Complete Guide To Disney Home Decor For Adults

Complete Guide To Disney Home Decor For Adults Tips 1

Disney is one of the most recognizable companies in the world. The company has been around since 1923 and has brought happiness, magic, and joy to children and adults alike. Many people enjoy collecting items with Disney characters or Disney songs on them like keychains or posters. Depending on what kind of fan you are, you can pick up almost any item with a Disney character on it. But if you love Disney as much as we do, you don’t necessarily need to buy anything or spend that much money, if you do! There are plenty of ways to decorate your home that include Disney items! Here’s my complete guide to a home decorated with “the happiest place on earth.”

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Disney Home Decorating Ideas

Incorporate Disney Songs Into Your Home Decor

If you’ve ever been to a Disney park such as Disneyland or Walt Disney World, you know that the music can be unforgettable. You can use this fun aspect of the parks at home by incorporating Disney song lyrics into your wall art. You can find posters with lyrics from songs like “Let It Go” and “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins, which were featured in popular movies such as Frozen and Tarzan respectively. Or if you want something simpler, you could take a page from our own childhoods and make a sign with quote from any one of your favorite films or tunes from your favorite attraction!

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Use Disney Characters As Accents

Whether it’s a Mickey Mouse-shaped lamp or a plush Eeyore, you can use your favorite characters as accents to brighten up any room in your house. If you want to incorporate your Disney collection into your home decor, we suggest buying pieces that are functional and not just for display – such as the aforementioned lamps and Eeyore plush. Most importantly, if you’re going to buy items like these, buy ones with characters that mean something to you! Maybe there is someone in your life who loves Winnie the Pooh or Ariel from The Little Mermaid – find unique and special gifts like these and put them on display for all to see.

Use Disney Quotes

For Disney fans, there are some quotes that will forever be remembered. One of the more famous ones is “To infinity and beyond!” from Toy Story. So why not use these fun sayings on your home decor? You can find quotes like these on wall art, pillows, towels – you name it! And don’t forget about writing them down on little pieces of paper to give as gifts for special occasions like birthdays or holidays.

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Use Disney Movies As Visual Inspiration

Disney movies are filled with beautiful backdrops and creative characters so you can easily take inspiration from them when decorating your own place. For example, if you love the forest in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs than hang up a tapestry or poster with a forest scene on it. If you have a favorite attraction at a Disney park, take inspiration from that! Use Sleeping Beauty Castle as a backdrop for your candles or the Magic Kingdom at night as part of your bed set. There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating with these kinds of things in mind so get creative and remember that just because something is not necessarily associated with Disney doesn’t mean it cannot resemble something from a Disney movie!

Get Some Character Pillows

It’s simple, but using pillows can add some nice color and texture to your home decor. Pillows featuring characters like Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh look great in any room and can really make a difference it comes to the overall look of a space. Plus, you can add in some other items like plush dolls or action figures and make the whole area fun!

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Use Disney Memorabilia

We all love to collect things from our favorite movies and TV shows but instead of selling them in a garage sale, try putting your collection on display at home. You don’t have to hang up everything in sight (unless you want to!) but if there is something that really stands out for you then we say go for it! Disney fans tend to find unique ways of displaying their collections whether it’s through shadowboxes or putting them in clear boxes. Remember, use what works best for you so if framed artwork is the way you go then do it! But whatever you decide, you will be sure to make a personal statement with the items on display in your home.

Plan It Out and Get Shopping

Decorating your home with Disney pieces is a great way to add some color and creativity to your life, but it can also be costly if you let it! If you don’t want Disney decorating to break the bank, plan out what items you really want before going shopping. Think about colors, textures, patterns, and more before deciding on anything else because by thinking things through like this you’ll end up getting exactly what you need (not necessarily exactly what you want) for less money! We all love Disney so why not spread that love throughout our homes? The ideas we listed here are just the beginning of a Disney-decorated home, but it is by no means an end. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and decorate like the happiest person on earth!

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What About Disney Home Decor Shops?

There are a number of places where you can find Disney Home Decor. Being that we live near Disney World, we have found quite a few antique Disney places in some nearby towns. The Lakeland Antique Mall has some great stuff! We’ve seen everything from Grand Floridian pillows to wallpaper used in the Grand Floridian there!

Here’s my list of all the places I could think of to get your Disney Decor from.

1. Buy from an official Disney shop

2. Ebay

3. Amazon

4. Home decor store near you (i.e Bed Bath and Beyond)

5. Shop at your local theme park/resort hotel gift shops

6. Etsy  

7. Walmart

8. Target

9. Get Crafty and Do It Yourself

10. Random Thrift Stores

11. Your Uncle’s attic that he probably has some amazing stuff in because he is the coolest Uncle ever!

12. A Craigslist find / Facebook Marketplace

13. Flea markets

14. Garage sales

15. The Dollar Store (seasonally they have some cool stuff!)

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Disney Signs For Your Home Or Office

Signs are a great way to add some personality to your home or office. Even if you don’t have much space, signs can be hung up in many ways so they take up little room! Here are some Disney-inspired signs for whichever area of the house you need them most in!

1. Use one as wall décor

2. Everyone needs a little motivation to get through their day and what better kind of motivation is there than Walt Disney’s words? You can find framed quotes all over Etsy that would look nice on your wall.

3. Hang it on your front door

4. Create yourself an inspirational signboard

5. Put it on the back of your bathroom door for guests to read

6. Hang it outside your window or on the back of your door for an inspiring touch to start your day with

Complete Guide To Disney Home Decor For Adults Tips 8

DIY Disney Home Decor Ideas

1. Frame Disney movie posters

2. Choose one movie scene from a Disney movie and get it printed on canvas to hang in your living room

3. Use a beautiful piece of wallpaper that you find at a Home Decor store or online

4. Invest in some laminate flooring and paint the floor with an iconic Mickey Mouse silhouette. Or, you can take it even further and replicate the Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey from Fantasia! You could also use stencils for this project too to add your favorite character patterns on top of the laminate flooring.  

5. Paint one wall on each side of an entryway doorway, leaving the rest white so guests have somewhere to write their well wishes before entering your home. This way, you will always remember to live with your heart in the most magical place on earth!

6. Find an old piano at a thrift store and paint it like Mickey’s sorcerer’s hat (which would be even more awesome if you were musically inclined). Then, find some instruments that are different shapes of Disney characters’ heads and play them on the piano.

7. Paint simple silhouettes of your favorite characters around your house

8. Take glass jars and put sand in them (this is where you can use some sand from one of those vacations to the beach!). Add some shells or sea glass inside each jar for added color before sealing it up tightly with a lid. You could also do this step first then paint the jars to make it look all nice and pretty.

9. Get some board or plywood then paint it up with Disney characters. You can either do this step first then back it with fabric, or you can put the fabric around the edges so your wall art will already have a background!

10. Paint your letterbox yellow with Oswald’s face on it

11. Make watercolor painted name placeholders for the dinner table out of an oversized postcard

Complete Guide To Disney Home Decor For Adults Tips 9

12. Handwrite cute sayings using deco pens or sharpies onto small pieces of paper, cut them out, fold them in half, and staple them to toothpicks to create adorable popsicle stick flags that can be used as decor for cupcakes at a party

13. Go to a craft store and get some foam adhesive boards to create your favorite characters out of! You can either use these as canvases to paint on or you can just cut them up into smaller pieces and save the rest for another day

14. Make a Disney garland out of felt that you can put in a doorway or just hang it from a curtain rod

15. Make a photo collage using pictures from your last family vacation, print them onto fabric with an ink-jet printer, then sew them together so its all one large piece of fabric, which you can then use as a tablecloth or lay it across the back of your couch!   16. Use iron-on patches where you want your favorite characters to be (for example, on their clothes or on pillows ).

17. Make lithophane night lights by taking pictures of your favorite Disney scenes and printing them onto transparency paper, then placing them into a lightbox so the light shines through, creating an illuminated picture!  

18. Frame scenes from your favorite Disney movies using plexiglass because its transparent quality will let you see the entire image, yet it will also protect the art inside

19. Have an old lampshade you don’t use anymore? Remove the fabric and paint one side with white paint so it can act as a whiteboard. Then decorate it with a black permanent marker for endless drawing possibilities!

20. Keep all of your unused Disney pins in a frame that has a glass lid, creating an impressive collection of memories.

21. Swap out your existing lightbulbs for ones covered with little Disney characters

22. If you’re hosting a cookout or backyard party, have each guest bring over one ingredient so they can all go in together on making some unique Disney-inspired dishes! Once it’s time to cook, the chef who brought over the ingredients will get to wear this awesome chef hat. 

23. Paint plates and cups with Mickey Mouse faces so it’s always guaranteed that at least one character is present in every meal your guests eat! Now, if only you could find a way to have them drink out of Minnie Mouse straws!

24. Cut up your old t-shirts (the ones you don’t like anymore, not the ones that make you look good) and stitch them back together to create pillow covers, which can then be used as a way to breathe new life into an existing couch or chair!

Complete Guide To Disney Home Decor For Adults Tips 10

Disney Home Decor Ideas For Halloween

Here’s a couple of quick home decor ideas for Halloween where you can incorporate Disney.

1. Decorate a pumpkin with a Disney character using a sharpie, paint pens, or even food coloring!

2. If you’re hosting an upcoming Halloween party, make your own haunted house by creating scary Disney scenes (like Mickey getting ready for trick-or-treating but the witch trying to put all the candy in his bag has plans of her own) out of cardboard boxes or cereal boxes cut into pieces and painted on. Then stack them up to create one large sight that will surely give people nightmares.

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Disney Home Decor Ideas for Christmas

Here’s a couple of the most important Disney-inspired home decor ideas for Christmas where you can incorporate Disney characters.

1. Cover your fireplace mantel with crackling white lights and then hang wreaths made out of pinecones, ornaments, and Disney ornaments that you find at the store

2. Cut out paper snowflakes (use classic Mickey heads as stencils) and place them on top of each other to create some festive holiday wallpaper!

3. Using old picture frames, paint them red so they match your Christmas tree, then put some Christmas cards in them before hanging them up on your wall

Disney Decorating Ideas For Your Kitchen

Complete Guide To Disney Home Decor For Adults Tips 12

Here are some awesome Disney decorating ideas for your kitchen where you can incorporate Disney.

1. Make coasters out of ice trays so you’ll never have to worry about water rings ruining the beautiful finish of your wooden furniture

2. Use theme-specific dish towels (like these with Mickey heads all over them) to dry up whatever dishes you’ve dirtied in the kitchen

3. Store all of your silverware and other miscellaneous kitchen gadgets inside a large Minnie Mouse head that hangs on the wall and looks like it’s coming out of a drawer!

4. If you’re hosting a dinner or cooking something really tasty, use Mickey Mouse faceplates and bowls so everyone who the main character is!

5. If you print out a bunch of these awesome Mickey-shaped notepads, your guests can use them as coasters to prevent their drinks from leaving rings on your coffee tables!

6. Use vinyl or chalk border that has big, colorful circles with all the Disney characters inside as a way to decorate the top edges of windows without covering too much window area with it. This is a great idea for those who have really tall windows and want a way to make their view less obstructed!

Complete Guide To Disney Home Decor For Adults Tips 13


And there you have it! That’s all of the most important Disney-inspired home decorating ideas where you can incorporate Disney items. Someone who doesn’t know any of these ideas might feel tempted to think that they’re too childish for their own good, but I can personally tell you that I’ve seen some really beautiful ways of using Disney characters as home decor. You can keep it subtle, but also don’t be afraid to show your Disney addiction!


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