Do Disney World Employees Get Free Tickets?

Do Disney World Employees Get Free Tickets? Tips 1

Most of us spend months saving up to visit the happiest place on Earth. However, is that also the case for regular residents? Do Disney World employees get free tickets? If so, what other privileges do they get? And how can the rest of us get a piece of this sweet deal? If you’re curious about such things, keep reading because I will be spilling all the details in this article.

Disney World employees are some of the hardest-working people on the planet. As a token of gratitude, Walt Disney World offers its employees free tickets to all of their parks, along with extra guest passes. Aside from this, Disney World employees also receive lots of special discounts on exclusive merchandise, hotels, cruise lines, restaurants, etc.

As a side note Disney Parks employees don’t get the same perks as a professional employee versus an executive employee. Some cast members that are related to the theme parks get access to behind the scene tours but not all employees.

If you feel slightly jealous at the moment, don’t worry. You’re not the only one who wants to work at Disney World right now. There are many perks of being a Walt Disney World employee. Keep reading to get a glimpse of the types of discounts Disney World employees get and find out how to be on the receiving end of such benefits as well!

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Can Disney Employees Get Free Disney World Tickets?

Disney employees receive various park benefits, which include free tickets and guest passes. Guest passes let employees bring in several guests to the parks for free. They also receive freebies such as extra food or complementary items that are never used. Furthermore, Disney World employees also have access to exclusive discounts that are not available to anyone else.

Disney has the right to change the rules regarding employee discounts and what privileges employees have access to. However, employees receiving free tickets and guest passes is a custom that has lasted a long time.

Thus, it is unlikely that this rule will suddenly change. For the foreseeable future, Disney World employees will continue to receive free tickets, guest passes, and exclusive discounts.

In general, all Disney employees, whether at Walt Disney World or Disneyland, are entitled to special discounts at any Disney park. As long as you provide your employee ID number, you can get discounts at any Disney park or resort. However, these privileges are only for permanent employees who have a long-term contract with Disney.

The Walt Disney Company recently announced that it will no longer provide free tickets or special treatment to third-party employees. Many cast members at Disney Parks come from third-party vendors. It was reported that from October 1st, 2021 onwards, third-party employees won’t receive any free tickets, food, or merchandise from Walt Disney World or any other official Disney Park.

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What Type Of Discounts Do Disney Employees Get?

Walt Disney World employees receive many different types of discounts. The biggest benefit they receive is free entry to all of the Disney World parks. In addition to this, employees also get up to three guest passes. Guest passes let employees bring their friends or family members to the parks for free. However, guest passes only cover entry to the park, nothing else.

Even with free entry, employees and their families still have to pay for rides, food, and hotels. However, they do receive special employee discounts, so they do not have to pay as much as regular customers or visitors.

If an employee uses up three guest passes, they can still buy extra entry tickets at a discounted price. The average Disney World employee gets a 15 to 20% discount on tickets in addition to their guest passes.

Aside from tickets, employees also receive 20% discounts on all merchandise. Depending on the type of merchandise, employees can also get merchandise for free. For instance, suppose an item is discontinued or damaged. Rather than throwing that item away, employees who want the items are free to take them.

All Disney cast members receive a 50% discount on hotel rooms. In addition to this, friends or family of Disney World employees receive a 40% discount on hotel stays. Employees also receive special discounts at rides, restaurants, spas, resorts, etc. The discounts for these things aren’t fixed. Usually, if you are friendly with the workers or the managers of certain stores or restaurants, you can get special discounts, freebies, and complimentary gifts.

Aside from the parks, Disney employees also receive discounted rates for the Disney Cruise Line, Sea World, Disney Springs, Boardwalk, Busch Gardens, and Adventures by Disney. Furthermore, employees also receive an assortment of gifts for special occasions. For instance, for birthdays, an employee can get gift cards for Disney stores or a coupon or voucher for a free meal.

Additionally, for weddings, employees receive discounts on Disney’s Fairytale Weddings, free flowers and gifts, and lower rates at Disney Honeymoons. Most recently, access to Disney Plus was also added to the list of employee benefits. Following the launch of Disney’s new streaming service, employees received the option to choose between free tickets and a free subscription to Disney Plus.

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Are Disney Employees’ Discounts Transferable?

The answer to this question is slightly complicated. The discounts themselves are not transferable. However, tickets or experiences that you purchase using your employee discount are transferable. As long as the ticket isn’t used, you can transfer it using the My Disney Experience app just like regular tickets.

However, friends and family of Disney World employees already receive free entry through guest passes or discounts at hotels and restaurants. Thus, there isn’t any need to transfer the discounts in the first place. Additionally, the transfer only works for experience or tickets. Certain discounts are exclusive to employees and can’t be transferred.

Disney hasn’t made any official or direct statements through their website or otherwise regarding whether employee discounts are transferable or not. However, based on the information regarding employee discounts out there, it is safe to assume that most discounts aren’t transferable.

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How To Become A Disney World Employee?

There are various types of jobs available at Disney World. You could work at one of the restaurants, hotels, spas, etc. However, the job most people think of when they imagine Disney World is being a part of the cast. If you’ve been to Walt Disney World, you may have seen several of your favorite movie characters walking around the park.

From Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to Cinderella and Princess Jasmine, all of Disney’s iconic characters are the heart and soul of Walt Disney World. If you want to become a member of the Disney World cast, you have to check for openings.

Disney posts all job openings on Whether you want an office job or a park job, you will find all the information on Disney’s website.

If you’re applying to be a cast member, you need to research Disney characters thoroughly. Try to figure out which Disney character you look like. Job openings for cast members have specific requirements for physical appearance. If your appearance matches the description of the job, go ahead and send in your application.

After applying, Disney will call you in a week or two to come and audition. For your audition, you will have to act out a scene as the character you’re playing. If the audition goes well, you will get a call back to sign a contract and make your employment official.


In conclusion, do Disney World employees get free tickets? Yes. Not only that, but they also receive guest passes and exclusive discounts. I hope you found this behind-the-scenes look at the life of a Disney World employee exciting.

If you’re still thinking about those free tickets, don’t wait any longer, and get yourself a job at the happiest place on Earth.


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