How To Rent DVC Points (Costs and Requirements)

How To Rent DVC Points (Costs and Requirements) Tips 1

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If you are wondering how to rent DVC points, then you are in the right place! Yes, there’s a right way and a wrong way to rent DVC points. We know this already, but we’ve done further digging and we have found the best place to go for renting DVC points.

We were curious why so many people seem to love David’s Vacation Club Rentals to book their DVC rental. So we decided to reach out to them and ask a few questions last week.

Well, Melissa Mullet, Director of Operations for David’s Vacation Club Rentals was gracious enough to offer us the opportunity for a sit-down conversation.

We will go over some of the common questions that people ask about renting DVC points, and why David’s is so good at what they do.

Why Should I Rent DVC Points?

By renting Disney Vacation Club points it will save you a fair amount of money and will put you in Deluxe-quality hotel rooms at Walt Disney World for extremely cheaper prices.

Since purchasing a DVC membership is a hardcore financial investment, renting DVC points is a great way to try out Disney Vacation Club, and see if buying into the club is the right move for you.

Not only that, you’ll quickly see that you can stay in a Deluxe villa for basically the same amount of money that you could stay at a moderate Disney resort for.

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How Many DVC Points Do I Need To Rent? (DVC Rental Costs)

That really depends on exactly where you want to stay and for how long. But try not to think of this as points if you are renting. It will make it a lot easier on your brain and I’ll show you a great way to figure this out for yourself no matter how long you want to stay or where.

For example, If you stay at Bay Lake Tower from November 2nd through November 5th in a Standard 1 Bedroom, that will run you about $1568. Where that same stay in a two-bedroom would be around $2064.

How do I know this? David’s Vacation Club Rentals has an awesome DVC points calculator to help you figure all of this out; right on their website!

What Are The Minimum Amount Of Nights I Can Rent?

Well, David’s Vacation Club rentals have a contractual agreement with the DVC Owners to rent out no less than 44 points. That means that typically their minimum is 2 nights approximately. But Melissa says “However, sometimes we have Owners that have fewer points than 44. If this is the case then we can rent less than the minimum. We understand how special a Disney Vacation can be so no matter the number of points needed we always try and help.”

Is It Cheaper To Rent DVC Points?

The only time it is truly cheaper to rent DVC points is when you plan to book a deluxe resort in the first place. On occasion, you will find that it is cheaper to rent DVC than to book a moderate resort as well. This is why we love David’s so much, it gives you the chance to try DVC before you buy into it all while saving money on what you would normally spend on a Disney vacation.

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What Is So Special About Renting From David’s Vacation Club Rentals?

As David likes to say … “We are a family run business that has grown over the years however we have never lost touch with one thing and that is our passion for Disney.”

What sets David’s apart is their customer service. They are highly responsive and are available through telephone, email, live chat and Facebook. Our staff all embody our passion for Disney.

Melissa and her sister-in-law Kelly take their staff on an all-expenses-paid trip to Disney World every two years so that they can see all of the Disney Vacation Club Resorts, familiarize themselves with all of the modes of transportation, as well as getting to overindulge at some of the most fun and entertaining restaurants that Disney offers as well as share in the Magic by visiting all 5 parks.

Melissa says that “taking their team to Disney is extremely important so that when you contact David’s Vacation Club Rentals my team is able to give you real advice on where to stay, eat and have fun. “

How Far In Advance Should You Book DVC Rental Points?

David’s offers a page on their website that makes recommendations on when to book. All of the resorts are unique and offer different amenities and transportation options. So it can be difficult to give a blanketed statement of how far in advance to book as it depends on where you want to stay and when.

Melissa says “My best advice is to book as far in advance as possible. A guest can book up to 11 months in advance. If you are not able to book that far in advance, perhaps your family is looking to travel within the next 3 months, that’s perfectly fine. We never say never about availability until DVC Member Services does.”

It’s always worth a shot to try and book through David’s Vacation Club Rentals. If David’s is not able to find your selections then they will provide you with options to choose from that are available. If your not satisfied with those options then they do not proceed and your deposit is refunded.

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What About A Confirmation Number?

As a guest of a Disney Vacation Club Member, you will receive a confirmation number for your reservation. When staying on Disney World property you can utilize this confirmation number in your My Disney Experience App.

Once you tie the confirmation number into your MDE account your reservation will appear. As a guest, you will also have access to Advanced Dining Reservations, Fast Pass +, Extra Magic Hours, Magical Express, Magic Bands etc. You will have the same access as a guest that books directly through Disney.

Is The DVC Rental Booked Under My Name Or The Owner?

The DVC Rental is booked under the guest’s name and address using the DVC Owners Membership. Melissa says “What I like tell our guests is that it’s much like being a guest of your friend who has a Membership at a golf club.”

The Member has to get you in with their Membership however, you can use all of the amenities provided. When a guest checks in at Disney World they check-in just like any other reservation. The DVC Resort will require a piece of government-issued id.

Can You Get The Disney Dining Plan If You Rent DVC Points?

Yes, you can purchase an optional Disney Dining Plan when staying as a guest of a DVC Member at a Disney Vacation Club resort. The three Disney Dining Plans that are available to you when renting DVC points include Disney’s Quick Service Dining Plan, Disney’s (Plus) Dining Plan, and Disney’s Deluxe Dining Plan.

Do You Get Magic Bands When Renting DVC Points?

It is almost a must to have a magic band when you are in the parks. Lucky for you, when you are staying at a Disney World Resort through rented DVC points you are recognized as a guest of Disney, and as such, you can take advantage of all the perks of staying on property offers including the use of MagicBands.

Do I Pay The Owner or The Rental Company?

Once your reservation has been secured, David’s will send out a congratulatory email to the guest with a link to make payment. As a guest, you will pay David’s and they disperse the funds accordingly.

You can make your payment for your points using a MasterCard, Visa or PayPal. Your information is secure and the details of your method of payment are not stored for security purposes.

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What Is The DVC Cancellation Policy?

Melissa at David’s DVC says “Regrettably, due to the complexity of the points system Cancellations are not permitted. Although we don’t sell Trip Insurance, we highly recommend looking into it as you never know what life or mother nature may throw at you.”


We have wondered who the best DVC rental option would be many times as we have not yet invested in a Disney Vacation Club membership. I can guarantee you that we will be using David’s Vacation Club Rentals for our next Disney excursion.

I want to take a minute to also thank Melissa Mullett for taking the time to sit down with us for an interview and so graciously answering all of our questions.

If you would like to learn more about David’s, then I suggest you go to the David’s Vacation Club Rental website.

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