Instagram Worthy Photo Spots & Tips Around Disney World

Photo Spots Around Disney World

I love a good photo spot in Disney. There is almost an endless amount of perfect Instagram-worthy photo spots around Disney Parks and Resorts. Next time you are in the park try to think outside the box.

Instagram Worthy Photo Spots & Tips Around Disney World Tips 1

The pic above was taken at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. If you are taking a pic in a popular picture location you can make yours stand out just by trying different angles. Don’t forget different times of the day can totally change the feel and look of your picture.

Instagram Worthy Photo Spots & Tips Around Disney World Tips 2
Photo Credit – Disney Parks Blog

Instead of just the standard pic in front of the tree at Animal Kingdom try getting an up-close selfie with it. If you go back behind the exit for Bugs Life you will see a waterfall and even be able to get close to some of the carved-out areas on the tree. Take a selfie with the waterfall behind you, or better yet have a friend take a pic of you on the other side of the waterfall through the opening. You can even do a slow-motion video for a super cool effect! Look for those spots that no one else thinks of.

Instagram Worthy Photo Spots & Tips Around Disney World Tips 3

Distance can be your friend. If your trying to get a picture of a larger-than-life Disney Parks icon make sure you are at just the right distance. You want to get as close as you can but still fit your entire group in the picture. You can also try different settings as well. For instance portrait mode on your phone will make the subjects of the photo pop out while the background takes second place. Think about the mood you want to create and don’t be afraid to try new things and have fun.

Disney Park’s Instagram Walls

Everyone knows about the Bubblegum Wall ( center) at Epcot just outside Spaceship Earth, but did you know about the Blueberry Wall ( left) or the Toothpaste wall (right)? You can find the Toothpaste Wall when you are exiting The Seas with Nemo and Friends. The Blueberry Wall is just a few steps away from The Bubblegum Wall.

When looking for a great picture spot try looking for details in unexpected places. Remember only a small portion of your surroundings will show so imagine you are looking at everything around you through a camera lens.

Instagram Worthy Photo Spots & Tips Around Disney World Tips 7
Photo Credit – Disney Parks Blog

This purple wall in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is located in Tomorrowland and even has its own hashtags. You can make yours stand out by planning ahead. Borrow your nephew’s bubble wand or take your pic at dusk with your light-up ears on. Take your pic from an extreme angle and make sure you line yourself up in just the right spot as this wall changes in design and as you walk along it. Don’t forget your purple ears!

Next time you are visiting Pandora in Disney’s Animal Kingdom head toward Satuli Canteen. Just opposite the front door, you will find this colorful and Instagram-popular “Moss Wall” wall (far right). Don’t forget to hashtag #MossWall to get the most views! In the Harambe Marketplace in Africa, you can find this “Most Beautiful” ( center pic) wall. Look for it near the cast members-only entryway. One of the most fun walls is this Toy Story Drawing Wall ( left). You will find this wall when exiting off Toy Story Mania. How cute is that?

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Disney Resort Photo Spots

Don’t forget the Resorts! Old Key West has some great photo spots. Just outside the check-in area, you will find this cute little spot complete with props. The beachy colors and designs of the buildings here create a summery beachy vibe.

This log cabin wall (left) can be found over at Wilderness Lodge down near Salon By The Springs. You can find it just down by the main pool area. I also love this rocky boulder-looking wall background. You can find this photo spot also at Wilderness Lodge down by the Silver Creek Springs Pool.

The Polynesian has some great photo spots. This retro geometric-looking wall can be found down on the shores of the Bora Bora Bungalows. Since you are at the Polynesian you will probably have to grab a Dole Whip. I mean that’s practically a rule isn’t it? Before it melts be sure to grab a picture in front of the wall over at Aloha Isle. You can find this spot just outside the back exit of the Polynesian.

This is just a small sampling of some great photo spots found around Disney World. Don’t be afraid to try new things and most importantly have fun! Stay tuned to WDW Travels for all the latest from the most magical place on earth!


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