Disney Skyliner Gondola System : Map, Capacity and More

Disney Skyliner Gondola System : Map, Capacity and More Tips 1

When I was a kid I remember the Disney Skyway. Well, that is no longer, however, on September 29th, 2019 there is going to be a new way for you to get around Walt Disney World! The Disney Skyliner will whisk you away from select resorts and parks with fantastic views!

My daughter and I have been anxiously awaiting this! So I’m going to tell you everything that we know about Disney Skyliner now and all the things that we know about to come.

Disney Skyliner Gondola System : Map, Capacity and More Tips 2

What Does The Disney Skyliner Cost?

When it comes to the Skyliner, a lot of people won’t care how much it costs purely due to the convenience of being able to travel to the park from your resort in the air. However, the Skyliner is free transportation to any guest whether staying on Disney World property or not, just like the buses, boats, and monorails.

What Is The Disney Skyliner Capacity?

Each Disney Skyliner Gondola will fit 10 guests.  If any of the guests require Wheelchairs or ECV’s then the capacity will change.  There are special gondolas that are fitted to accommodate handicapped guests. These gondolas will only have a capacity of 6 guests.

The entire system will be running somewhere around 300 gondolas meaning that they will be able to transport approximately 4,500 guests per hour. That’s pretty impressive!

Disney Skyliner Route Map

Disney Skyliner Gondola System : Map, Capacity and More Tips 3

Which Disney Parks Will Have The Skyliner?

The Disney Skyliner will have stops at two parks:

Epcot located in the International Gateway area. Also perfectly located for guests staying at the Yacht and Beach Club Resort, The Boardwalk Inn, or Swan and Dolphin.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios near the bus station in front of the park entrance.

Disney Skyliner Gondola System : Map, Capacity and More Tips 4

Which Disney Resorts Will Have The Skyliner?

These 4 select resorts have Skyliner stations for guests to use.

The Caribbean Beach Resort will have a Skyliner station located near the Jamaica area of the resort. This is the largest station on the line, offering the storage of extra gondolas.

Art of Animation and Pop Century will have a shared station on the generation gap bridge over hourglass lake offering great access to both resorts guests. We are the most excited for this as these tow resorts are among our favorites to stay at.

The new Riviera Resort, set to open in December 2019, will have it’s own Skyliner station. This will be one of the main benefits of staying at Disney’s newest DVC resort, being right on the Disney Skyliner line perfectly positioned between Epcot and Hollywood Studios.

Disney Skyliner Transfers

Now, lets talk about transfers…

It’s important to know that some stations require a transfer from one gondola to another. Knowing this ahead of time is important because in Disney World every second of your vacation counts!

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are taking the gondolas to an end-of-the-line station at Art of Animation & Pop Century or Epcot, you will not be allowed to stay on and continue your journey, you have to get off and exit the gondola. If you want to go back where you came from you will have to exit and get back in line to take another gondola.

Here is an explanation of each station and transfer rules:

Art of Animation & Pop Century:

This is the beginning or end of the line depending on your journey and if arriving here you must disembark your gondola. You can always get back on again to go back and continue your ride.

If you are going to Hollywood Studios from here, you will not be required to exit at the Caribbean Beach station, you can continue right on to Hollywood Studios. If you are going to Epcot or the Riviera Resort you will need to transfer at the Caribbean Beach station.

Caribbean Beach:

This is the central hub station of the Disney World Skyliner system. No matter what your final destination is, if you are getting on the Skyliner here you will be taken directly to your destination without having to get off. This includes going to Hollywood Studios, Riviera Resort, Epcot or Art of Animation & Pop Century.

Disney Skyliner Gondola System : Map, Capacity and More Tips 5

Hollywood Studios:

This is where things get a bit more tricky. If you board at Hollywood Studios and are going to Art of Animation & Pop Century, there will be no transfer at the Caribbean Beach station and you can continue to your destination.

However, if you are going to Epcot or the Riviera Resort, you must transfer gondolas at the Caribbean Beach station.

Riviera Resort:

If you get on here and are going to Epcot, there are no transfers required.

If you are going to the Hollywood Studios, Caribbean Beach or Art of Animation & Pop Century, you will need to exit at the Caribbean Beach station.
Disney Skyliner Gondola System : Map, Capacity and More Tips 6


If you are arriving here you must exit the gondola.

If you are going to the Caribbean Beach, Hollywood Studios or Art of Animation, you need to stay on the Gondola at the Riviera Resort station and then get off at the Caribbean Beach station to transfer gondolas.

I know all of this may make some peoples heads spin. I get it. I would like to think that once they open there will be more information available via signs and or the My Disney Experience app to help guests to better know what line they need to be on.

Disney Skyliner Gondola System : Map, Capacity and More Tips 7
Photo Credit: Disney

Is There Air Conditioning On The Skyliner?

While there isn’t any air conditioning unit onboard the gondolas they are designed to have the air vents adjusted with the weather so that airflow will not be an issue. There have been some concerned that they will be too hot to ride in the high heats of the summer in Florida.

With the speed that they travel at, I believe there will be sufficient airflow to keep everyone comfortable. As we know, boat transportation doesn’t have air conditioning and they have always been fine.

How High Is The Disney Skyliner?

Depending on where on the line you are, the heights will vary. It is estimated that the max height will be 60 feet in the air.

Disney Skyliner Gondola System : Map, Capacity and More Tips 8

How Fast Does Disney Skyliner Go?

The Disney Skyliner will move relatively fast. In some of the videos I’ve seen of testing they were moving a bit faster than I had expected which I think this is a good thing.

They will have a top speed of 11 mph on the lines and will slow down to about 1 mph when arriving at the stations giving guests ample time to load and unload.

The cast members will also have the ability to slow them down a bit more to help accommodate guests needing more time to get on or off.

How Long Are The Rides On Disney Skyliner?

All times are approximate and can vary depending if you have to transfer to another gondola to get from one end of the line to another.

  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort to Disney’s Pop Century Resort or Disney’s Art of Animation Resort: 6 minutes
  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort to Disney’s Hollywood Studios: 5-6 minutes
  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort to Disney’s Riviera Resort: 5 minutes
  • Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort to International Gateway at Epcot: 15 minutes
  • Disney’s Riviera Resort to International Gateway at Epcot: 9 minutes
Disney Skyliner Gondola System : Map, Capacity and More Tips 9
Photo Credit: Disney

Can You Take Strollers On The Disney Skyliner?

Absolutely! All gondolas will accommodate guests with strollers. There will also be special gondolas fit to accommodate guests with wheelchairs, ECVs, and other mobility aids. Strollers and mobility aids must fit within a 30″ x 48″ area to board the Disney Skyliner.


In my family, my daughter and I are eagerly awaiting our next trip so that we can use the Disney Skyliner.  I think that this is a fabulous addition to the transportation system. I will only get better over time with a possible phase 2 addition to add more resorts and or parks. By the way, if you’d like a first-hand look inside the new Disney Skyliner then make sure you check out the video below from our friend Nate over at Paging Mr. Morrow.


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