Best Disney World Pools (Our Top 5!)

Top 5 pools at Disney

One of the biggest factors along with transportation and pricing that most families consider when booking their Disney resort is, what type of pool the resort offers. In fact, for most kids, it is their favorite part of their entire stay.

Depending on your families ages, tastes, and needs, a lot can go into considering what resort would suit your family best. So what are the best Disney World pools? The ones I’ve listed below are some of my favorite 5 pools at Disney that my family and I have enjoyed over the years.


Best Disney World Pools (Our Top 5!) Planning 1
photo credit- Disney Parks

Big Blue Pool

Hands down Big Blue Pool at Disney’s Art of Animation is a big hit with even the youngest toddlers. The largest pool on Disney property at 308,527 you wont feel overcrowded here. Nemo, Crush, Dory, and many other characters bring you into the world of Finding Nemo the movie. The zero entry pool makes it easy for kids of all ages to get in and out as well.

If your little one isn’t quite ready for the Big Blue there is the Schoolyard Sprayground. This play area has pop up jets of water and a safe soft ground to play on. Squirts Righteous Reef playground will keep the kids entertained for a while. The familiar faces of Nemo and friends will make everyone smile. You may hear ” Mine, Mine, Mine” every so often. Yes, you guessed it. Those pesky seagulls are nearby.

Big Blue is considered the main pool for the resort. This pool also has a pool bar area as well aptly named “The Drop Off” .

Best Disney World Pools (Our Top 5!) Planning 2
photo credit- Disney Parks

Cozy Cone Pool

This resort offers other themed pool areas as well. There is a Cozy Cone themed pool straight out of the Cars movie. Orange construction cones double as pool cabanas. This pool is surrounded by life size characters from the Cars movie.

Best Disney World Pools (Our Top 5!) Planning 3
photo credit- Disney Parks

Flippin Fins Pool

This 103,642 gallon pool will have you singing Under the Sea and flipping your fins just like Ariel. The best part is the you can find all the beloved characters from The Little Mermaid here. Ursula, King Triton, Prince Eric, Sebastian, and of course Ariel. Colorful fish and friends peek out from behind bushes making this area purely magical.


Best Disney World Pools (Our Top 5!) Planning 4
photo credit- Disney Parks

Uzima Springs Pool

Uzima Springs Pool is Animal Kingdom Lodges main pool. You will find a Flamingo habitat just off to the side as well as a playground nearby. Towels and life jackets are in full supply. There are two large jacuzzi tubs in this location as well.

Best Disney World Pools (Our Top 5!) Planning 5
photo credit- Disney Parks

Samawati Springs Pool

There is something here for everyone. The lush landscaping at the Samawati Springs pool lends it a exotic jungle vibe. A 128 ft waterslide is great for the older kids. The zero entry pool is great for the younger and older folks who need a little extra help getting in and out of the pool. The lounge/sunbathing areas are plentiful and laid out well. You can find quiet spots away from the noise or stay close to the pool to supervise the younger ones.

Best Disney World Pools (Our Top 5!) Planning 6
photo credit- Disney Parks

Uwanja Camp

Uwanja Camp has 3 distinct areas for kids to play, learn, and discover in.

Observation Station is for kids ages 4 and up. Unscramble animal images, climb around over crates, cross over moving bridges, and play in a bubbling geyser while wading in a shallow pool.

Base Camp kids 8 and over can use water canyons to spray each other, and whatever unsuspecting soul wanders by.

Departure Zone has a large leaking water tower. Even the flowers are in on it. African Irises spray passerby’s.


Best Disney World Pools (Our Top 5!) Planning 7
photo credit- Disney Parks

Stormalong Bay Pool

Stormalong Bay is hands down one of the most popular pools within the Disney resorts. This massive 750,000 gallon sand bottom pool is like no other on property. This pool is shared by both Yacht and Beach Club Resorts. Don’t worry though. It is large enough to handle sharing resorts and not feel to overcrowded.

Stormalong Bay has a lazy river, a kids shipwreck themed area, two slides, one large and one small so no one is left out of the fun. Can I mention the lazy river again? You don’t even have to swim you can just float! Now that’s relaxing.

There is a sandy beach area for playing in so bring a shovel and pail. If you want to just catch some rays and relax there is a sunbathing deck up top as well,

Best Disney World Pools (Our Top 5!) Planning 8
photo credit- Disney Parks

There are also 3 leisure pools available if you are looking for some quiet time. If you really need to relax, 3 whirlpool spas are nearby as well.

There are so many reasons guests love the Yacht and Beach resorts. Not only is their pool amazing but you are a short walk from Epcot!

Caribbean Beach Resort

Best Disney World Pools (Our Top 5!) Planning 9
photo credit- Disney Parks

Fuentes del Morro

Your pirate or princess will want to dive right into this elaborately themed pool. Themed like a colonial Spanish fortress you almost expect to see the Black Pearl coming around corner. With water cannons around every bend, and not one but two waterslides, you only need your imagination to set sail. There is a 12 person spa for the anyone who just wants to relax after a long day in the parks.

Best Disney World Pools (Our Top 5!) Planning 10
photo credit- Disney Parks

The little ones can enjoy splashing around in the shipwreck area. This space designed for smaller children is not short on theming. A crows nest, a barrel that tips over water, and miniature slides make this area one that they wont want to leave.

Caribbean Beach Resort is a very large resort, so there are 5 leisure pools as well. There is one in each village making it easy to just walk out of your room and into the pool.

Did you know that this resort has pirate themed rooms in one section of the resort? If you have a Jack Sparrow at home you may want to check this out. The beds are even pirate ships!

Does anyone have an eye patch I can borrow?


Best Disney World Pools (Our Top 5!) Planning 11
photo credit- Disney Parks

The Lost City of Cibola Pool

This 50ft Mayan pyramid with water cascading down the steps, is one of my favorite pools on property just for the theming alone. A 123ft long waterslide, complete with a spitting jaguar, will inspire the adventurer in you. The pool area, also called The Dig Site tells the story of a great archeological discovery of some mysterious Mayan ruins. This pool makes you feel like Indiana Jones looking for his next big discovery.

This resort also features the largest hot tub at Disney and can fit a whopping 22 people.

Best Disney World Pools (Our Top 5!) Planning 12
photo credit- Disney Parks

This resort carries its theming throughout. The Explorers Playground nearby will jump right into an expedition of their own.

When you need a break from your adventures the Siesta Pool Bar will refresh you. You can find a variety of food, snacks, and beverages here along with plenty of shaded umbrella tables.

Three leisure pools are also available in the Casitas, Ranchos, and Cabanas areas of the resort.

In Conclusion

There are so many great pools on Disney World property. I have listed just only just a few of my favorites. With so many different themes and types of pools there is something for everyone.

It is true though that with so many options though it may be hard to choose. Why not gather the whole family and take a vote? My family and I would spend some time checking out videos and pictures online. It was a big part of the excitement of planning our trip. It certainly helps make the waiting go by much faster.

Best Disney World Pools (Our Top 5!) Planning 13
photo credit- Disney Parks Blog

Whatever Resort you choose I hope you have a great stay! And remember… Just keep swimming.

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