6 Best Disney World Live Streams and Vlogs

Best Disney World Live Streams

Want to know what the best Disney World Live streams are?

If you are anything like me, when I’m returning from a Disney trip I am almost always dealing with some post Disney depression. So, I’m looking for ways to help ease that. One of the greatest ways I have found is to watch Disney live streams on Youtube!

It’s great to read articles, like this one, but sometimes you want to feel like you are at the park and there really isn’t a better way than to watch a Disney Live stream or vlog.

I have found a fantastic Disney streaming community on YouTube that allows me to enjoy the magic after we come home until we can go back again and also give us updates in the parks as they are happening. I have compiled six of my family’s favorite Disney Live Streams here.

The Best Disney World Live Streams featured in this article are:

  • That Crazy Disney Lady
  • Cory Meets World
  • Resort TV1
  • Mouse Talk
  • LBV TV (Lake Buena Visitors)
  • EarsomEmporium with Genevieve

That Crazy Disney Lady

Tonya (That Crazy Disney Lady) has become one of our favorite Disney World live streamers. She is constantly on some adventure with one of her friends in the Disney streaming community and is always very friendly and very real with people!

She has a smaller, but growing community of faithful followers. She is streaming live every day at different times. However, she also live streams longer on Wednesdays and Saturdays, so you can keep her on your TV right up till you go to bed for the most part.

You can check out That Crazy Disney Lady’s channel via the video below!

Cory Meets World

Cory and his wife Stephanie and enjoy going to Disney and vlogging their experiences including other fun events around Orlando. Cory and Stephanie are both Florida-born and raised and enjoy exploring the ever-expanding Orlando and Central Florida area.

They are always up for trying the latest treats and food in the parks. Cory live streams every Thursday night, definitely make sure you check their channel out!

Mouse Talk

Mouse Talk has been another favorite of ours lately. They are live basically every weekend and sometimes offer a surprise live stream during the week.

They are a smaller channel, but we see some great potential with them as they offer some really good quality on their streams!

Walt and Melissa are the owners of the channel and you can find them through the link below. Tell them we sent you!

Resort TV1

Resort TV1 is top on my list for LIVE streaming at the parks. They are a brother and sister team who stream live in a Disney park EVERY Friday night at 6 pm.

They have an awesome following, known as Resort Hoppers, and its fun to chat with them while they are going on rides and walking around the parks. Jenna and Josh will do surprise streams sometimes thru the week and post a new video every day at 9 am!

They do everything from resort tours to shopping videos and everything in between. They do some of their videos in 4K and 360* videos. They were the first live stream that we found and still love to watch every Friday night.

It is so much fun to watch fireworks from the comfort of our living room without fighting the crowds. They also have a friend that lives in California and occasionally they allow him to live stream on their account from Disneyland!

LBV TV (Lake Buena Visitors)

Maria and her husband Chris run LBV TV. We actually found them from watching Resort TV 1’s live streams that we mentioned earlier, back a year or so ago.

Maria and Chris live stream a few times a week and are great to watch. They have done live interviews with different characters and have a following that is growing daily.

You can check out their channel below:

EarsomEmporium with Genevieve

Genevieve is so much fun to watch! She is a live wire on camera sometimes and if you like a fast past livestream with something new always going on then she’s your girl!

We met her the last time we were at Magic Kingdom and she was dancing in the park area in front of the train station on Main Street U.S.A. while live streaming!

Genevieve is always upbeat and if you are looking for a pick me up, then she’s just your cup of tea!

You can check out her channel below:

BONUS!!! Victor Nawrocki

Ok, I’m gonna level with you here. Victor is a friend of ours so that’s why he made the list.


Victor Nawrocki is THE Disney World area realtor! If you are looking to buy a home in the Orlando area, then you need to check out his channel! He’s constantly livestreaming from somewhere in the Orlando area.

Typically we have seen him livestreaming more on Sunday’s from some gorgeous location in Central Florida. Even if you aren’t planning on moving right now, check out his channel. He has lots of good information on the area and you just might be persuaded to move closer to the magic!

Check out Victor’s channel below!

In Conclusion

You really can’t go wrong watching any of these live streamers. They all have their own flare and many of them know each other so they make appearances in each other’s videos from time to time.

They are all a great resource for planning your trip, dumping the post Disney blues, and enjoying the Disney magic all throughout the year.

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