Can You Add Days To Your Disney World Ticket?

Can You Add Days To Your Disney World Ticket? Tips 1

A trip to Disney World is bound to be a profound experience for everyone. The nostalgia upon meeting your childhood favorite characters, the thrilling rides, experiencing it all with your loved ones by your side will hold a special place in your heart. Hence, at one point, everyone wishes that they could extend their trip to Disney World, to be in this land of wonder and dreams for a few more days.

To add days to your Disney World tickets, you can simply upgrade your tickets as soon as you arrive at any theme park ticket window. You can also contact your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel concierge. 

There are many options through which you can add days to your Disney World tickets. Keeping track of it all can be hectic, especially at that moment when you are looking forward to a few more days of bliss. Hence, in this article, I have provided all the information you might need regarding this topic!

Can You Add Days To Your Disney World Ticket? Tips 2

How To Add Days To Your Disney World Ticket?

Before deciding to add days to your Disney World tickets, you have to be thoroughly acquainted with the expiration dates and the guidelines associated with them. Because if your ticket has been completely used and the expiration date has passed as well, updates are not possible.

How the expiration process works

Upon buying your tickets, you have to pick a start date and a time length. This leads to a set of hard dates for which you can use your tickets. You cannot use this ticket for admission after the expiration date or even before the starting date.

Tours that are reserved for school trips or foreign tour groups always have an expiration date printed on the tickets. These must be used completely before their time ends.

There are some tickets which are more flexible than others. An example could be an old “Magic Your Way” ticket. They expire after the designated date, 2 weeks after they have been first used, or after every admission on the ticket has been used up, whichever one takes place first. 

With such tickets, you do not have to specifically pick a starting date, the time starts whenever you enter a park for the first time. They are inclusive. For instance, if it is a 3-day ticket and you end up using that third and last day of admission, your ticket expires at the end of that day, despite it not being 2 weeks since your usage.

However, there are certain actions you can take that will enable you to push the expiration date further. It is better if your ticket never fully expires, so you have more chances. If your ticket expires, the records do not show up in your MyDisneyExperience account. That way, it becomes more difficult to trade in an updated ticket. Yet, customer service can still help you find one.

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Adding days and making changes

If you already have park tickets, you can not only add days to them, but you can also add additional features. The Disney World ticketing system has been created in such a way that the more days you spend in the parks, the cheaper the per-day rates become.

If you want to add days while you are still in the park, you can simply stop by Guest Services. If you want to add days even before your trip starts, you can log into your Disney account and take care of everything online. But you should be aware that there are certain exceptions and restrictions to the whole procedure.

While on the trip: As mentioned earlier, you can stop by the concierge or the guest relations desk at your Disney World Resort or the theme park windows. They will easily take care of everything once you tell them what you want.

You must add days or make the necessary upgrades within the first 14 days of your use. In addition, you should have some privileges remaining on your tickets. By this, I mean, if you bought a 3-day ticket, you should have visited the park at least twice and have one admission remaining. This makes it easier to extend the dates since you already have one pending.

Before the trip: Adding days before you actually go to Disney World is a more convenient method. Log into the MyDisneyExperience app and click on the “Change Ticket” option. Click on the changes you wish to make, including the ticket type, number of extended dates, etc. 

After you are done, do not forget to tap the “Check out” option. Keep your credit card nearby because you will have to pay the extra amount if it arises. If you want an even easier option, you can call the Disney helpline at 407-939-5277.

Additional things to be aware of

Disney tickets cannot be updated for more than 10 days. The situation can be changed if you upgrade your tickets to Park Hopper Plus, Water Park Sports, or if you upgrade to an annual pass. You will have to be applicable to certain conditions, in such cases, for example, remaining admissions, etc.

While contacting the Disney helpline, you will mostly find a cast member on the receiving end. It is better to be polite to the cast members because it increases the chances of you getting extra days. Please keep in mind that cast members might pull special favors depending on the guests and the warrantee of what they are asking for.

If that does not work out for you, you can always ask for a supervisor to get further insight. Sometimes, that can work out in your favor. Otherwise, consider declining your upgraded offer and contacting the ticket windows instead.

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Are Disney World Ticket Dates Specific?

Ticket dates mostly depend on the type of ticket you are purchasing: tier or seasonal. Due to their new date-based tickets, you can easily pick out something that is more suitable to your liking while adding days or upgrading tickets.

If you still wish to change your selected dates and time frame, you can contact the MyDisneyExperience support team or dial 0800-028-0778. If you change your tickets to a higher-priced date, you might have to pay the new higher price. Refunds are not given for changes in dates that are of lower prices.

For a more specific outline, you can take a look here.

Should You Pay for Disney World Tickets in Advance?

Upon adding your days, you can easily pay for them online or upon your arrival. Yet, it is better to make your payment in advance. This way, you can also avoid future price increases. As you are adding a few days to your tickets, you might already have witnessed a few inconveniences. Below are a few reasons why.

Photo packages: It is a package that will enable you to download as many photos as you like of those taken by the park photographers of you and your family. You can get this package 20% cheaper if you purchase it 3 days in advance. 

Disney hotels: If you plan to add your days while still on your trip, it can be difficult at times to reserve your hotel rooms for a few more days. They get booked really fast, especially in peak seasons or holidays.

Park reservations: Due to the pandemic, Disney customers must also make a park reservation for the days they wish to visit. This is a measure of crowd control. In this case, a paid ticket and a park reservation must already be loaded into your account.

If you have any additional queries about the ticket pricing, you can check this out.

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You should feel relieved to know that you can add days to your Disney World tickets, given you meet the conditions. I hope this article assisted in all that you needed to know about the upgrading ticket policies.

Now, you can enjoy all the marvels that Disney World has to offer without any ticket obstacles or constraints. Happy touring!


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