How Disney Memory Maker and Photopass Works

How Disney Memory Maker and Photopass Works Tips 1

Hey there! Ever wondered how Disney captures those magical moments during your visit to the parks? Well, look no further! I’m here to guide you through the wonderful world of Disney Memory Maker and PhotoPass.

Together, they create lasting memories of your trip. Get ready to explore how to use PhotoPass, the benefits of Memory Maker, and how to make the most of this incredible service during your visit to the happiest place on earth.

Let’s dive in and capture those special moments!

Understanding Disney PhotoPass

I love using Disney PhotoPass to capture all of my magical moments at Walt Disney World.

With Disney PhotoPass, I can have professional photographers take high-quality photos of me throughout the theme park.

These photos are then linked to my MagicBand or park ticket, making it easy for me to view and purchase them on the Disney PhotoPass website.

I also have the option to purchase Disney Memory Maker, which allows me to access and download all of my trip photos.

The PhotoPass photos include in-park photos, ride photos and videos, magic shots, character photos, character dining photos, RunDisney photos, and Disney PhotoPass Studio photos.

It’s a convenient and hassle-free way to capture and preserve my Disney memories.

How Disney Memory Maker and Photopass Works Tips 2

Memory Maker: An Overview

A key feature of Disney Memory Maker is its ability to provide unlimited access and downloads of all your trip photos. When you visit the Walt Disney World Resort, PhotoPass photographers will capture your magical moments throughout the park. These photos will be linked to your Disney Experience account or your MagicBand.

You can then view and purchase these photos on the Disney PhotoPass website. However, if you want to access and download all your trip photos, you can purchase the Memory Maker package. This package includes all digital downloads of PhotoPass photos, allowing you to relive your cherished memories as many times as you want.

Whether you choose the Memory Maker package or opt for the Memory Maker one-day option, you’ll have the convenience of unlimited access to your trip photos.

The Role of PhotoPass Photographers

As a Disney Memory Maker user, I greatly appreciate the invaluable role that PhotoPass photographers play in capturing the magical moments of my Walt Disney World experience. These talented photographers are stationed throughout the theme parks, ready to snap the perfect shot.

When you encounter a PhotoPass photographer, they’ll take your photo and link it to your MagicBand or park ticket. The photo is then uploaded to the Disney PhotoPass website, where you can view and purchase it. If you have purchased Disney Memory Maker, all of your trip photos are included and can be accessed and downloaded during the designated memory maker purchase time.

The PhotoPass pictures are available for download for 45 days after they’re taken, giving you plenty of time to relive your Disney memories.

Accessing Your PhotoPass Photos

To access your PhotoPass photos, simply log into the Disney PhotoPass website using your account credentials. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to view and download all of your photos from your Disney World trip.

The Disney PhotoPass website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can browse through your photos, organize them into albums, and even create personalized products such as prints, mugs, or ornaments.

Additionally, if you have purchased the Disney Memory Maker package, all of your trip photos will be available for download in high-resolution. This means you can relive the magical moments from your Disney parks experience anytime you want.

Accessing your PhotoPass photos is a simple and convenient process that allows you to cherish the memories of your Disney World trip for years to come.

How Disney Memory Maker and Photopass Works Tips 3

Sharing PhotoPass Access

To continue accessing your PhotoPass photos and sharing them with others, it’s important to understand the process of sharing PhotoPass access. Here’s how it works:

  1. Add Friends and Family: To share your PhotoPass access, you can add friends and family members to your Friends and Family List. This allows them to view and download your photos.
  2. Assign PhotoPass Cards: You can also assign PhotoPass cards to specific individuals. This gives them their own access to the photos taken with that card.
  3. Link MagicBands: If your friends and family members have their own MagicBands, you can link them to your account. This allows them to have access to your PhotoPass photos through their own MagicBands.

Using Personal Cameras at Disney

Continuing to capture magical memories, using personal cameras at Disney enhances the photo experience. While Disney PhotoPass and Memory Maker offer professional photography services, bringing your own camera allows you to capture unique moments from your perspective.

When visiting Disney, you can use your personal camera alongside PhotoPass photographers to document your favorite attractions, character interactions, and magical moments. Keep in mind that using your own camera won’t provide you with features like Magic Shots or candid shots, which are exclusive to Disney’s PhotoPass system.

However, having your personal camera allows you to have complete control over the composition and style of your photos. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or simply want to capture your own memories, using personal cameras at Disney is a great way to enhance your photo experience.

PhotoPass Expiration Details

As we delve into the details of PhotoPass expiration, let’s further explore how long you have to download and access your Disney World photos. Here are the specific timeframes to keep in mind:

  1. PhotoPass Expiration: PhotoPass photos are available for download for 45 days after they’re taken. This means you have just over a month to access and save your photos.
  2. Extension Option: If you need more time, you have the option to purchase an extension. This can be useful if you’re unable to download your photos within the initial 45-day period.
  3. Annual Passholder Benefit: Disney World annual passholders have the added benefit of having access to their PhotoPass photos for 365 days. This gives them a full year to enjoy and download their memories.

It’s important to note that these expiration details apply to PhotoPass photos, not the Disney Memory Maker package. The Memory Maker access is triggered by downloading or unlocking a PhotoPass photo and lasts for 30 days.

Purchasing PhotoPass Images

I can easily purchase PhotoPass images through the Disney World’s My Disney Experience page. Once I log into my account, I can navigate to the PhotoPass section and view all the photos that have been taken during my visit to the park.

The photos are organized by the times they were taken, making it easy for me to find the specific moments I want to purchase. From there, I can select the photos I want and add them to my cart.

I also have the option to purchase the Memory Maker package, which includes all digital downloads of the PhotoPass pictures. The Memory Maker access lasts for 30 days, starting from the time I download or unlock my first PhotoPass photo.

It’s a convenient and hassle-free way to preserve my memories from my time at Walt Disney World.

Memory Maker Purchase Options

To purchase Memory Maker, I can simply navigate to the PhotoPass section on Disney World’s My Disney Experience page and select the desired photos or add the Memory Maker package to my cart. Here are the Memory Maker purchase options:

  1. Buy Memory Maker at full rate: If I choose this option, I’ll have access to all digital downloads of PhotoPass photos for a period of 30 days. This access is triggered by downloading or unlocking a PhotoPass photo.
  2. Purchase Memory Maker in advance: By purchasing Memory Maker in advance, I can save some money. The cost is $210+tax if purchased at the full rate, but if I purchase it in advance, it will cost me $185+tax.
  3. Link Memory Maker to my account: After purchasing Memory Maker, I need to link it to my Disney account. This will ensure that all my trip photos are included in the package.

With these Memory Maker purchase options, I can make the most of my Disney World photo package and enjoy capturing memories that will last a lifetime.

Memory Maker Duration and Access

For the duration of 30 days, I can access and download all my trip photos with the Memory Maker package. This allows me to relive my magical moments at Disney World over and over again. With Memory Maker, I have unlimited access to all the photos taken by Disney’s talented PhotoPass photographers at various locations throughout the parks. To give you a better idea, here is a table showcasing some important details about Memory Maker duration and access:

Access and FeaturesDuration
Access to Photos30 days
Photo DownloadsUnlimited
Photopass LocationsVarious
Disney Experience Mobile AppYes

With this package, I can conveniently view and download my photos using the Disney Experience mobile app. It’s a great way to capture and preserve all the magical memories from my Disney World trip.

PhotoPass and Memory Maker Differences

During my 30-day access to Memory Maker, I can easily distinguish between PhotoPass and Memory Maker by understanding their key differences and how they contribute to capturing and preserving my magical moments at Disney World.

  1. PhotoPass: PhotoPass is a service provided by Disney World that involves professional photographers stationed throughout the parks. They take high-quality photos of you and your group at various locations. These photos are linked to your MagicBand or park ticket and can be viewed and purchased on the Disney PhotoPass website.
  2. Memory Maker: Memory Maker, on the other hand, is a package that allows you to access and download all the photos taken by PhotoPass photographers during your trip. It provides unlimited digital downloads of these photos, ensuring that you have a comprehensive collection of your Disney memories.
  3. Key Differences: The main difference between PhotoPass and Memory Maker is that PhotoPass focuses on capturing the photos, while Memory Maker provides the means to access and download these photos. By purchasing Memory Maker, you have the convenience of having all your trip photos in one place, making it easier to relive the magic of your Disney experience.
How Disney Memory Maker and Photopass Works Tips 4

PhotoPass: Beyond the Park Photos

One of the advantages of PhotoPass is the opportunity to capture magical moments beyond the boundaries of the Disney theme parks. In addition to the in-park photos, Disney PhotoPass photographers are available at various times outside the parks to capture your memories.

These photographers can be found at character meals, where they’ll take photos of you and your favorite Disney characters. They can also be found at select locations throughout the resort, such as Disney Springs and the Disney Resort hotels. These photos can be accessed and purchased through the PhotoPass website.

Linking Your PhotoPass Card

To link your PhotoPass card, simply visit the Disney PhotoPass website and follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Sign in to your Disney account: Before you can link your PhotoPass card, you need to sign in to your Disney account on the PhotoPass website. If you don’t have an account, you can create one easily.
  2. Access the ‘Link a PhotoPass Card’ section: Once you’re signed in, locate the ‘Link a PhotoPass Card’ section on the website. This is where you can input the unique code on your PhotoPass card to link it to your account.
  3. Enter the code and confirm: Enter the code from your PhotoPass card into the designated field and click ‘Confirm’ to complete the linking process. Once linked, your photos taken with the PhotoPass card will be accessible on the Disney PhotoPass website.

Linking your PhotoPass card is an important step to ensure that all your photos are conveniently stored in one place and accessible through Disney Memory Maker.

The Cost of PhotoPass and Memory Maker

Now let’s talk about how much it costs to use Disney PhotoPass and Memory Maker.

Disney PhotoPass is a photography service available throughout the Walt Disney World resort. PhotoPass photographers take your photos in the theme parks, and these photos can be viewed and purchased on the Disney PhotoPass website.

If you want to access and download all your trip photos, you can purchase Disney Memory Maker. The current cost of Memory Maker is $210+tax if purchased at the full rate or $185+tax if purchased in advance.

The cost of PhotoPass varies depending on what you’re looking for. The Memory Maker package includes all digital downloads of PhotoPass photos, while prints and other items are separate purchases.

With Memory Maker, you can enjoy unlimited downloads of your Disney PhotoPass photos for 30 days.

Benefits for Annual Passholders

As an annual passholder, I enjoy exclusive benefits when using Disney Memory Maker and PhotoPass. Here are some of the benefits I experience:

  1. Save time with unlimited PhotoPass downloads: With Memory Maker, I’ve unlimited access to download all my trip photos. This means I can save time by not having to individually purchase each photo and can easily access and download them through My Disney Experience.
  2. Capture more magical moments with PhotoPass photographers: As an annual passholder, I’ve more opportunities to interact with PhotoPass photographers throughout the parks. This allows me to capture even more magical moments and create lasting memories.
  3. Enjoy extended access to my Disney experience: Annual passholders have the advantage of enjoying their PhotoPass photos for a longer period of time. While regular guests have 45 days to download their photos, as an annual passholder, I’ve a full 365 days to access and download my photos.

These exclusive benefits for annual passholders not only save time but also enhance the overall Disney experience by providing more opportunities to capture and cherish magical moments.

Pre-Purchase Vs Full Rate Memory Maker

After considering the benefits for annual passholders, I now want to compare the advantages of pre-purchasing the Memory Maker package versus purchasing it at the full rate.

When you pre-purchase the Disney Memory Maker, you can save money and have peace of mind knowing that you have already secured access to all your trip photos. By purchasing in advance, you can enjoy a discount, paying $185 plus tax instead of the full rate of $210 plus tax. This is a significant saving, especially if you plan on taking advantage of the PhotoPass service extensively during your visit.

Additionally, by pre-purchasing, you can start accessing and downloading your photos as soon as you arrive at the park. This allows you to maximize the use of the Memory Maker throughout your trip.

How Disney Memory Maker and Photopass Works Tips 5

Memory Maker for Multiple Trips

I’ve found that using Memory Maker for multiple trips can be a cost-effective option for Disney World frequent visitors. Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase the Memory Maker: You can buy the Memory Maker package, which includes unlimited digital downloads of all your PhotoPass photos, for a specific time period. This allows you to use it for multiple trips within that timeframe.
  2. Link it to your My Disney Experience: Once you’ve purchased the Memory Maker, you need to link it to your My Disney Experience account. This ensures that all your photos from different trips are stored in one place.
  3. Multi-day Memory Maker: The Memory Maker package also offers a multi-day option, which is valid for a specific number of consecutive days. This is perfect if you’re going on a longer vacation or multiple trips close together.

Memory Maker One Day Option

To access the Memory Maker One Day Option at Disney World, I simply purchase the package for a single day of unlimited digital downloads of my PhotoPass photos. This option allows me to capture all the magical moments during my visit without committing to the full Memory Maker package.

Throughout the day, I can take advantage of the PhotoPass photographers stationed at various locations in the park. They’ll be available to capture memorable photo opportunities for me. Once my photos are taken, they’ll be linked to my Memory Maker account.

At the end of the day, I can download all my photos and relive the memories. It’s important to note that to activate Memory Maker One Day Option, I must download or unlock at least one PhotoPass photo within the 30-day access period.

PhotoPass and Genie+ Integration

Continuing from the previous subtopic, I can seamlessly integrate my PhotoPass experience with the new Genie+ service at Disney World. The integration between PhotoPass and Genie+ enhances the convenience and functionality of both services. Here are three key ways in which PhotoPass and Genie+ are integrated:

  1. PhotoPass Access with Genie+: With Genie+, I can easily access and view my PhotoPass photos directly through the Genie+ app. This eliminates the need to switch between different platforms and provides a centralized location for all my Disney World experiences.
  2. PhotoPass Enhancements with Genie+: Genie+ offers exclusive PhotoPass enhancements, such as augmented reality filters and stickers, that can be applied to my photos. These enhancements add an extra touch of magic and fun to my Disney memories.
  3. Seamless PhotoPass Purchases with Genie+: Through the Genie+ app, I can conveniently purchase and download my PhotoPass photos. This integration streamlines the process, allowing me to quickly and easily obtain high-quality digital copies of my favorite Disney moments.

The integration between PhotoPass and Genie+ at Disney World ensures a seamless and enhanced photo experience, making it easier than ever to capture and cherish my magical memories.

Can I Use Memory Maker On A Disney Cruise?

“Memory Maker” is a service that is offered in the parks at Disney World. While the Disney cruise lines do not offer “Memory Maker” they do have photography packages that you can purchase. They actually have 3 packages that you can choose from.

Digital Collection – you get a USB jump drive with all of your digital photos from the cruise

Prints Package – Have all of your photos printed while you are still on the ship

Customizable Photo book – choose up to 34 of your favorite pictures from the cruise to be put into a fantastic keepsake photo book.

Unique PhotoPass Opportunities

How can I take advantage of the unique PhotoPass opportunities available at Disney World? Walt Disney World offers a variety of exclusive and unforgettable PhotoPass experiences throughout the parks. These opportunities allow you to capture magical moments and create lasting memories. Take a look at the table below for a glimpse of some of the unique PhotoPass experiences available at Disney Parks:

Opportunity Description
Magic Shots Add a touch of Disney magic to your photos with the addition of beloved characters and special effects.
Animated Magic Shots Bring your photos to life with animated elements that showcase the enchantment of Disney.
Attraction Photos Capture the excitement of your favorite rides with on-ride photos that are automatically linked to your account.
Character Experiences Meet and pose with your favorite Disney characters, and let the PhotoPass photographers capture the joy of these encounters.

These unique PhotoPass opportunities are included with the purchase of Disney Memory Maker or can be purchased individually. Don’t miss out on these extraordinary moments that will make your Disney vacation even more unforgettable.


In the enchanting world of Disney, PhotoPass and Memory Maker work together seamlessly to capture and preserve the magical moments of your visit. With PhotoPass photographers stationed throughout the parks, you can effortlessly collect beautiful photos linked to your MagicBand or ticket.

And with the Memory Maker package, you can download and treasure all these photos, allowing you to relive the joy and wonder of your Disney experience.

So, let these memories be the pixie dust that brings a touch of magic to your life.


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