Be A Wilderness Explorer at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Be A Wilderness Explorer at Disney's Animal Kingdom! Animal Kingdom 1

You can be a real Wilderness Explorer at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

In the words of Russell from Disney Pixar’s UP movie ” The Wilderness must be explored!”. In the even more famous words of his trusty canine companion Dug “Squirrel!” .

Be A Wilderness Explorer at Disney's Animal Kingdom! Animal Kingdom 2

You can follow in the footsteps of Russell and earn your own Wilderness Explorer Badges while trekking around Animal Kingdom in a scavenger hunt style adventure. Learn about animals, their habitats, and conservation, while completing several activities in your handbook and you will earn your next badge.

Get started on your adventure by visiting the Wilderness Explorer’s Headquarters on the bridge area from Oasis to Discovery Island. Your first mission is to earn your Wilderness Explorers Call Badge. You will receive a booklet with all the badges you can earn and the locations you need to report to. For each completed badge activity a sticker will be placed into your book. Cast members are very helpful and can guide you along the way,

Be A Wilderness Explorer at Disney's Animal Kingdom! Animal Kingdom 3

At the end of your adventures don’t forget to head back to headquarters where you will earn your ranking based on the number of badges you completed. This activity is totally free and can be done at your own pace as you make your way around the park.

The best thing is that you may discover some areas you didn’t know about and the whole family can enjoy this experience together. The book also makes for a cute and free souvenir and you can also bring it back with you on a later trip to complete any badges you may have missed.

Be A Wilderness Explorer at Disney's Animal Kingdom! Animal Kingdom 4

Don’t forget to be on the lookout for illusive Kevin. He has been known to wander around from time to time! You will also want to catch the Up themed bird show over in Asia called ” A Great Bird Adventure”. I really enjoyed this show and if you think Dug is as adorable as I do, you wont want to miss it. I would even say its my favorite show at Animal Kingdom.

Be A Wilderness Explorer at Disney's Animal Kingdom! Animal Kingdom 5

I think its time for me to make a park reservation for Animal Kingdom. I love how all the parks have such different feel to them. To me Animal Kingdom is all about just relaxing and watching the animals, of course there is Everest too. I really I love to be my own Wilderness Explorer when I visit this park. There is always something new to see.

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If you have never checked out the Wilderness Explorer Adventure with your kiddos I highly suggest it. You don’t have to get it all done in a day. It gives you something to look forward to next time around. The Wilderness is calling!

Be A Wilderness Explorer at Disney's Animal Kingdom! Animal Kingdom 6

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