How Many Pokestops Are In Disney World? Answered!

How Many Pokestops Are In Disney World? Answered! Tips 1

If you are from the generation that grew up watching and obsessing over Pokemon, you are likely to know about Pokestops. An essential part of Pokemon GO, it offers an experience like no other, tinged with nostalgia from childhood. Hence, you will be delighted to know that you can experience this in a lot of different ways in Disney World!

There are approximately more than 30 Pokestops scattered throughout Disney world, starting from theme parks, Disney Springs, and many more.

It can be a dilemma for you to figure out where to go and what you can expect to find. So, in this article, I am going to highlight how many Pokestops there are in Disney World. I have also highlighted the best ones to make your lives easier. I would recommend reading the whole article to be the most informed.

How Many Pokestops Are In Disney World? Answered! Tips 2

How Many Pokestops Are There In Disney World?

Disney has incorporated many Pokestops into its land of wonder. As mentioned, they have more than 30 Pokestops throughout. And there is something different about playing this game here with various themes of Disney surrounding you. Alongside these, there are plenty of stops you can make for your refreshments after a tiresome gaming session.

Pokestops are present all over. Starting from the theme parks, water parks, and even gym stops, the experience is present. If you want to play the game in a relaxed environment, you also have the opportunity to utilize the resort hotel where you have chosen to stay.

Rules you should know

As you very well know, the game can be quite immersive. So, the following are a few rules you should be acquainted with to respect Disney’s guidelines, for your own safety and that of others as well.

  • Do not go into off-limits areas. This might include backstage or employee-only areas. Do not go around climbing any fences either, even if a Pokémon’s spawn tempts you to.
  • If hours upon hours of play have drained your phone battery away, you can go and recharge your phone in the Imagination Zone. You can bring your own recharging devices, such as a power bank as per your preference.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings. Especially amidst crowds, you can bump into others. You can also come in front of a Main Street Vehicle and be the victim of an unfortunate accident.
  • Keep your phone’s volume low so as not to disturb the experience of other people. I would advise against headphones as it would keep you totally focused on your phone and keep you tuned to your surroundings which can be dangerous.
  • While on any rides, press pause. No Pokémon, no matter how rare, is worth hampering your safety. This way, the enjoyment of other people on the rides is not prone to disruption as well. Only resume upon exiting the rides.

As a side note, since everyone is in it to have an enjoyable time, do not forget to share tips, recommend the locations and Pokestops to other players, especially the new ones.

How Many Pokestops Are In Disney World? Answered! Tips 3

Which Pokestops Are the Best Ones in Disney World?

Picking from so many options is not an easy feat, especially when it concerns Pokemon GO. All the options look appealing. Hence, below I have provided some of the most popular Pokestops to make the choosing process easier for you.

Theme parks

Theme parks are an obvious choice. Tons of crowds are present here, and a good number of them will be busy in the world of Pokemon. As a result, due to lures activated by other players, there’s a chance you can catch a lot of Pokemon by staying in one place.

Also, as a tip, on your map, if you see signs of confetti around these zones, walk around that area. There are chances you will find a catch there. The confetti is a sign of lures set by other players so that the Pokemon come to them.

Disney Springs

Disney Springs is said to have 30 Pokestops. These are ideal places to train your Pokemon and to increase your team’s skills. You can also go into battles here. You can find Pokestops at Universal Hollywood Studios or even at Pleasure Island.

Gym stops

Disney World has an abundance of gym spots, and you will find plenty of Pokestops in these areas. The Cinderella Castle and Sleeping Beauty Castle are gym stops. The Haunted Mansion is one as well.

You can also use the gym spots as training grounds. Although, I would like to let you know that the competition tends to be very high in areas like these. So, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. It is better to not claim any spawns unless you have a thoroughly trained team of powerful Pokemon. 


Seaworld has up to 20 Pokestops on its own. There is a reason why some people call it the ultimate Pokemon hotspot in Orlando. The place is known to hold a lot of water Pokemon. 

Fun Spot America

With 14 acres of park space, it is not surprising that this place can help make your Pokemon GO experience better. It has around 8 Pokestops with Magikarp being a frequent claim by players.

Beach Club Resort

If you are looking forward to catching heracross, which is region-specific and quite rare to catch, go to the Beach Club Resort. You can even come across the tropical Corsola, although that one might be a tricky find.

How Many Pokestops Are In Disney World? Answered! Tips 4

Where In Disney Can You Find The Most Pokestops?

Now that you know all the best Pokestops, you might be wondering where you can find the most Pokestops. Of course, having multiple options together is extremely convenient. To answer your question, the Magic Kingdom is where you can find the most Pokestops.

The Magic Kingdom is undoubtedly the biggest park that Disney has to offer. In addition, the park has an abundance of gyms and stops. This way, you can experiment in many places all at once. Lots of people have even been known to find their first Pikachu here, which is no less than an achievement.

Moreover, many players activate lures together at this spot. As a result, you can increase the number of Pokémon that can spawn. To elaborate, when you activate lures on a Pokestop, a new spawn is provided every 5 minutes. Hence, when many players activate lures from Magic Kingdom, you can catch multiple spawns in just an hour from this fixed position.

How Many Pokestops Are In Disney World? Answered! Tips 5

Great time for a short time

If you are running low on time and want to catch many Pokémon all at once, I would suggest going to Kissimmee Lakefront Park. It takes less than 30 minutes to get there from Walt Disney World.

The Kissimmee Lakefront Park is a beautiful park with an expansive area. It also provides very rare spawns that you might not always find in the other parks. Players who only visit for a short trip, activate lures there throughout the day. You can use it to your advantage and catch a lot of Pokémon in a day’s time or even less. 


Now you should know how many pokestops there are in Disney World. So, if you are a Disney fan and have a hunger for catching some pokemon, I can imagine that you are delighted to hear that.

I hope after reading this article, the next time you go for a visit to this land of dreams, you will get to catch all the Pokemon you were waiting to get your hands on. Good luck on your next trip!


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