Best Disney Scented Candle Companies (Our Top 5)

Best Disney Scented Candle Companies (Our Top 5) Tips 1

I was sitting here looking around online to see if there was much discussion on this topic. Primarily because it is always something we tend to discuss right after we return from a trip to Disney World. There is a handful of companies that make Disney scented candles, so I set out to find the best of the best.

I love the smells of the park in particular. One of my favorite parts about the parks are all the different smells depending on what resort you’re in, what part of the park you’re in, or what ride you’re on. I just I can’t get enough of those fake Disney smells that are pumped in from a five-gallon bucket somewhere backstage! (Actually, they are)

So who makes the best Disney scented candles? Well, that’s purely subjective. Tis the nose of the beholder that makes that decision. But we’ve found 5 magical companies, in particular, that will take your senses right back to Disney World. Whether it’s the smells of the bakery while walking down Main St. USA in the Magic Kingdom or the smells of the Polynesian or something even more unique. These companies seem to cover the gambit of every smell that you are missing on a daily basis when you get home from your Disney trip!

Best Disney Scented Candle Companies (Our Top 5) Tips 2

Magic Candle Company

Magic Candle Company was one of the first Disney scented candles we purchased. I was absolutely shocked to find out how on-point their scents were. They have smells from resorts, rides, foods, you name it. These scents bring you right inside Disney and will help you reignite that Disney vibe you had while you were at the resort. The metal containers that these came in were absolutely perfect. Most candle companies do not ship in metal containers. Which in turn means fewer problems with broken candles arriving after being shipped to you.

Secondly, they have wood wicks. Wood wicks are insanely easy to use. The flame is horizontal while burning so your candles will achieve a melt pool much quicker. That means that your candle scent will fill a room much faster than any traditional candle. There is also no mushroom and minimal carbon buildup while burning. Big kudos to Magic Candle Company on the pure construction of their candles, let alone their wonderful scents.

Magic Candle Company’s biggest candles, however, is a 14 oz. candle and is $25.95 plus shipping. Click here to get 10% off your order!

Wishes Candle Co.

Wishes Candle Co. feeds two of my obsessions awesome smelling candles and Disney pins! Each candle has it’s own mystery Disney pin inside! Yes, they are usually scrap pins that you would trade off inside the parks. But honestly, that’s perfect because then you aren’t actually going out hunting to buy Disney scrap pins that you can trade in the parks.

Wishes claim to be handmade from wick placement to wax pouring and even label placement. They also claim to be vegan, made of soy, grown in the United States, with 100% cotton wicks.

Wishes prices are very attractive and typically are $28 for a 16 oz. candle (plus shipping). They have some very particular scents like Bag of Beignets and Life’s Bare Necessities which is a very fruity mix.

Spireside Candles

Formerly Anthology candles and they were well known for their Disney candle sets. These guys are really well known for their Disney food scents. I’m here to tell you, that if you are a Disney foodie like myself then these candles will definitely ignite your hunger for the parks. Candles, wax melts, and tea lights are their primary offerings, but the offerings they have are different than the norm in my opinion (which is good!).

Spireside offers scents like a Churros fresh from Epcot or Pineapple Delight, which smells just like a dole whip from the Poly! Their scents are fantastic and spot-on, but their prices aren’t so great at $36 plus shipping for 16 oz. candle. I’m not solely convinced on the “you get what you pay for” analogy in this case. That is unless you are looking for a scent that only they carry. Which is very plausible since it would appear that not too many other places carry the same amount of Disney parks food smells that they do.

3 cheeky chicks wax company
Credit: 3 Cheeky Chicks Wax Company

3 Cheeky Chicks Wax Co.

I have to admit. I have a soft spot for this company since they are friends of friends. But they don’t know that and so I’m going to be as honest as I can with my review of their product and what they have to offer.

So, with that said right up front here’s what they offer. Handmade wax melts, candles, room sprays, and tea lights. …………

Wait a minute…..  did you say Room Sprays??!!

Yes, they offer some of the most spot-on room sprays that you can buy. I have to say that we use the rooms sprays in the car frequently. There’s nothing like driving home after a stressful day and spraying some Ohana or Hang Glidin (Soarin themed) in my car! Psst: 3 Cheeky Chicks… if you ever make air fresheners (email me). They also offer Pirate Water (like every other Disney creative candle company out there on the planet) which is supposed to be scented after the water on the pirates of the Caribbean ride.

Now their site isn’t too implicit on exactly what the largest size of candle they offer is. But from what we can gather their largest candle size is 8 oz. and costs around $14.40 plus shipping. Not awfully priced, but not cheap either. We feel you get what you pay for with the sprays more than any of their other products. But we have never burned one of their candles in all honesty.

maple & whisky candles
Credit: Maple & Whisky

Maple & Whisky

The last company that we’ll mention for now is called Maple & Whisky. My husband thought that the name was awesome! They offer scented candles, reed diffusers, room sprays (including Mickey Waffles …YUM!) and Walt’s Office.

My husband particularly found their “Walt’s Office” smell interesting because it smells like worn leather and is paired nicely with the smell of sweet tobacco (without the second-hand smoke). Thankfully he is a former smoker of 24 years but says that he still enjoys the smell of tobacco from time to time so this helps to appease that desire.

My personal favorite from Maple & Whisky was their Main Street Popcorn which will make you think you are right back there on Main Street USA hovering over the popcorn vendor.

Maple & Whisky offers the option of both cotton and wood wicks and their biggest candles are priced fairly at $15.95 plus shipping for a 12 oz. jar.


As I mentioned earlier, there are many different Disney scented candle companies out there right now. But I think you’ll find one in this bunch that offers the scent you are looking for in one form or another. If not, you could always send them a message and give them your idea for a new scent! Who knows, yours could be picked up as the next Pirate Water.


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