Disney World Minnie Vans : Cost Comparison and Review

Disney World Minnie Vans : Cost Comparison and Review Tips 1

Love to travel around Disney in style? Ever thought about renting a taxi or car service to get around Disney World? Well, you need to check out the Disney World Minnie Van Service that has been available since June 1st, 2018.

Minnie Vans are a personal ride service that you can rent like using Uber or Lyft, except they are Red Chevy Traverses decked out with White polka dots all over them like Minnie Mouse! You get a knowledgeable and friendly cast member as the driver who will whisk you away from one Disney resort or park to another … with a smile!

What Area Does The Minnie Van Service Cover?

Anywhere on Disney World Property is eligible to utilize the Minnie Van service including but not limited to the Swan and Dolphin, Disney Springs, and Disney’s Good Neighbor Hotels located in and around Disney Springs.

For trips to or from Orlando International Airport (MCO.) the shuttle service is for flight arrivals 7 am – 10 pm and for flight departures from 9 am – 12 am.

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How Do Minnie Vans Work?

All you have to do is open up the Lyft app on your phone and enter your pick up location and destination. Then choose “Minnie Van Service” It will then tell you your estimated wait time (usually under 10 minutes) Then your van will arrive and take you to your destination. The payment and tip are paid for through the Lyft app so there is no need to worry about having cash.

Who Can Use Minnie Vans?

Any guest visiting Disney World can use Minnie Vans, not just guests staying at a Disney World Resorts.

You will need a smartphone with the Lyft app installed to request the Van.

Disney World Minnie Vans : Cost Comparison and Review Tips 2

Are There Accessible Minnie Vans?

Yes. You can even book a Accessible Minnie Van in advance. You must allow an extra 45 to 60 minutes for this handicap accessible van. Standard wheelchairs, ECV’s, and motorized vehicles can all be transported using this service. You must call a Minnie Van specialist at 407-828-3500 to ensure arrival of a Minnie Van suitable to your needs.

How Much Do Minnie Vans Cost?

For trips around Disney World when you are actually on Disney World property prices for Minnie Vans may vary based on the distance traveled from your pick up to drop off location within Disney property. You’ll see what your total cost is through the Lyft app and be able to pay directly through the app as well. Essentially it comes out to a flat fee of $15, plus about $2.75 per mile.

We took (what we believe to be) the longest trip on Disney World property, which is from Animal Kingdom to the Wilderness Lodge and that cost us approximately $39 before tip.

For transportation to or from the Orlando International Airport, Minnie Vans are a flat rate of $150 per 1 way trip. Also note that at this point in time you cannot use the Minnie Van service to or from the Sanford airport, only MCO. For us, this would never be worth it because we love the experience of using the Magical Express.

Disney World Minnie Vans : Cost Comparison and Review Tips 3

How much are airport services?

Rates are $155.00 each way excluding tips. Cancellations must be may 24 hours in advance or you will forfeit a refund.

Will the Minnie Van fit my family and our luggage?

The Minnie Vans can fit up to 6 adults and 6 average sized suitcases and you have the option of installing up to 3 car seats as needed. Any excess luggage can be checked with Resort Airport Services/check in before departing.

How To Order Minnie vans?

For trips around Disney World, you will need to create a Lyft account and download the Lyft app on your phone. Then you will use the app from anywhere in Disney World Resort to access Minnie Van service.

Once in the app, Enter your pick-up location. Then enter your destination and tap Request. The app will display a map tracking the vehicle on it’s way to you and give you a vehicle number to help you spot your car when it arrives.

For Airport shuttles, you will want to arrange service up to 6 months in advance by calling call (407) WDW-PLAY or (407) 939-7529. Make sure you have your flight info available as they will want all of the same information as using the Magical Express.

Do Minnie Vans have car (booster) seats?

Yes, they do! All Minnie Vans are equipped with 2 versatile car seats that can accommodate tiny guests needing to be rear-facing all the way thru big kids using booster seats. All cast members are trained in properly installing the car seats in all configurations. This takes the hassle and concern away from parents.

Disney World Minnie Vans : Cost Comparison and Review Tips 4

Can I take luggage in a Minnie Van?

Yes, along with being able to seat 6 guests, Minnie Vans can also accommodate up to 8 medium-sized pieces of luggage. So if you are traveling to or from the Airport you don’t have to use the Magical Express if you do not want to.

Pro’s Of Using Disney Minnie Vans

The pros of using the Minnie Vans are that you get a knowledgeable cast member driving you around, able to answer all of your questions. You also get to travel in style in a super cute SUV.

They can also drop you off in some locations that other cars can not. For example, they can drop you off at the Magic Kingdom bus stops. Other Ubers and taxis can only take you to the TTC (Ticket and Transportation Center) also they can drop you off right at Pioneer Hall in Fort Wilderness, where Hoop Dee Do Review takes place. Other cars can only take you to the front of the resort and then you would have to take an internal bus to get to Pioneer Hall.

As stated above another big pro for Minnie Vans is the fact that they come with 2 car seats included. If you use another ride service they may either not have them or they are an additional cost.

But let’s be real here for a minute. One of the biggest pros of using a Minnie Van is at the end of a long day with the kids at Magic Kingdom it can be rather stressful to get in a bus loaded to the brim with people. So, if you are looking for a less stressful way to get back to your resort at the end of the day then this is it.

Con’s of using Disney Minnie Vans

One of the cons of using Minnie Vans is that there is free transportation throughout Disney World Resort. They are also more expensive than using a regular Lyft or Uber, usually depending on where you are going those services will run you about $10 each way vs the $25 each way for Minnie Vans.

These vans are definitely for a family that has a great budget allowing for these extras or for a once in a lifetime experience. Also because this is still a new system, wait times can sometimes be longer than an Uber or Lyft because they are still building their fleet.

Minnie Vans VS. Lyft VS. Uber

With all of the new rideshare services popping up it’s easier than ever to get around to Walt Disney World. Sometimes you just don’t want to wait around for the busses on your Walt Disney World vacation and that’s totally fine. So you have three main rideshare options to get back and forth between parks and resorts in Walt Disney World, those are Uber, Lyft’s and Minnie Vans.

Now Minnie Vans are Disney’s own kind of rideshare service that they’ve partnered with Lyft for. All of these ride-sharing services are an awesome way to get from point A to point B in Disney quickly and for a relatively low cost. Not as low as the free transportation options but sometimes it’s worth it not to wait. All three of these rideshare services have their perks and their drawbacks and all three of these rideshare services can pick you up from the airport and take you to your resort.

However Uber’s and Lyft’s can’t take you directly to Magic Kingdom, but Minnie Van’s can. If you tried to take Uber or Lyft to Magic Kingdom, it will instead take you to the transportation and ticket center since they are not allowed at the front of Magic Kingdom. If you get to the TTC, you are still a mile and a half away from Magic Kingdom and will then either have to take a monorail or a ferry boat over to the entrance.

Minnie Vans also have two major advantages over Uber and Lyft, and those are that they come with two car seats and they are able to hold scooters and wheelchairs. Minnie Vans are also driven by cast members who have extensive knowledge about the parks and typically will love to talk to you about your plans and give you some insider tips. They also provide that typically excellent Disney customer service that they’re known for.

Disney World Minnie Vans : Cost Comparison and Review Tips 5

Price Comparison

I thought it would be helpful to compare the prices between Uber, Lyft and Minnie Vans. Keep in mind that the uber and Lyft prices do not include any car seats so it’s not the uber family prices. Uber does have an upcharge that you can pay for vehicles that do come equipped with car seats but I’m not going to be using those prices for this. I went with a departure point of Art Of Animation with the final destination being Epcot just to keep things easy.

Uber would come out to $7.48 at the time that I did this. Uber and Lyft prices do change based on driver availability versus people wanting to use the service, so these prices can change depending on when you’re looking. Lyft estimated the trip would cost $9.06 and finally, the Minnie Vans would cost $23.11.

So the Minnie Vans are definitely the more expensive option, but if you consider the two car seats, the handicap accessibility, the Disney customer service, and the fact that it can take you right to Magic Kingdom, sometimes that upcharge is totally worth it.

Disney World Minnie Vans : Cost Comparison and Review Tips 6

In the event that you are taking an Uber or Lyft and trying to get to Magic Kingdom here’s an insider tip for you. Put your final destination as the Contemporary Resort, which is within walking distance of Magic Kingdom.

It’s about a 5 to 10 minute walk depending on how fast you walk. If you don’t want to walk at all, then you can feel free to take your Uber or Lyft to the Polynesian Resort or Grand Floridian where you can hop on a monorail or the boat to get over to Magic Kingdom.

To book an Uber you’ll have to download the uber app and allow access to your location; for the Lyft and Minnie Vans you will download the Lyft app and allow access to your location. If you want to take a Minnie Van put in your departure point and your final destination as usual and then instead of clicking Lyft you’ll want to swipe all the way over and click on Minnie van.


Whether or not you decide to use the Minnie Van service is totally based on what kind of vacation you are taking. Some people could care less about it, while it’s on the must-do list for others.

For us its something that we had to do at least once just for the experience. Will we do it again? Maybe, it isn’t a must-do for us but there are times what it would be helpful depending on where you are going and how fast you want to get there.

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How much are Minnie vans at Disney World?

The average cost for a Minnie Van is in the neighborhood of $30-35, with some trips being over $40.

Do Minnie vans go to Magic Kingdom?

Yes! Minnie Van service to and from the Magic Kingdom is available.

Do Disney Minnie vans have car seats?

Yes, all Minnie Vans are equipped with complimentary car seats.

Do Minnie vans go to the airport?

Yes, guests staying at any Walt Disney World Resort hotel can also use Minnie Vans for travel to and from Orlando International Airport.


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