Can You Live In Disney World?

Can You Live In Disney World? Tips 1

As an avid Disney World fan, I’ve asked the question and I’m sure you are reading this because you are asking the question as well “can I actually live in Disney World?”

Yes, you can live on Disney World property according to Realtor Victor Nawrocki. Golden Oak is a residential community inside Disney World where you can buy a home. If you have the funds to do so.

What is Golden Oak?

Golden Oak is a new community of luxury custom, single-family homes located just north of Port Orleans Riverside and just south of the Fort Wilderness Resort in Walt Disney World.

Golden Oak is one of two communities designed by Disney Imagineers. The first being Celebration where the broke ground in 1994 and then, of course, Golden Oak. It was completely designed by Disney Imagineers and brought to life by 6 custom home builders.

Hold on a second! I’m sure you have tons of questions, I know I did!

Now that you know you can actually buy a home in Disney World, your mind is probably flooded with questions about price range, taxes, hoa fees, schools, perks, etc.

Well lucky for you I’ve had a chance to get a rather rare inside view to these homes from one of the best realtors who focuses on Disney World area properties!

How much are homes in Golden Oak?

Well, let’s just nip this one right in the bud, because it is the real qualifying question as to whether you want to keep reading or not.

Homes in Disney’s Golden Oak typically go for anywhere from $2 Million to upward of $7 Million US dollars.

I know, not cheap right?! Well, when you take into consideration that you are living right on Walt Disney Property in a premium home the value isn’t that far off.

But wait…..there’s more!

What are the perks of living in Disney’s Golden Oak?

Golden Oak includes resort-style amenities such as their custom-designed Summerhouse facility, which includes members-only dining, a family room with a game area, and a complete fitness center!

If you want to experience Disney in a unique way every day then you will absolutely love living here. It is in close proximity to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Of course, the annual pass holder privileges continue to adapt.

Some of the other perks include special reservations for previews of new rides coming to the theme parks and access to the Five-Star Four Seasons Resort.

Golden Oak offers concierge-style resident services where they will stock your refrigerator and even drive you to the parks, Extra Magic Hours Benefits, merchandise delivery, and golf packages. I don’t know what else you could possibly want from living inside Disney World Property!

What are the neighborhoods of Golden Oak?

The neighborhoods have unique names including Marceline, Carolwood, Kimball Trace, Silverbrook, Symphony Grove, Kingwell, and The Cottages.

To get an inside look at some of these beautiful neighborhoods just take a look at the video below from Victor!

Is Golden Oak an HOA?

Yes, Golden Oak is an HOA. The HOA fees cover your complete lawn care. Everything on your property from A to Z.

The HOA fees for the privilege of living in Golden oak typically run about $17,565  annually for the community and approximately $5,965 for the home itself.

As far as how strict the HOA is, we know that things are very tight in Golden Oak. The HOA has constraints on a number of design and landscaping restrictions. Shutters must be functional and square gutters are banned. Everything must be approved by the Disney Imagineers if changes are to be made.

How much are the taxes in Golden Oak?

Well, now that we’ve talked about some of the perks of living in Disney World, let’s talk about something ugly that no one wants to discuss. How much are the taxes on a home in Golden Oak?

Yearly taxes on these properties vary greatly by the size of the home and value like anywhere else. On the lower end, you can expect around $18,000 to $30,000 per year and on the higher end, you can expect upward of around $90,000.

Can You Live In Disney World? Tips 2

What about the school system?

It is a general understanding among realtors to allow the consumer to investigate the schools. It’s very subjective and realtors do suggest that you go to

WDW Travels has done our research and have found that as part of the orange county school system many people think it’s very good. Ratings are coming in at 7 to 9 out of 10 according to However, many people use these as a vacation home and many of them have children that attend private schools in the area as well.


Golden Oak is one of those “if I win the lottery” communities in my opinion, but there are plenty of people who buy homes here. To see a full listing of homes that are available you’ll want to go over to Victor Nawrocki’s website.

Victor is a good friend and very personable to work with. If you have questions about buying a home in Golden Oak, or anywhere else in Central Florida for that matter then you’ll want to give him a call.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check out our Facebook page for updates when we post a new article.


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