Do Disney Characters Have Last Names?

do disney characters have last names

Disney is nearly synonymous with children around the world, and one of the most beloved characteristics of their characters is that they rarely have last names.

So then why do so many people believe that Disney characters have last names? Well, for some reason it doesn’t seem as strange as an idea as some other theories out there about these beloved characters – such as whether or not they age.  The biggest reason for this might be due to the fact that some characters are based on real people.  Take Aladdin for example he was loosely based on a famous Arabian thief named Aladdin, who was also a popular character in a Middle Eastern folktale.  In this case, the Disney version definitely has the last name: he is “Sparrow.”

Despite all of the evidence that actually does point to the fact that Disney characters have last names, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they get mentioned in movies.  

For example, although Snow White did have a surname in her original story, she never uses it within any of the films or TV shows based on her tale – so it’s reasonable to assume that having a surname isn’t necessary for being a Disney character.  This may be where people start questioning whether or not these characters are actual individuals.

Do Disney Characters Have Last Names? Tips 1

Do Disney Princess have last names?

There are only two Disney Princesses that appear in the movies that are known to have a last name: Fa Mulan and Mirabel.  

Although it’s true that most Disney Princesses are known only by their first names, there are some exceptions.  Belle, for example, is the protagonist of “Beauty and the Beast”.

Although Belle doesn’t say her last name within any of the films she stars in, she does have one – which can be found on one of her commemorative plates. However, this isn’t necessarily proof that all other Princesses are married by default.  

It depends on how you look at it: some people may argue that because Mulan has no love interest throughout either movie she’s featured in means that she too isn’t married – but others may counter with the argument that since there aren’t any mentions of Mulan ever being married in the first place, it’s safe to assume that Princesses don’t need to be married by default.

Mirabel Madrigal is Mirabel’s name in the 2021 movie Encanto.

Mulan is only referred to as Mulan in the original poem, which is her given name. She was later given a surname. The most common name she is given is Hua Mulan. Hua means “flower,” but sometimes she is called Wei Mulan or Zhu Mulan.

Do Disney Characters Have Last Names? Tips 2

Does Tiana have a last name?

Tiana Rogers is Tiana’s name in the 2009 movie The Princess and the Frog.

Although Tiana does not appear in any fairy tales or novels, it has been speculated that she could be based on Elda Early from Pearls of Emani.  Elda was given her last name “Early” by an author who chose to include it with several other surnames in a poem about Elda Early after reading the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  

Do Disney characters have middle names?

Yes, some do! I guess they just don’t mention it all that much, since you really only hear someone use their first name when being introduced.  Some examples are Alice Kingsleigh ( Alice in Wonderland ), Belle ( Beauty and the Beast ), Mulan ( Mulan ), Mr. Incredible ( The Incredibles ) just to name a few.

Do Disney characters age?

People often wonder this about animated movies because they don’t show any signs of aging at all! But you can rest assured that most of them do, in fact, age. Although they aren’t shown doing so on film, some characters like Ariel ( The Little Mermaid ) and Eric ( The Little Mermaid ) are almost the same age as their original counterparts in the original story – which would make them around 16-19 years old.

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Do Disney Characters Have Official Ages?

People can often wonder how old Disney characters are because they don’t appear to age.  But based on other knowledge, their ages should be around the same as their original counterparts in fairy tales.

Mulan’s age has been debated for many years, but there is evidence that shows she was about 16-20 years old when her film took place (which would make her 26-30 years old at present). She was only shown aging once throughout the movie – which happened to be towards the end of Mulan 2 .


Although Disney characters are not considered to be actual individuals, it is very reasonable to assume that they do have last names.  Most Princesses are known only by their first name – but the two who aren’t are often given a surname of some sort.  However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all other Princess have last names just because these two do.


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