites and old groups that may provide you with senior discounts.

 Disneyland World is wonderful for people of all ages, including seniors. Some special facilities and discounts are offered regularly at Disneyland. There are also a few tips that may save you some money. Later in this article, I will talk about them.

The Website That Offers Special Senior Discounts

Park Savers offer a senior discount for Disney theme parks. They have started this discount to honor senior citizens. Undoubtedly, it’s a very great initiative for them.

Coupon code: Use code seniordiscount2 to save $2 off each ticket. Simply enter the code while checking out tickets from your cart. And you also don’t need to have any AARP membership to avail this coupon.

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Tips For Getting Discounts At Disney

Tickets to Disney parks may be quite pricey, as we all know. There is always a huge number of visitors around, which drives up the cost of tickets. However, a few pointers can assist you in getting a Disney ticket and reduce the total cost of the tour.

Buy Discounted Tickets:  Disneyland offers special discounts and regular promos. You can get that offer right away from their websites when available. Booking online tickets early will also allow you to buy the ticket at the most affordable price.

Look For The Cheap Days: Disneyland charges their ticket according to dates. On holidays and weekends, their ticket prices get high. So, if you are flexible, choose weekdays for your tour of Disneyland. I have listed the time slots in the year when Disney tickets are available at the lowest price.

  • First three weeks of January
  • The first week of February
  • End of august to the end of September

Use Disney Gift Cards: You can use Disney gift cards to purchase your tickets. Gift Cards often come with a certain amount of discount. One 100-dollar gift card is available for 95 dollars in the market. Thus you can save 5% on tickets with a gift card. So buying tickets for your whole family through a gift card will ultimately save a significant amount of money.

Ask For Discounts: Always ask the mobile operator for discounts when you call Disney to book a ticket. They are instructed not to reveal discounts to you on their own. But they will tell you about all the ongoing offers when you directly ask them.

Buy Ticket Before Annual Price Increases: Disney will likely increase its theme park ticket price yearly. If the ticket price is about to go up, consider buying a ticket before the price increases.

Stick To One Park In A Day: Visiting all four parks in Walt Disney Words Resort will cost you more money. As well as visiting multiple parks in a day will take more time. Also, you will feel drained. There are enough refreshment sites in a single park to cover comfortably in a single day. Taking all the park tours in a single day will kill your time and money both.

Stay Long: The theme park ticket price decreases the longer you stay. Such as, when you stay one day, Disney will charge you 100$ per day. But if you stay for seven days, Disney will charge you around $70 per day. So, consider staying longer if you are planning a relaxing Disney tour.

Current Ongoing Deals On Disneyland

A few deals are going on with the tickets and hotel bookings. Some of the deals are about to start in early 2023. You will find this list very handy if you have been planning to visit Disneyland recently.

  • This holiday season, people who have Disney+ can save up to 20% on rooms at certain Disney World hotels.  It is a jackpot offer for staying at Disneyland from December 11 through December 25.
  • U.S. military members can also get great deals on Disney World hotels. This offer is applicable for booking rooms from now through December 16th, 2022. And also will be applicable again, mostly for nights from January 1st through December 16th, 2022.
  • Selected resorts offer great deals if you buy a Disney world trip with a room and ticket package.  This offer is applicable between:
  • December 11th to December 25th 2022
  • Thursday to Sunday nights from January 2nd, 2023, to February 28, 2023
  • March 1st ,2023 to March 30th, 2023
  • Starting in early 2023, Florida residents save on their hotel stays at the Disney World Resort! They can save up to 20% on rooms at select Disney World Resort hotels as well!
  • With a Disney Visa Card, you can save up to 25% on hotel rentals at Disney hotels starting in early 2023.  This deal is also available in selected resorts and hotels.
  • Residents of Florida and people with Annual Passes can save up to 30% when they stay at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort.

Do People With Disabilities Get Discounts In Disneyland?

When it comes to people with disabilities, Disneyland provides a wide range of services. Such as wheelchair rentals, rider switches, attraction accessibility, Genie+, parking facilities, Mickey vans, and many more. Apart from this service, Disneyland Paris also offers a special discount to people with special needs. They are

Special Ticket Rate: Disneyland offers a 25% additional discount on a 1-day/1-park or 1-day/2-park package. But an authentic disability identity card is necessary to avail of this offer. The accompanying partner will also be given this 25% discount as well.

Special Discount on Annual Pass: A person with special needs can avail of a 25%c off Disneyland annual pass. But only with an authentic disability identity card.

Some Useful Advice For Visiting Disney Theme Parks

If you desire to visit both theme parks, you should plan on spending a minimum of two days at Disneyland. Or, if you want to see everything the Disneyland Resort offers, consider purchasing the 3-Day Park Hopper Ticket instead. With new and updated attractions and restaurants, as well as changing parades and fireworks shows, we’re sure you’ll find something you don’t want to miss.

If you’re a true fan and will be in Anaheim for the whole week, you can buy 4-Day or 5-Day Tickets. Each of these options gives you enough time to see and do everything at Disneyland, and you can do it at your own pace. I always recommend getting the Park Hopper option because one park might be busier than the other. It gives you the most flexibility.


If you were wondering are there any senior discounts at disney theme parks, I hope you got your answer in this article. So we can say that Disneyland does offer many special offers and discounts. But there is no particular discount, especially for senior citizens.

Thank you for reading this article till the very end. I wish you a wonderful Disneyland trip.


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