Top 11 Disney World YouTube Channels

Top 11 Disney World YouTube Channels Tips 1

Because we live so far away from the parks we like to watch Disney World Vloggers when we sit down to watch TV. We can stay up to date on what’s going on in the parks and also plan for our next trip. Also, for us, it’s WAY better than anything that’s on regular TV. In this article, we are going to talk about our favorite vloggers to watch.

Of course, there are many more than what we mention here in this article and make sure you also check out our article on the best Disney World livestreams as well!

The Best Disney World YouTube Channels featured in this article are:

  • The TimTracker
  • Michael Kay
  • Paging Mr. Morrow
  • Cory Meets World
  • Resort TV 1
  • Prince Charming Dev (PCdevv)
  • Adam The Woo (thedailywoo)
  • WDW Couple
  • The DIS Unplugged
  • LBV TV
  • Here with the Magic

1. The TimTracker

We absolutely love Tim and Jenn from The Tim Tracker. We have been loyal watchers for several years, back when the mustache was a thing, and have enjoyed the videos even more now that little Jackson has joined the mix. Their daily vlogs take you around to all of the Disney parks as well as Universal and other fun things in the Orlando area. They do occasional home vlogs where they do projects around the house as well as other fun things like building logo sets and puzzles.

2. Michael Kay

Michael Kay moved down to Orlando in 2019 and has been doing regular vlogs from the area ever since. He is quick to try the latest treat and check out construction updates as they are happening. We have loved getting dining recommendations from him and quickly found out that he knows what he’s talking about. When we are planning a trip for ourselves we always make sure to include some of his favorite dining locations because we know we are in for a great meal.

3. Paging Mr. Morrow

Nate from Paging Mr. Morrow is a great vlogger to watch, He is such a nice guy and likes to find some of the more out of the way places to make videos. He has a great collection of videos from stores that sell Disney parks and resort furniture and memorabilia. We were lucky enough to meet up with him on our last trip and spend some time with him in Animal Kingdom. It was great to hear about the park from his point of view as a pass holder and Florida resident who can go as often as he likes.

4. Cory Meets World

Cory Meets World is an aficionado when it comes to what to eat in Disney Parks. He goes live every Thursday night from a park. On his live streams, he likes to ride some rides, enjoy the atmosphere, and of course get some great food. Cory is another vlogger that you can get fantastic dining recommendations from as he does regular dining reviews with his wife from some of the best restaurants on Disney property.

5. Resort TV 1

Resort TV1 is best known for their Friday Night Live streams where they come to you from a park or resort and hang out for the evening riding rides, trying new foods, and just strolling around the parks. When not going live Josh does some amazing relaxing strolls around the parks and resorts. I really enjoy putting those videos on while I am working on this blog. It makes for great background noise and when taking a break I get to see all of the beautiful qualities of Disney life.

6. Prince Charming Dev (PCdevv)

Dev does a lot of great vlogs from around the parks but what he has started doing more recently really helps with planning your next trip. He has started doing staycations at a lot of the Disney resorts. He does a great job doing room and resort tours so that you can get a look at what the resort has to offer. This is useful because you can read all day long about what amenities a resort has to offer but to be able to see it for yourself, I believe, makes a difference. Because of his videos, we have tried some resorts that we normally wouldn’t have stayed at.

7. Adam The Woo (thedailywoo)

If you are looking for a vlog that’s a little offbeat then you should check our The Daily Woo. Adam had been living in California for several years and doing mostly Disneyland vlogs. With the state still mostly closed down Adam made the decision to become bi-coastal and get a place in Celebration FL. He has enjoyed getting back into the parks and also finings some off-beat locations not many people visit in the Orlando area. In the past, he has done video series of filming locations in CA so I am excited to see what he has in store for the channel now that he is in FL.

8. WDW Couple

The WDW Couple does weekly dining reviews as well as park vlogs. They have recently been staying at some off Disney property resorts near Disney World so that you can see what other resort options are still close to the magic without staying on Disney property. Josh also likes to do some live streams as he trains for Disney marathons which is nice if you like to run as well, you can put the video on a device and run along with him typically from somewhere on Disney property.

9. The DIS Unplugged

The Dis has a lot of really great information from around the parks. They have weekly round table type live streams where they discuss what’s currently going on in the parks. Pete is a DVC member and realtor so he has recently started channels for people looking to buy or rent DVC points as well as for people looking to move to the Orlando area. The Dis is made up of several people so someone is always in the parks either going live or making videos for the channel.

10. LBV TV

Maria and Chris recently started LBVTV and are doing a really great job with it. They go live quite a bit from all of the parks and they also have a great t-shirt business where you can find unique Disney shirts. This year during the festival of the arts Maria was able to interview one of the artists that work for Thomas Kinkade Studios. It was fascinating to listen to his stories about how different pieces of artwork take shape.

11. Here with the Magic

We just recently found this channel and we couldn’t be more excited. They will set up a camera and make these amazing videos of different landscapes from around the Disney parks and resorts set to beautiful music. These are amazing for relaxing. I really enjoy putting one of the longer ones on my tv to go to sleep at night. They also do 360 videos that you can watch with VR glasses which my daughter absolutely loves!


No matter what vlogger you watch, its just nice to be able to escape real life for a little bit and be transported to my happy place.

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