Disney Jibbitz : Everything You Need to Know

disney jibbitz for crocs

Disney Jibbitz are unofficial charms that can be clipped onto Crocs shoes. They were first created in 2007 by two friends, who made a frog-shaped Jibbitz as a gift for their wives. The success of this gift led to the creation of more Jibbitz, including characters from Disney movies.

Today, there are over 100 different Disney Jibbitz available, including characters from Frozen, Moana, and The Lion King. They are typically sold in packs of three or four and cost around $5-$10 per pack.

Jibbitz can be attached to Crocs in several ways. The most common way is to use the provided hole at the top of the Jibbitz and slip it over the existing holes on the top of a Crocs shoe. However, this often results in Jibbitz falling off with repeated wear or exposure to water. Many users instead choose to use a hot knife or drill to add their own hole for attachment.

Disney Jibbitz have become popular among people who enjoy wearing Crocs shoes, as well as Disney fans. In some cases, they are purchased by parents looking for unique gifts for children’s parties or birthday presents. They can also be purchased for resale at online retailers such as eBay and Amazon Marketplace, where individual prices typically range from $5-25 per pack.

Where To Buy Disney Jibbitz?

Disney Jibbitz can be bought online from a number of retailers, including eBay, the Amazon Marketplace and at limited times throughout the Disney Parks. They are typically sold in packs of three or four and cost around $5-$10 per pack. Jibbitz can also be found at small boutique shops, particularly those catering to a Disney fanbase. For larger orders, they can often be requested for wholesale prices through the manufacturer Jibbitz inc.

Can You Buy Disney Jibbitz At Disney Parks?

Yes, Disney Jibbitz cannot be bought at any Disney Parks. We came across a set of Jibbitz Charms inspired by Disney Parks in Once Upon a Time on Sunset Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

disney jibbitz

Where Did The Idea Of Buying Crocs With Disney On Them Come From?

Disney Jibbitz was first created in 2007 by two friends: Bob Rule and Erich Schoenborn. They made a frog-shaped Jibbitz as a gift for their wives, and the success of this led to the creation of more characters. Today there are over 100 different Disney Jibbitz available, including characters from Moana and Frozen.

Jibbitz can be attached to Crocs shoes in several ways. The most common way is to use provided holes on the top of the Jibbitz and slip it over the existing holes on a Crocs shoe. However, this often results in Jibbitz falling off with repeated wear or exposure to water. Many users attach them by using a hot knife or drill to add their own hole for attachment.

Can You Attach Disney Jibbitz To Other Types Of Shoes?

Disney Jibbitz are designed specifically for attaching to Crocs shoes, but they may be able to attach to some other forms of footwear. It is best not to attempt attaching them directly onto any fabric material, including rubber rain boots and rain shoes.

What Is The Difference Between A Bobblehead And Jibbitz?

The main difference between bobbleheads and Disney Jibbitz is that the Disney Jibbitz are unofficial products. The original Disney Jibbitz were made as gifts for friends, but today they are sold to the public. Bobbleheads are distinct because they serve to commemorate an event or public figures, such as a film character or historical figure, and cannot be purchased by the general public. Rather than being ‘clip-ons’, bobbleheads typically have their own bases which fit into holes in figurines or other surfaces.

Can You Put Jibbitz On Other Crocs Shoes Besides Clogs?

Disney Jibbitz can be attached to all types of Crocs shoes except for casual foam clog styles. Jibbitz will not fit well or stay securely on these types of shoes. The best styles to attach to Jibbitz are shoes with the Crocs name printed across the top in raised letters, as well as suede styles and certain leather shoes.

Crocs Charms Disney

What Characters Are Available In Disney Jibbitz?

There are over one hundred different Disney Jibbitz characters available, including those from Moana and Frozen. New characters are often released around movie premieres. For a full list of all the currently available characters, please visit the official Jibbitz website .

Do They Make Disney Princess Crocs Charms?

Yes. Princess Crocs Charms are available in packs of three or four and include Jibbitz for Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Aurora, Tiana, Snow White, and Elsa. Unfortunately, they do not currently make Disney Jibbitz for Moana or Anna.

Do They Make A Collection Of All 12 Princesses?

No. While a collection of all 12 Disney princesses is available as a series of figures, it does not come with a set of Jibbitz to attach to shoes. Jibbitz can only be purchased individually rather than as part of a boxed set.

Do They Make Disney Halloween Jibbitz?

Yes. There are a number of Disney Jibbitz available for Halloween, including for Moana and Frozen characters as well as various villains from the Disney Classics such as Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, and Jafar from Aladdin.

Do They Make Jibbitz For Cars 3?

Yes. The item Cars Collection is available with Lightning McQueen, Mater, Chick Hicks, and Doc Hudson. These four Jibbitz can be attached to any shoes that have holes on top in which to slip them through. Unfortunately, they do not make a Nitroade Racer or Jackson Storm Jibbitz at this time.

Do They Make Disney Christmas Jibbitz?

Yes. There are a number of Disney Jibbitz available that celebrate Christmas, including Moana and Frozen characters as well as Santa Claus from Mickey’s Christmas Carol and a number of the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Crocs with disney jibbitz

How Many Jibbitz Are Available?

There are over 400 different characters available as individual Jibbitz, with more being added all the time. In total, there are now over 450 Disney Jibbitz currently available to use on Crocs shoes. Only certain characters can be purchased in boxed sets rather than individually.

Can They Be Used On Other Shoes Besides Crocs Shoes?

Yes, but it is important to note that other shoes may not necessarily have holes in which to fit the Jibbitz, so this adds an extra challenge. However, many people have found workarounds for this issue by using special tools to make their own holes or simply finding other creative uses for their Disney Jibbitz.

Are The Jibbitz Permanently Attached? What Is Their Purpose?

One of the most distinctive features of Disney Jibbitz is that all official sets are permanently attached with superglue rather than being slip-on ‘clip-ons’. While some people do choose to remove them, it takes a great deal of care and effort to do so successfully. This means that they generally serve as ornamental elements rather than functional ones.

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Can Jibbitz Fall Out?

If you plan on wearing your Jibbitz frequently, it is a good idea to make sure that they are securely attached using super glue or some other adhesive. Otherwise, there is a chance that they could fall out over time and become lost. A number of tutorials explain how to easily attach Jibbitz with glues such as E6000.


The official website for Jibbitz is available at the following link, where the full list of currently available Disney characters can be found.

If you enjoy wearing Crocs shoes, then it may be fun to wear them with your favorite Disney character attached with a Jibbitz. These little ornaments can increase your enjoyment and give your shoes a unique look that they don’t otherwise have. If you want to learn more about using Jibbitz on their own shoes, please read this guide.

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