DisneyBounding: A Beginner’s Guide

Disney Bounding

Disney is a nostalgic part of our childhoods that has blossomed into having a warm place in our hearts even now. If you’re a Disney fanatic or follow Disney-related content, chances are you have heard of DisneyBounding.

DisneyBounding is a growing trend, originated by Leslie Kay. It can have a broad definition, but it refers to wearing outfits that are inspired by Disney characters, in your everyday lives. It’s sort of like cosplay but way more casual.

Whether you want to get into this awesome trend or are just curious, DisneyBounding can be a little hard to get into as the audience is very niche. But with just a little guidance you can nail this trend and incorporate your love for Disney into your daily life. 

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What is DisneyBounding?

First things first, what exactly is DisneyBounding? Let’s get the definitions down first so that you can have a clear understanding of this trend and can then participate more easily.

DisneyBounding first came under the spotlight from a Disney fan, Leslie Kay. She didn’t mean for it to become a trend, she was just fangirling. Her love for everything Disney made her think of ways to express Disney characters in a way that wasn’t directly cosplaying.

As you may know, Disney Parks usually have rules that do not allow visitors to wear Disney character costumes. Because there are already people inside who are dressed up in costumes and serve as attractions to fans. It’s their job to dress up and entertain people. So allowing fans to do the same might take away their spotlight and make it confusing for everyone.

From Unique Vintage

Leslie wanted to work around this rule, and thus she began dressing in a way that was inspired by Disney characters, without directly copying their wardrobes. Maybe the same color scheme, or a headband or similar accessories, or even the same style of dressing could be a way to pay homage to the characters. It’s all about the vibes.

She thought about what characters like Cinderella, Rapunzel, or Belle would wear if they were going to school or going to the mall, and designed her outfits accordingly. She shared them on her blog and soon this went viral. Everyone appreciated it and wanted to put their spin on it.

While the best place to wear your Disney Bound outfit is to Disney-themed parks or Disney World, you can also just wear them out to regular events and fangirl in a subtle way. It’s a fun and quirky way to spice up any outfit.

This lovely dress below is sold from ArtByBriRose over on Etsy. Check out her other creations as well.

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Dress by ArtByBriRose

How Can You Disney Bound?

Before you go out to buy a whole new wardrobe to showcase your newfound passion for DisneyBounding, take a look at what you already have. Scrolling through Pinterest might make you feel like everyone else has perfect outfits just designed to depict their favorite characters.

But it’s pretty easy to design your own DisneyBound outfits with what you already have. Just a few basic pieces, if paired together can make your outfit give off Disney vibes. You can also use accessories and small Disney merch to be more direct as well.

Remembering DisneyBounding is not the same as cosplaying, so you don’t have to own the same clothing as your favorite character. You can choose a color scheme or a small detail that is a reference to the show or character.

These awesome skirts by Wishes and Wardrobes over on Etsy blew me away! So awesome!

This is great for people who are too afraid to wear costumes and go all out. You can dress according to your style, and still dress sort of like your favorite character. The fun thing about this is that these are not direct signs of being Disney-related, but fans will notice instantly. So you can even wear your outfits to work or school or any event without being too loud.

If you are having trouble figuring things out for yourself, you can always scroll the internet for inspiration. There are multiple mood boards and collages dedicated to DisneyBounding and different character niches. You can get inspiration from those pictures and other people’s outfits and give it your own customized spin.

There are also blogs and forums dedicated to DisneyBounding, where people come together and fangirl over their shared love for Disney. So you can even post your outfits or ask for ideas and help from people who have been doing this for a longer time. Once you start doing it more frequently, you will get the hang of it.

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Design By MojoGinny

Ideas for DisneyBound Outfits

If you’re still not sure where to look for outfit ideas and inspiration, here are a few ideas you can try out with basic pieces you probably have lying around in your closet.

  • Winnie the Pooh:

Perhaps the easiest way to wear DisneyBound outfits is to use your character’s color scheme. Who doesn’t love the adorable bear, Pooh with a red crop top? Red and yellow in any way can make you look more like Pooh. Check your closet for these colors, whatever you have you can make it work.

Maybe a red top, with yellow pants, or a yellow dress with a red bow on your hair, or even a yellow t-shirt layered with a red leather jacket. Chances are you have at least one of these items already in your closet. Try it out!

  • Snow White:

Another crowd favorite is Snow White of course, with her beautiful yellow, blue and red dress. If you don’t want to wear such bright colors, you could just choose a small little detail from her outfit: like her red ribbon. You can add a little red ribbon to your hair, for a cute, easy Snow-White DisneyBounding.

If you are however willing to wear bright colors, you can mix and match yellow and blue tops and bottoms in different ways to sport an amazing outfit. Maybe even a subtle yellow dress with red heels could be a great idea.

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Sorcerer Mouse Circle Skirt From Wishes and Wardrobes
  • Mickey Mouse

This one is a classic black and red and pretty easy to pull off. You could pair a plain black t-shirt with red shorts. Or for a subtler hint of Mickey, an all-black outfit with red sneakers, and maybe a Mickey watch?

  • Prince Eric and Ariel

A great way to incorporate your obsession with Disney into a wholesome activity to do with your partner can be couples’ outfits. You can dress up as your favorite Disney couples and have your adorable little Instagram moment.

Who doesn’t love the handsome Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid? Just a plain white shirt and blue jeans are enough for this one. Brownie points if you have an Anchor Pendant or something to remind you of the sea as an accessory. For Ariel, you could wear a purple crop top with a flowy green skirt. Add a little seashell locket or starfish earrings if you can find them.

  • Maleficent

If all the bold Disney colors intimidate you, and you’re one of those people who only wear black, fret not, Disney has got you covered. You could dress up like Maleficent and let your inner Goth shine.

An all-black outfit, with flowy sleeves or a cape, can be a great way to dress up as Maleficent would. Purple accessories, leather pants, and don’t forget those bold red lips.


Whether you are a crazy Disney fan or remember them fondly from childhood, DisneyBounding can be a great way to indulge in your fanatic fantasies of being your favorite characters. With just a little thought, you can wear stuff you already own in a new and fashionable way.

It’s a fun trend to follow, especially when you can join communities online and share your outfits, and take inspiration from others. You can even end up making life-long friends while sharing your love for Disney.


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