Best Disney Apps For WDW Trips

Best Disney Apps For WDW Trips Tips 1

I’ve read so many posts out there talking about the best Disney apps. The problem is most of these apps are either loaded with ads or outdated. In some cases, the apps aren’t even functional or useful for the user.

So I’m going to give you my list of functional Disney apps for the everyday user, whether you are on your first Disney vacation or on your 50th. There’s something here for you.

my disney experience app

My Disney Experience

This is an absolute must-have Disney app if you are traveling to Disney World. You can book your rides through Genie, check advanced dining reservations, hotel reservations, and dining plan information. You really need to get this app on your phone the minute you start thinking about planning a Disney World vacation. It is a very useful tool for planning every detail.

Also, My Disney Experience will allow you to track all of the ride wait times. This is extremely important because it allows you to make decisions on the fly.

Amazon Prime Now

We use this app pretty regularly when staying at Walt Disney World Resorts. If you are a member of Amazon Prime already, then that means you have access to Amazon Prime Now. Essentially this means that you can order things and get them to your door. Usually within a few hours. But occasionally they show up the next morning.

This app is going to come in handy if you forgot some specific brand item that you need for your hotel room. Maybe you don’t want to take an Uber or Lyft to the nearest Publix to get what you need. Amazon Prime allows you to get it direct to your door instead.

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Hidden Mickeys

Steven Barrett has been “the hidden mickey’s guy” ever since I can remember. In fact, he actually has a book out there that is a full field guide on where to find them, you can check out the current price on Amazon over here. But lucky for us there’s also an app called Hidden Mickey Quest as well.

You can plan ahead and do Mickey scavenger hunts with your kids while you are in the parks or just hanging around the resorts. Parents, this app might even afford you the chance to finish your dinner when the kids finished ahead of you! Very handy while you are waiting in lines as well.

Lyft – Minnie Vans

If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, then you can add the Minnie Van option to your Lyft app. Minnie Vans are great if you have a very early morning Advanced Dining Reservation of if you plan on staying in the parks really late and just want to avoid waiting in a potentially long bus line.


This is a necessity. There are many weather apps out there, but it’s important to stay on top of the weather because the weather in Florida can change on the drop of a hat. We like AccuWeather’s app for its accuracy and alert features.

However, as I said before there are a lot of weather apps out there. So just make sure you have one that you are comfortable with for your trip.

Best Disney Apps For WDW Trips Tips 4

Family Locator – Life360

For the last 4 years, we’ve been a pretty big fan of this app. If you go to the parks with friends or family members your group is bound to get separated at some point. But by adding the Life360 app to your phone you can know exactly where the other members of your party are as long as they have the app on their phone.


We actually just found out about this app. MousePerks+ helps you find all the best Disney discounts and benefits that are available for dining, shopping, tours, and other recreation. Particularly this app is for Tables in Wonderland, Annual Passholders, DVC Owners and Disney Visa cardholders. This works for all of Disney World, including the parks, resorts, even Disney Springs. It even works at Disneyland in California as well.


There are always new Disney apps showing up in the app store. So make sure to watch here for the latest and greatest Disney Apps to use when you are on your own Disney vacation. I would also check out our guide to planning a Disney vacation as well for more tips to help you plan your trip.


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