Pests In Disney World : Everything You Need To Know

Pests In Disney World : Everything You Need To Know Tips 1

A visit to Disney World is a day straight out of a fairytale. But no one wants to come back to the resort sick with an insect bite. It’s important, therefore, to keep in mind that you have to protect yourself from bugs and pests. So let’s go over everything you need to know about the pests in Disney World and how to protect yourself from bites and diseases.

Surprisingly, there are little to no mosquitoes in Disney World, due to the wide range of precautions that they take to prevent diseases from mosquitoes spreading in the park. However, you might still see other pests like little bugs or bees here and there, and even snakes have been sighted due to the swampland status of Disney World.

But this does not necessarily mean you have to be worried about a bug infestation at Disney World. There are usually a lot of people there, and they do have a whole team in place that tries to get rid of pests and insects of all kinds. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So let’s check out what kind of pests you can expect from your trip to Disney World.

Pests In Disney World : Everything You Need To Know Tips 2

Are There Mosquitoes In Disney World?

No, surprisingly enough, there are no mosquitoes in Disney World. If you’ve ever been there, you might not remember swatting away mosquitos. Since Disney World is situated in a literal swampland, they need to take a lot of different measures to keep mosquitos at bay.

While most people don’t like pests, mosquitos are perhaps the most dangerous, as they can cause malaria and other diseases, especially in kids. Disney World’s crusade against mosquitoes started with Joe Potter, who was an engineering expert who had experience with malaria-carrying mosquitoes. He had extensive knowledge of battling pests.

The aim was to not just kill any existing mosquitos, but prevent them from gathering here. These are the precautions that are in place at Disney World to keep mosquitoes (and other pests) away:

  • Flowing Water

Mosquitoes are known to be attracted to still waters, as this is where they can lay eggs. Without any habitable breeding grounds, mosquitos tend not to settle here. This was no easy feat since all of Florida, and especially the land on which Disney World is built, was initially swampland.

So Joe Potter helped to design the land in such a way that all standing water was drained, and to this day, all the water at Disney World is constantly flowing. Even when new additions are made to Disney World, it’s always built with extra land to build drainage ditches so that the water is always moving.

  • Buildings

This seems like an extreme measure, but if you notice, you’ll see that all the buildings in Disney World are built in such a way that they do not collect water. During rain or storms, water just flows out, and no standing water pools are created anywhere.

So the buildings are usually curved, not just to be aesthetic, but to prevent any water pooling. This is very effective, and most people don’t even know this.

  • Landscaping

Even the plants you see at Disney World are carefully chosen so that they do not allow pools of stagnant water to form. You’re never going to see plants like water lilies in Disney World. This is because these plants attract mosquitoes and provide a place for them to lay eggs.

The plants are chosen so that they attract as few pests as possible. But it’s not 100% effective, of course, and there are some bugs and pests that do appear. Even without plants, there would be occasional pests here and there. But it’s very unlikely that you’ll find mosquitos here.

  • Garlic Liquid

Mosquitoes cannot stand the smell of garlic, and the same goes for a lot of other bugs, like spiders. So, instead of using harmful pesticides, Disney World uses garlic extract around the park.

Humans cannot smell it, so don’t worry, you’re not going to be smelling garlic everywhere. The concentration is very subtle, but it works for mosquitos as they are very sensitive to it.

Pests In Disney World : Everything You Need To Know Tips 3

Are There Snakes And Alligators In Disney World?

There are snakes and alligators in Disney World, due to its location. Florida is a swampland, and it’s almost impossible to get rid of all the pests and animals. However, there is very little chance of you ever encountering one on your trip. There’s a wildlife control team at Disney World 24/7 and even a pest control team.

So even if there are a few snakes here and there, chances are the control team will reach them, way before you do. There have been stories of people finding snakes, so you should still be careful with your kids and remember not to step on them. But these won’t harm you in most cases, and you can just avoid them or call a nearby wildlife control person for help.

Pests In Disney World : Everything You Need To Know Tips 4

Are There Bees In Disney World?

Due to the nature of the location, it’s almost impossible to get rid of all the bugs in Disney World. So you might come across a bee on Disney World grounds. You’ll usually find them near plants and greenery or trash cans and food. So stay away from those areas.

If you have allergies to bees or other bugs, it’s always safe to carry an Epi-pen with you at all times. Because if you have a reaction, it might be hard to get the proper medication on time. Carrying antihistamines or allergy medication, as well as a basic first aid kit, is a good idea on any trip.

Do You Need Bug Spray In Disney World?

You should wear bug spray in Disney World. While Disney takes extensive measures to prevent and reduce pests on the ground, you should also take precautions to avoid any bites.

It’s also a good idea to wear protective clothing. I understand that it’s usually very hot, but you can just wear a full-sleeved cotton shirt or bring one with you to wear on top. Try to wear full pants and comfortable shoes that cover all of your feet.

Most of the time, though, the bugs usually go away even if you do encounter them. Extra precautions are especially necessary if you have an allergy or because you might get a disease from insect bites.

Pests In Disney World : Everything You Need To Know Tips 5

Does Disney World Have Pest Control?

Yes, Disney World has dedicated professionals working to keep the place as pest-free as possible. There are special pest control teams that regularly inspect the pest situation all over the parks and resorts. They diagnose any pest issues and do routine inspections. And they also make sure that none of the chemicals they use are harmful.

Since there are a lot of kids at Disney World and there’s no telling what they might put in their mouths, Disney is very strict about using pesticides. As mentioned above, they refrain from using harmful pesticides that might be toxic to kids. Instead, they take extensive measures that are much safer to keep away pests.


Even though there is an extensive pest control program in place, there are still pests in Disney World.  But since Florida is a place where there are insects all year round, it’s almost impossible to eliminate all pests.

So be careful with your kids, wear insect repellants and full-sleeved clothing, and proper, comfortable shoes like sneakers.


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