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Disney Wish
Disney Wish Sets Sail Summer 2022 Disney Cruise Line 1

The Disney Wish Cruise Ship is setting sail this summer and I’m totally aboard! The Disney Wish looks amazing! I recently got a closer look at some of the details of the ship while visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Right now for a limited time you can visit Walt Disney Presents in Hollywood Studios and get a sneak peak and some of the details that went into the making of the Wish.

If “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” then I am wishing to set sail aboard the Disney Wish one day! I was really wowed by this display. Anyone know where I can buy a life size twirling Cinderella? I can only imagine how beautiful the finished product aboard the ship will be.

This 5 1/2 scale model of the Disney Wish is so detailed. Its always amazing to me how they can do much with these cruise ships. I love all the details they put into everything. My favorite part has to be the detail on the stern of the ship!

Rapunzel dangling my her long beautiful hair, along with help from Pascal is painting the stern of the ship with the Disney Wish logo. I cant wait until the ship launches and we get to see so many more details and pictures.


These maquettes will adorn the 1923 themed dining room. 1923 is a sophisticated family restaurant inspired by the golden age of Hollywood. The 1923 is named after the year Walt Disney Studios was founded. You will dine among storyboards, sketches and artifacts that helped inspire and create some of your own favorite Disney movies.

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The Disney Wish will have no shortage of amazing dining experiences. In fact for the first time in forever there will be a Frozen themed theatrical experience. Queen Anna and Kristoff are celebrating their engagement and invite you to join them along with Olaf and Elsa of course. The cuisine is Norwegian inspired and prepared by Oaken himself!

You can also experience a cinematic dining experience with Ant-Man and Wasp during the Avengers Quantum Encounter. Using an interactive Quantum Core at your table you will be able to shrink and grow objects at the push of a button while taking part in the adventures around you. Now that sounds so cool.

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Broadway style entertainment in a way Disney does best. From the classics The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, to an original Disney Seas the Adventure the Wish is not short on top notch entertainment.


Disney’s Uncharted Adventure is a new interactive storytelling experience where guests can use their phone as a magical spyglass to help find fragments of a Wishing Star and while encountering some of your favorite characters. Be ready to face off against a evil villain in the end.


Its a Small World Nursery

Inspired by the famous Disney attraction “Its a Small World” little ones 6 months to 3 years can explore, play , and even be visited by special Disney friends while being looked after by a professional care staff in a safe environment.

Mickey and Minnie’s Captains Deck

Nautically themed with lots of activities to keep the littlest ones entertained. Captain Mickey and Minnie even stop by to check up on their smallest passengers.


For the Marvel Fans

Kids ages 3-12 can get some super hero training with the likes of their hero’s Spiderman, Ant-Man, The Wasp, and Black Panther. Kids can even select their own super hero suit to wear and then face off against infamous Marvel Villains.

Star Wars Galactic Creature Keepers

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Step into the world of Star Wars and experience a high tech cargo bay filled with interactive creatures that you can help care for. Watch out for dangerous creatures though. Thankfully Rey and Chewbacca are on hand to help save the day and secure the ship.

Disney Imagineering Lab

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Hand on activities help kids to understand what’s behind the magic at Disney Imagineering. Design and imagine your own rides then step into a simulator to experience it in real life!

Fairytale Hall

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Your fairytales will come to life here with special visits from the Disney Princesses. Princes and princesses can do arts and crafts, act out their favorite stories from Disney movies, and even take part in an icy activity.

Clubs for teens and tweens

Edge is a trendy New York themed hangout for the tweens ages 11-14

The Vibe is for ages 14-17 and its a cool laid back space to watch movies and play video games, and maybe an occasional selfie opportunity.

The Hideaway is a great space for older teens and young adults.


Hyperspace Lounge a galactic Star Wars inspired bar that is family friendly during the day but adults only in the evening.

Oasis at the Sea This adult only escape features an infinity pool , bar , and poolside lounge. This area spans an entire section of the ships upper deck.

The Rose is a beauty and the Beast inspired adults only dining experience. Sip cocktails while surrounded by antique mirrors and storybook elegance while taking in the view of the ocean.


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Toy Story Splash Zone A fun splash zone for for younger children featuring some favorite Toy Story characters as large rubber bath toys.

AquaMouse A water ride animated with Mickey and Minnie with immersive effects, lights, and special effects.

Pools There are a total of 6 pools aboard the ship including an adults only, family friendly, and ones designed for younger passengers.


There are 1,254 staterooms on the Disney Wish and a capacity of 4,000 passengers.

The staterooms aboard the Wish are larger on average other same class rooms you would find on other cruise ships. They sleep 3 to 4 and are about 169 sq. feet. A queen bed, pull down single bed, and convertible sofa provide room for 3-4 people.

The Verandah Staterooms are really beautiful but I also really love the artwork above the bed in the Concierge Staterooms.

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These Royal Suites look so luxurious though. I don’t think it would be easy to decide!

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The Disney Wish sets sail this summer 2021 will you be aboard? I’ve never taken a Disney Cruise but the more I hear about the Wish the more excited I get to check it out.

The Disney Wish is the 5th ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet. Did you know the Disney Cruise Line ships are bigger than Main Street in Disney’s Magic Kingdom? Main Street is 966 ft. and the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder measure in at 984 ft. long!

Check out Disney Cruise Lines website to learn more about the Wish and Disney’s other cruise ships currently sailing. They even offer themed and holiday cruises! Disney also has the only cruise line that offers fireworks at sea. The ships horn is even extra magical. The horn aboard a Disney Cruise ship plays the first 7 notes of “When You Wish Upon a Star”. I love all the extra magic that goes into these ships!

Did you know room service is free? You can order food to be delivered to your room and its included in your fare. Of course you will still want to tip, but I think that’s a great perk.

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This is just some of the exciting stuff that we know about the Disney Wish. I’m sure more surprises will be in store when the Wish sets sail this summer 2022.

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