Buying Art at Disney World: Everything You Need to Know

Buying Art at Disney World: Everything You Need to Know Tips 1

Who doesn’t love going to Disney World? Old or young, everyone lets their inner child out at Disney World. But did you know that you can take a piece of the magic back with you in the form of Disney World Art? 

Disney World sells different forms of Disney memorabilia in the form of Disney sketches, canvas wall art, caricatures, etc. at the Disney Springs art store. The store offers a wide range of collectibles and art that you can buy on your trip to Disney World, and keep it forever as a souvenir or even gift to friends who love Disney as much as you.

Before you proceed to empty your wallets at the store, let’s learn a little more about what you should look out for, what kind of things you can expect at the store, and of course how to set up a budget for your store visit. Here’s all you need to know about buying art at Disney World. 

Buying Art at Disney World: Everything You Need to Know Tips 2

Buying Art at Disney World

Disney World is huge, and it can take a lot of time for anyone to explore the entire property. If you’ve only been there once, the chances are there are still plenty of cool places that you haven’t visited.

The Art of Disney store is one such corner that you may have missed on your magical journey to Disney World. It is filled with cool original Disney art and collectibles that you can take home with you and forever gain bragging rights. The Art of Disney store is located in the Marketplace area of Disney Springs.

You can choose and get whatever painting or design that you want and they will print it and frame it for you. You can also buy vintage painting pieces done by original Disney artists. There are also caricatures at Disney world that you can frame and display in your room.

There’s also a large variety of wall art and wall décor. You can get large Disney wall art to decorate an entire wall to show your love for your favorite Disney character. There are also tapestries with beautiful hand-sewn work or digitally printed designs. You can also buy a cool range of Disney canvas wall art. 

And if all of this wasn’t enough, you can find statues and dolls and souvenirs that you can gift to your friends and family. There are also life-sized showpieces of items from the Disney collection, like the beautiful jar with the rose from Beauty and the Beast, or potion bottles or wands from Disney fairies. 

The store is more like a museum and showcase of all things Disney than your typical souvenir shop. And if you’re lucky you might run into some of the original artists who often do meet and greets inside the stores. Prepare to get lost in the magic of The Art of Disney. 

Buying Art at Disney World: Everything You Need to Know Tips 3

Where Can You Buy Art at Disney World?

If you are in Disney Springs the best shop is the Art of Disney Store as mentioned above. There you will have the best selections and even be able to have a custom sketch done by a Disney artist. Our daughter was able to choose her favorite character and the colors she wanted it done in and a few hours later we picked up her very own custom Disney sketch!

Another place to check out if you are in Disney Springs if you are looking for art is the Marketplace Co-op. In one of the back sections we have found beautiful prints that we had not seen other places.

If you happen to visit Disney World in the winter months, you can find some amazing art at the International Festival of the Arts at Epcot. This festival runs typically in January and February every year. We have fallen in love with this festival and purchased many pieces if art from the booths. This last year we were also able to meet and chat with a lot of the artists who did the work. A few of them even signed our art!

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How Much Does Disney Art Cost?

With the amazing range of options available, you will most likely want to buy all of it. You might be too excited and then spend too much money, only to come back home and feel guilty about spending so much on souvenirs. Especially if you’re going with kids, they will want to buy a lot of stuff too. 

It’s important that you set aside a specific budget for your Disney art purchases. Keep in mind what items you might want to buy, for example, whether you want prints or maybe even canvas art for your home. Think about the space where you will showcase it, and decide what kind of things might look good. 

Prints will usually cost you about $20 – $40, while canvases are a little more expensive starting from $40 and going much higher depending on the size and artist. 

You can also buy frames with quotes from your Disney character like Winne the Pooh or Mickey Mouse at about $15-$20. There are also original scenes from different Disney cartoons, which are sold at $300-$400. 

As you can see, the prices can vary a lot depending on which piece you wish to purchase. If it’s a collector’s item or limited edition or even a one-piece original, chances are it will be more on the expensive side. But digital prints and posters and other statues might be much more affordable and make for perfect items to get for your kids. 

So, decide on a budget, keeping in mind what kind of items you want. Do you want one statement piece for the house as décor, or maybe some small items for gifts to your friends? Having a clear game plan will help you save money and not spend it all in one place. 

We have over time started a collection of both prints and canvases. As the years go on I can absolutely see us adding to our collection with more fantastic art.

Buying Art at Disney World: Everything You Need to Know Tips 5

Why Should You Buy Disney Art?

The hard-core Disney fans might not need any convincing on buying anything Disney, but for others, it might be a question. Why should you buy Disney art?

Growing up, we’ve all watched Disney movies and cartoons and they were a big part of our childhoods for a lot of us. If you haven’t yet been to Disney World, you might not know the feeling, but once you visit, you will see that it is like going back to your childhood. 

It’s very nostalgic and fun and it brings out the child in even the most serious kinds of people. It’s a trip down memory lane to when things were much easier and simpler. So, it’s only natural that you would want something to remember your trip to this magical place. It’s a piece of memory that you can look and smile at. 

There is nothing better once you are back home then being able to have a daily reminder of the fabulous memories you made on your vacation. We love filling our home with Disney pieces so that we feel like we have a bit of the magic at home with us.

Buying Art at Disney World: Everything You Need to Know Tips 6


Being at Disney World is a dream come true. It’s only natural to want to take all of it home with you. But since that’s not possible, taking a piece of your very own Disney World Art is the next best thing.


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