Easter Activities Around Disney World

Easter in Disney World

There are so many fun ways to celebrate Easter at Disney World. If you headed that way for the holiday, or even if you wonder what Easter is like at Disney, I’ve listed some of the fun activities and events you definitely want to check out.

Meet the Easter Bunny

Hop on over to Magic Kingdom and meet the ever so adorable Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny! You will find this dynamic duo between the Chamber of Commerce and City Hall just on the left and side after you enter Magic Kingdom.

Visit the Resorts to Check Out the Easter Displays

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During the Easter holiday season you can find some of the resorts decked out with elaborate Easter displays. One of the best displays is the one over at the Grand Floridian. Every year the chefs get together to create ornate themed chocolate edible egg displays. The amount of craftmanship that goes into these is truly amazing. Its fun to walk around and see the different themes as they do change from year to year.

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New this year to the Grand Floridian even brought out “The Grand Cottage” . Very similar to the gingerbread house at Christmas time, this Bunny Cottage sells all sorts of Easter-themed you’re looking for something confections.

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Several other resorts have gotten in on the fun too. You can find Easter displays at well at Yacht Club, Beach Club, and Boardwalk Resorts. Disney’s Contemporary Resort has a display of edible eggs inspired by Mary Blair the designer behind Small World and the mural in the Contemporary.

Try Some of Special Holiday Easter treats

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All across Disney Parks and Resorts you can find a variety of special limited edition Easter treats. Bunny Butt Rice Crispy Treats can be found in Magic Kingdom along with Easter Bunny caramel apples and . The resorts all have their own version of a seasonal cupcake as well.

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Disney Springs has some very unique items. The Ganachery sells a chocolate Minnie (with bunny ears) piñata that’s filled with Easter candies. They also have the ever-so-popular Bourbon Boozy Bunnies. The boozy bunnies are filled with sipping chocolate and Bourbon. They also sell a non-alcoholic version as well.

Book Easter Brunch

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This year Steakhouse 71 will offer Easter Brunch on April 17th from 7:30 AM to 2 PM. You have to try the new and only offered seasonally lemon blueberry ricotta pancakes. Steakhouse 71 is located inside Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

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Shopping is fun any time of the year but during Easter it’s even more fun! From specialty chocolate Easter confections to Mickey plushes in bunny suites scented like chocolate you can find just about everything you need to make the perfect Easter basket. Cherry Tree Lane in Disney Springs has the perfect dresses for Spring.

Floral Minnie Ears, character t-shirts, magic, bands, and more are fun gifts that are as much to shop for as they are to receive.

See the Easter Procession Parade

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Every year on Easter you can catch this special Easter Procession Parade on Main Street in Magic Kingdom. You can expect to see characters such s Thumper, Daisy, Clarabelle, Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny and more. This usually happens just before the regular parade but be sure to check the times that day so you don’t miss this rare opportunity.

Easter can be a great time to be in Disney World with the milder weather. It can be very busy during the holiday but with the proper planning you can still get to do and see everything you want to and get to experience all the fun of a Easter holiday in the most magical place on earth.

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