6 Best Disney World YouTubers, Vlogs and Live Streams

Want to know what the best Walt Disney World Livestreams are?

If you are anything like me, when I am planning a trip to Disney, I like to do research while planning. It’s great to read articles, like this one, but sometimes you want to see how things have changed or new things before you go to Disney World.

I have found a fantastic Disney streaming community on YouTube that allows me to prep for our next trip and enjoy the magic after we come home until we can go back again. I have compiled six of my family’s favorite Disney Live Streams here.

The Best Disney World live streams featured in this article are:

  • Resort TV1
  • WDW Couple
  • Paging Mr. Morrow
  • Cory Meets World
  • Spokesmayne
  • Streaming the Magic

Resort TV1

Resort TV1 is top on my list for LIVE streaming at the parks. They are a bother and sister team who stream live in a Disney park EVERY Friday night at 6 pm.

They have an awesome following, known as Resort Hoppers, and its fun to chat with them while they are going on rides and walking around the parks. Jenna and Josh will do surprise streams sometimes thru the week and post a new video every day at 9 am!

They do everything from resort tours to shopping videos and everything in between. They do some of their videos in 4K and 360* videos. They were the first live stream that we found and still love to watch every Friday night.

It is so much fun to watch fireworks from the comfort of our living room without fighting the crowds. They also have a friend that lives in California and occasionally they allow him to live stream on their account from Disneyland!

If you want to check them out here is a link to their channel and their live stream from when they hit 30k subscribers and rode every ride at the Magic Kingdom in 1 day!

WDW Couple

These guys are great. They don’t go live all the time but when they do it is always a fun time. We enjoy their videos exploring parks and resorts. Josh and Taylor do some of the best dining reviews out there.

They are DVC (Disney Vacation Club) members so they can show some fantastic events, live DVC Moonlight Magic and DVC resorts. As members, they also have gone on a few Disney cruises and those videos have made me change my mind and really want to go on one someday! They combine great music with great editing for an awesome experience.

If you want to check them out here is a link to their channel

Paging Mr. Morrow

Nate is always entertaining to watch. His format is completely different from anyone else and that is what makes Paging Mr. Morrow so great!

He gives you a nice idea of some fun stuff you can do if you don’t want to be in the parks every day as well as some more adult fun to have around Disney World. As he says “Love the life you live, live the life you love”

You can check out Nate’s channel via the video below!

Cory Meets World

Cory and his wife Stephanie and enjoy going to Disney and vlogging their experiences including other fun events around Orlando. Cory and Stephanie are both Florida born and raised and enjoy exploring the ever-expanding Orlando and Central Florida area. Definitely make sure you check them out!


Chris AKA “Spokesmayne” is crazy, in the best way possible. He goes live from the parks every day! He has a great time meeting new people and exploring all things Disney.

He even went live for a record 12 hours! Chris will even break out singing Disney favorites randomly in his streams, You have got to love Disney to not only go to the parks every day but to stream your day as well. His followers he lovingly refers to as the “Mayne Mafia”

If you want to check them out here is a link to their channel

Streaming the Magic

Streaming the magic is a little different than the other streams. They have multiple people who stream for them so you get a ton of live videos with some really great people.

They are another great stream to watch whether you are trying to fill the void during your post-Disney depression or trying to plan your next trip to Disney World.

If you want to check them out here is a link to their channel

BONUS!!! Tim Tracker

You can’t talk about Disney Vloggers without mentioning Tim Tracker. He doesn’t go live so that’s why I added him as a bonus. This guy is the king of Disney videos. He puts out a video every day and will do stuff all around Orlando.

He gets invited to media days so he gets early access to new stuff like park openings, new rides, and restaurants. He is really good at keeping you up to date on construction going on at the resorts as well as Star wars Galaxy’s Edge.

Recently he went to Tokyo Disney with his wife Jenn and gave us a look at what their parks, food, and merchandise look like. It’s fun that they were able to show another Disney park that some may not be able to travel to.  His videos are top notch and he isn’t afraid to try ANYTHING!

And now it’s time to pay the price! To check out his videos here is a link to his channel

In Conclusion

You really can’t go wrong watching any of these vloggers. They all have their own flare and they all know each other so they make appearances in each other’s videos frequently.

They are all a great resource for planning your trip and enjoying the Disney magic all throughout the year. Even when you have the post-Disney blues.

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Can you live stream at Disney?

Yes, in fact, there are several people who live stream from Disney currently. Including YouTubers ResortTV1, Cory Meets World and many others.

What does Disney plus stream?

Disney's big-budget movies and exclusive original shows from Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and its own studios

Does Disney World have webcams?

No, Disney World does not have live webcams.

Who is the best Disney World Live Stream?

ResortTV1 on Youtube


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